Get Free Facebook Wi-Fi in Exchange of Check-ins

Facebook Wi-Fi Program | Facebook Help Center

Facebook Wi-Fi Program | Facebook Help Center

With the recent partnership between Facebook and CISCO, it appears that more hotels, shops, restaurants and other business will be offering free Wi-Fi to customers soon. That’s because the Facebook-CISCO partnership, which has been in pilot since 2012, now allows establishments to offer ‘free’ Wi-Fi in exchange of Facebook check-ins.

How the Facebook Wi-Fi Works

In order for customers to take advantage of this feature, business must first load a piece of Facebook software onto their CISCO router. When a user opens a browser, he or she will be redirected to a page that will ask him or her to check-in using a Facebook login. In return, the user will get Wi-Fi access.

It is still the user’s discretion whether he or she want to check-in or not. They will still be able to access an establishment’s Wi-Fi network by entering a code, although it will depend to the business.

The Benefits of Facebook Wi-Fi

Offering Facebook Wi-Fi to customers would be beneficial to businesses. That’s because check-ins will give them more exposure on the social network. It will also give them information with regards to their customers’ profile like age, sex, and location. Facebook pointed out, though, that they will give “aggregated, anonymous” data.

Moreover, business will be able to target their advertising campaigns to mobile users, since CISCO noted that over 50 percent of consumers use their mobile devices while shopping.

It will also be rewarding to the social media giant since it may encourage businesses to build their Facebook Page. Establishments are also most likely to run more Facebook ads.


The program is now deployed to about 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses in 50 countries. According to a Facebook representative last Wednesday, they are gearing up to target larger companies.

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