The Top 12 Oktoberfest Beers

Even the most novice beer drinker is well aware that the fall is the best time of year for beer. But, what makes the autumn such a stellar season for mouth-watering brews? The easy response would be the varied seasonal offerings, such as Pumpkin Ales, that keep us warm by a fire on a chilly fall night. But, perhaps the most iconic seasonal selection throughout the fall would be the legendary Oktoberfest beers.

What makes these German-style lagers so unique is that they’ve been waiting in cellars since March to properly ferment. Once the fall arrives, these copper-colored Oktoberfest, also märzen if you want to be authentic, are unveiled during the world-famous festivities in Munich. While most of us would love to attend Oktoberfest in all its glory, most of us can’t make the trip. Fortunately, there are plenty of Oktoberfest beers available that can help us celebrate this wonderful time of year.

12. Samuel Adams OctoberFest


Samuel Adams/Facebook

When all else fails, you can always turn to Sam Adams. This fall staple from the Boston brewery is found just about everywhere and has enough hops to keep most beer snobs at a bay.

11. Weihenstephaner Festbier



Originating just north of Munich, Weihenstephan Brewery has been making beer since 768. We think they know a thing or two about quality and authentic German beers. Weihenstephan Brewery is a bit lighters than most Oktoberfest selections, but it’s a refreshing option and worth your consumption.

10. Victory Festbier



Downingtown, PA’s Victory realized that their Oktoberfest, made from all-German ingredients, was so delicious that they’re offering this selection year round. Great day in the morning!

9. Indian Wells Brewing Company Märzen Madness


Mojave Red

This is another Oktoberfest that’s so smooth and enjoyable that Indian Wells Brewing Company decided to keep it on shelves year round.

8. Hofbräu Oktoberfest



The Staatliches Hofbräu brewery was founded in Munich back in 1589, so again, they have to know something about Oktoberfest beers. This Oktoberfest is a more on the light and crisp side, which is a welcome addition to the typical Oktoberfest offerings.

7. Flying Dog Dogtoberfest Marzen


Flying Fish

Very close to an authentic marzen, but just a bit more darker and richer than what you’d find in a traditional marzen. It’s still a very smooth and enjoyable brew.

6. Bell’s Octoberfest Beer



Hailing from the great beer-producing state of Michigan comes Bell’s Octoberfest. This unique beer blends roasted apple and pear flavors with warm caramel notes for a delightful seasonal beer.

5. Hacker-Pschorr Original Oktoberfest



If you’re going to do Oktoberfest, might as well do it with one of the first breweries commissioned to brew at the original Oktoberfest back in 1810.

4. Widmer OKTO Festival Ale


Widmer Brothers

Portland’s Widmer Brothers has never done us wrong, and their OKTO Festival Ale is no exception. Here’s a fun fact, the maker of this easy-drinking beer were the first American brewery to brew an Oktoberfest style.

3. Great Lakes Oktoberfest


Great Lakes/Facebook

This exceptional amber lager with rich malt flavor took home the Gold Medal at the 2011 World Beer Championships.

2. Paulaner Oktoberfest Märzen



Founded by Minim friars in 1634, Paulaner is only one of the six Munich breweries allowed to serve beer at the Munich Oktoberfest. Just because of that, you know that this is a must-have brew this time of year.

1. Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen



This classic from Bavarian brewer Ayinger is one of the most medaled and highly respected Märzens in the entire world. It also captures gold medals from the World Beer Championships on a frequent basis. Not that medal are important or anything like that.

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