Dun-nuh dun-nuh dun-nuh dun-nuh it’s BatDad!



I don’t have children, but I do have nieces and nephews. And, let me tell you. I’m exhausted after spending a couple of hours with them. Even more tiring is when I ask them to do something, like putting their toys away or washing their hands before eating. It’s like pulling teeth. I don’t know how a parent can do something like that 24/7.

While I’m sure that after awhile a parent can pick up some tricks, they could always use some new tactics. If you’re a dad in dire straits, then you need to check out BatDad.

BatDad is just your average dad trying to make his kids listen or teaching them good manners. Except that he does all this in a Batman mask and in that infamous Christian Bale growl. It’s not only clever, and funny, it seems to get the job done.

The Atlanta native shared his gimmick with the world be putting up clips on Vine. He goes by BatDad on Vine, obviously, or you can follow him Twitter @BatDadVine if you need a laugh or some classic fatherly advice. Until then, this compilation is a must-watch.


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