Need to Charge Your Phone? Take Advantage of Your Microwave Oven

Modern Microwave Oven | Wikipedia

Modern Microwave Oven | Wikipedia

Your microwave oven is usually known for heating your leftovers. However, researchers from the University of Tokyo discovered ways on how to harvest the wasted energy that the kitchen appliance produces. In relation to this, Engr. Yoshihiro Kawahara and his team designed a machine that will gather and recycle this wasted energy to power up other devices.

How the ‘Microwave Cellphone Charger’ Works

The energy harvester has an antenna that picks up any excess energy from the microwave oven and then channels it to a mobile handset. Initial tests from Kawahara’s team found that running the appliance for two minutes could generate enough energy to power other kitchen devices.

However, US Food and Drug Administration regulates the amount of energy that is allowed to leak from the kitchen appliance. Thus, the microwave won’t be replacing your cellphone charger just yet. Nevertheless, it could still decrease a user’s carbon footprint.

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