Holy Nightmare Batman! Is Justin Bieber The New Robin?


Justin Bieber/Instagram

If you’re still freaking out that Ben Affleck is the new Dark Knight, then you’re going to really love this story that’s been making the rounds.

On Friday night, Justin Bieber posted a picture on his Instagram account of him proudly holding up a script labeled Batman Vs. Superman. It would have been bad enough if the 19-year-old Canadian star had received an advance copy of the script, just to prove that he was that important and all. But, the script was complete with a “BIEBER” watermark across the front with a caption that read “#robin ??”

Naturally, people have been losing their minds all weekend because Justin Bieber could be portraying Batman’s sidekick The Boy Wonder. Could Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel get any worse? Well, that’s always a possibility. But, it won’t be because of Bieber.

Earlier in the day the Biebs tweeted that he was “Off to do something funny . . . or die 🙂 .” So, it’s a safe guess that Bieber was just messing with fanboys and will be showing off his sense of humor for an upcoming sketch. We’re actually interested to see how this scenario plays out when it’s released on Funny or Die.

So everyone relax for a minute and go back to the Affleck bashing, which you shouldn’t do because he’s going to own that role. Justin Bieber is not playing Dick Grayson, at least not for Batman Vs. Superman.

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