Apple Keeps Mum on iPhone 5C’s Presales

Apple's iPhone 5C | Official Website

Apple’s iPhone 5C | Official Website

Much to the investors’ qualm, Apple opted to stay silent with regards to the presale of their iPhone 5C. Due to this, the company’s stock declined to more 2.5 percent last Monday morning. So far, the only iPhone 5C unit that went out of stock are the SIM-free unlocked models.

Although the low-cost handset is a new model, it includes many of iPhone 5’s components. What it lacks are the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, new A7 chip and M7 motion co-processor that can be found in the iPhone 5S. But what makes the iPhone 5C distinct, though, is its polycarbonate back.

The device is available in five colors, giving the iPhone lineup a new look. Its plastic casing may not be appealing to early adopters, as they are more likely to grab Apple’s latest flagship model—the iPhone 5S.

On the other hand, pre-orders for the latest iPhone 5S were also unavailable. This has led industry watchers to suspect that the manufacturer is experiencing limited availability for their new flagship device.

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