What to Expect at the Connected Car Expo

Connected Car Expo | Official News Portal

Connected Car Expo | Official News Portal

A day prior to LA Auto Show will be the Connected Car Expo. The said event will showcase the latest in electronic gadgets and infotainment. Aside from that, the expo will feature big names in the industry that will make equally big announcements.

Audi, for instance, is expected to take the wraps off of its A3 and S3 models with the first 4G LTE system built into the car. This would complement the automaker’s already Wi-Fi-enabled offerings. There’s also the Audi Connect that offers picture navigation, read-aloud Facebook and Twitter alerts, personalized RSS news feed, and the new Audi Connect mobile app.

On the other hand, speakers for the Connected Car Expo will include people from IHS Automotive, Intel, Google’s Ron Medford, Gracenote, MIT and Pandora. Phil Abrams, GM’s chief infotainment officer, together with the NHTSA Administrator David Strickland will also participate in a panel discussion.

An announcement will also come from Ford and Sprint, although it is yet to be known what their announcements will be all about. Nevertheless, expect to see where the future of car infotainment will be leading on November 19 – 21. Ticket prices will range from $525 (excluding parking) to $775.

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