Android Tablets Take Over Apple’s iPad in Marketshare

Google Nexus 7-inch Tablet | Official Website

Google Nexus 7-inch Tablet | Official Website

Although Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini are still the most popular tablets in the world, it appears that Android tablets have increasing share in the market. ABI’s Media Tablets, Ultrabooks and eReaders Research Service also added that the latter is approaching the iPad in terms of revenue.

The overall tablet market for the second quarter of this year reached $12.7 billion in value. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad represented 50 percent of worldwide end-user income. The research firm also discovered that the average sales price for the iOS tablet is “rapidly approaching” the average of the rest of the market. According to ABI, the finding is a result of iPad Mini’s popularity, which accounts for 60 percent of Apple’s total shipments and 49 percent of the company’s total tablet revenue.

However, ABI’s latest figures do not directly translate to the number of tablets that were bought and are now in the hands of end users. Apple CEO Tim Cook previously voiced out his skepticism on the reliability of such figures.

iPad accounts for 84 percent of the web traffic from tablet, which is absolutely incredible. So if there are lots of other tablets selling, I don’t know what they are being used for.

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