‘Sidekick Cycle’ Lets You Deliver Bikes to Africa

Sidekick Cycle | Official Website

Sidekick Cycle | Official Website

The Global Gaming Initiative is taking mobile games to a different level. By playing their Sidekick Cycle, players can now provide transportation to the people of Africa.

Released on iTunes last week, the Sidekick Cycle is a downhill racing game wherein users will navigate a bicycle on a difficult terrain. Half of the game’s proceeds will go to their partner, World Bicycle Relief. In addition, a bike will be delivered to a child in Africa for every 387 games sold.

The game also keeps it players updated to a number of bikes they have helped to donate. What makes this mobile app cool is that it comes with a good mechanics and teaching tool. As stated by Elizabeth Sarquis, founder of Global Gaming Initiative:

Our game does have a message, but it is through play and having fun that people learn. In the US, bikes are a leisure activity for most, but in other parts of the world bikes are a form of transportation that provides access to education, health and employment.

Sarquis added that the company is focused on charity while making the process both fun and transparent. Global Gaming Initiative also wants to tap into the passion of gamers and channel it to help alleviate real-world problems.

Sidekick Cycle is now available for iOS devices at $0.99.


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