Bike Through Heavy Traffic with Rideye Camera Surveillance

Rideye Camera Surveillance | Official Website

Rideye Camera Surveillance | Official Website

Riding your bike through heavy traffic is now a little less risky, thanks to Rideye camera surveillance. This camera, which serves like a black box on cars and airplanes, documents bike accidents in high definition.

It was created by mechanical engineer and avid biker, Cedric Bosch, who got the inspiration after his best friend was injured in a hit-and-run accident in 2012. After working on the project, Bosch launched a Kickstarter campaign this month.

Rideye: Features and What It Can Do

The Rideye has automatic video footage that would identify hit-and-run drivers, preventing false claims. Its bike-friendly features include one-touch power button, 24-hours battery life, and easy install on handlebars.

When the camera is turned off during an accident, its accident-detection sensor will automatically record 1.25 hours of video. Once it’s full, the Rideye will delete the previous clip. The footage can be saved in a computer via USB plugin.

Now available for $99 to Kickstarter backers, the Rideye camera will have a retail price of $149. The campaign will run until October 10, with production expected to start this fall in time for its November to December shipping.

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