Dropbox Version 2.4.0 for Mac Brings in iPhone Imports and Screenshot Uploading

Dropbox Cloud Storage Services | Official Website

Dropbox Cloud Storage Services | Official Website

Dropbox, a cloud storage service provider, released an update last Monday. The Dropbox Version 2.4.0 gives Mac users new capabilities to upload, store and share screenshots and iPhoto libraries.

Dropbox Version 2.4.0: Features and How it Works

The service’s latest iteration automatically saves screenshots that were captured on a Mac to a connected Dropbox account. It will then create a link to the photo and copies it to the user’s clipboard.

Version 2.4.0 also lets users to copy their iPhone libraries to Dropbox using a built-in importer tool. Upon first use, the app will create a top-level folder for photos, wherein the iPhoto copies will be stored. It will also arrange images into subfolders automatically, depending on the events in a user’s iPhoto library.

This new feature works with iPhone 7.0 and up. However, it is unavailable for Dropbox desktop app that is linked to a business account. It also won’t work if a user already has a dedicated folder for his or her iPhoto library.

In addition, Dropbox Version 2.4.0 adds support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and has a faster upload and download speed for large files. The update is now available for download from Dropbox’s official website.

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