Square Enix Releases ‘Final Fantasy Agito’ Trailer

"Final Fantasy Agito" | Official Trailer

“Final Fantasy Agito” | Official Trailer

Square Enix released a video trailer of Final Fantasy Agito last weekend at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The game is a smartphone spin-off of Final Fantasy Type-O, and is set to be released this winter in Japan for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Taking place in the in-game world of Final Fantasy Type-O, the gamer will take the role of a student who aims to become an Agito. This level can be reached by completing the combat missions and deepening the bonds of friendship that will be built across the game. It focuses a lot on in-game decisions, which can affect the way the story will go.

Final Fantasy Agito will be exclusive in Japan, although Square Enix hopes to make in international.


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