Meet Monsieur: The Robot Bartender of Your Dreams

Monsieur Robot Bartender | Kickstarter

Monsieur Robot Bartender | Kickstarter

It may sound unusual, but Monsieur is here to bring you a new concept—the Robot Bartender. It’s like a coffee machine, but with alcohol and colorful touch screen menu.

This robot bartender is smart. It knows when a user comes in late and would want a double. Monsieur can also pick up when a user has a visitor based on the mobile device available on the Wi-Fi network. Thus, it can suggest two drinks instead of one.

But just like a good friend, it can also monitor when a user has too much. It can even help someone get a cab.

How Monsieur Works

In order for Monsieur to work, a user will load the alcohol and mixers—like orange juice—of his choice into the back system. The robot bartender will then create a customized menu based on the available ingredients. After choosing a mixed drink, it will prompt a user whether he likes strong, medium or light.

It also comes in with 12 theme packages that users can customized during parties. Each theme lists 25 cocktail drinks. The monsieur can also notify a user via SMS when its ingredients are pretty low.

This robot bartender comes in with a four-liquid or eight-liquid capacity, each costs $1,499 and $2,699 respectively. You can learn more about Monsieur on their Kickstarter page.

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