Are You Attractive? Facial Beauty Analysis Websites Scores Your Face

Facial Beauty And Golden Ratio Analysis

Facial Beauty And Golden Ratio Analysis

What makes someone more attractive than another?  Is there a specific formula for attractiveness?  The answers may lie in the golden ratio (phi, 1.618) and facial beauty analysis.

Anaface.com is a free website which allows you to upload a picture of yourself and then place specific points on 17 facial features to determine symmetry and proportions.  The website states that “For the most accurate results, please provide a frontal face photo with minimal rotation that has a clear view of the ears, face, chin and forehead.”  The website allows you to zoom and pan for accurate placement of the points.  The entire process takes less than five minutes to complete.

Once completed, Anaface.com ranks your face on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.  The beautiful thing about this software is that you can upload pictures of virtually anyone.  We’re talking friends, family, significant others and celebrities.

Anaface Facial Beauty Analysis Scores Your Face

Anaface.com Facial Beauty Analysis Scores Your Face

That’s not all.  PhiMatrix takes facial beauty analysis a step further with inspiration from golden ratio –nature’s secrets of design.  According to Wolfram Mathworld, the golden ratio, also called divine proportion, golden mean or golden section, is a number often encountered when taking the ratios of distances in simple geometric figures.  It’s denoted phi, or sometimes tau and equals 1.61803398875.

PhilMatrix software offers more than just insight to beauty.  This unique software can also be used to design logos, products, websites, photo composition and stock analysis.  The software is available for a two week free trial download at www.philmatrix.com.

What are your thoughts on the golden ratio and facial beauty analysis?  Do you believe that symmetry and proportions play a role in how attractive you are?  What did your score come back as?  Your comments are welcome.

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