Free 8-Bit ‘Game of Thrones-Inspired’ Game

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Image via GameofThrones8Bit

I can’t believe that I’m saying this. I can’t wait until winter comes. No. It’s not because I’m tired of the heat. It’s because that is when Game of Thrones returns to HBO for season 4. Which, unfortunately, remains several months away. But what if you happen to still have some Westros withdraw? You could always start reading the books, but I think you’d rather get your game on.

Thanks to Abel Alves, an engineering draftsman and comics artist living in Uruguay, there’s now an awesome Game of Thrones video game to hold you over until the season 4 premiere. The “8-bit” game is arguably the best Game of Thrones-inspired video game to date. And, it’s free. Yep. 100% free.

You can download the fan-made game right here, again for free. Who would have thought that an unofficial 8-bit game would be superior to the officially released Game of Thrones games? We didn’t. But we’re glad Alves took the effort to create this retro game and put it out there for nothing.

If you’re still undecided on downloading a free game, check out the video below. It will definitely change your mind.


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