5 of the Craziest Sports Promotions…Ever

Last summer I took a road trip and stopped in Pittsburgh to catch a Bucs game. Little did I know that my night was going to get a whole better. After devouring a Primanti Brothers sandwich, and catching some fireworks for the victorious Pirates, I noticed that there was a post-game concert by Boyz II Men. Greatest. Night. Ever.

Having a promotion isn’t anything new. It’s a common occurrence in the minor leagues or smaller markets that need to draw in fans. Sometimes, an organization does it just as a way to thank their fans. Whatever the reasoning, promotions can be a blast, literally. Whether it’s fireworks, a post-game performance or getting some free swag or grub, promotions are a longstanding gimmick that we fans love.

But, what happens when a team gets desperate, or is run by certifiable lunatics?

5. Jacksonville Jaguars Built a FanCave and Give Away Beer


The Jags are one of the most pathetic franchises in the entire sports world. They’re so bad that Tim Tebow could actually be a plus. In a desperate move, Jacksonville not only constructed the league’s first ever “Fan Cave”, which features Wifi and RedZone for Fantasy addicts, they’re also giving out 2 free beers to anyone who purchases a ticket. Wouldn’t people rather just stay home and watch a real team play on Sundays?

4. ‘Disco Demolition Night’


On July 12, 1979, Chicago disc jockey Steve Dahl got revenge on the music that cost him his gig, since the station he worked at changed from rock to disco. The result was the infamous “Disco Demolition Night” where White Sox fans traded in their disco LPs for an admission fee of 98 cents and watched the records get destroyed in center field. Chaos ensued.

3. Free Compost Night


The Seattle Mariners have found a clever way of getting rid of all that trash from games. Turn it into compost. While that’s good for the environment and all, we’re not sure how we would feel if we were handed “small bags of compost made from food waste, packaging material, drink cups, utensils and other stuff discarded during past Mariners games.”

2. 10-Cent Beer Night


In 1971, the Cleveland Indians had a Nickel-beer Day without any incidents. But, that wasn’t the case with 10 Cent Beer Night in 1974. Over 25,000 fans consumed 60,000 Genesee beers which resulted in 3 literally stolen bases, 7, ER injuries, 9 arrests, 19 streakers and 50 cops.

1. Pre-planned Funeral Night


In 2003, the Hagerstown Suns thought it was a smart idea to give one lucky fan a free funeral with all the works, such as a casket, viewing at a funeral home, cremation and burial. Yeah. Nothing sounds like a fun family trip to the ballpark just to plan your eventually death. We’re sure the kids loved this giveaway.

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