20 YouTube Videos PETA Would Hate to Watch

Back in 1980 a little organization known as PETA was founded by Ingrid Newkirk. Since their humble beginnings, PETA has caused a lot of controversy, like linking chicken production to the Holocaust.

And, they’ve managed to grab some celebrity support from people like Pamela Anderson, who may not like the meat, but she sure likes the bone. I am right Tommy Lee?

Now, we’re all about not killing an animal for no good reason. After all, there’s nothing more a man enjoys then a big juicy bacon cheeseburger. And, I must admit, I look like a rock star in my leather jacket.

However, there just seems to be no middle ground with PETA. They are against anything done to animals and want to free them as pets, not use them for food and clothing, etc. They’re just a little out there.

With that here’s the 20 videos that PETA would hate.

20. President Obama Kills a Fly


Seriously? Come on, give the man some credit for his skills.

19. Girls Gone Grabblin’


Don’t know about the guys in PETA, but I think that’s hot. Nothing like girls getting wet and dirty.

18. Buck Shoots Whitetail Deer


This is just some good old fashioned father-son bonding. Nothing wrong with that right? Besides, if a PETA member ever hit a deer with one of their cars they would want to hunt them too.

17. Spearfishing Blue fin Tuna


I think PETA would even agree that the music to this video makes you wanna dance.

16. Stupid Girls in Fur Coats


You know the making of fur coats is pretty messy. I think this video would only piss PETA off even more after seeing these two tweens flaunting these fur coats down their driveway in the country. I mean if you’re going to wear fur, at least go out in public and flaunt it.

15. Dolphin Capture and Slaughter


Besides PETA not liking this clip, I’m pretty sure Axl Rose wouldn’t care for it either.

14. Wild Boar Kill


Remember that guy Buck that shoot the whitetail deer? Well, here’s a clip of him in Argentina shooting a wild boar. I mean there’s the boar minding his own business and BANG! The worst part is that once again Buck couldn’t kill his hunt with one shot.

13. People for the Evil Treatment of Animals


Here’s a seven minute rant with lots of facts on the dark side of PETA.

12. Dancing Bears


Dancing bears don’t really do it for me. I like dancing women instead. But what would really make PETA upset is that the WSPA is stealing their thunder.

11. Elephant Safari


Yup, that’s our friend Buck again, this time he’s in hunting Africa. I don’t get how he’s going to get that elephant through customs though.

10. Kings of the Rodeo


There’s nothing more American than Cowboys, especially Cowboys that beat up animals.

9. Animal Attacks


Sometimes an animal attacks a person for a laundry list of reasons. There are obvious ones, like an animal being treated cruelly, being messed with, or freaking out cause their in a zoo. Sometimes it’s because we go into their habitats.

But are we supposed to stop swimming because of sharks or stop hiking because of mountain lions? If PETA had their way there would be a lot more animals out there to attack us. They would probably cause damage in towns too, like hitting that deer with your car, or even worse breaking into a store and taking your beer. Sure we need to share the land with the animals, but there’s already enough animal attacks – we don’t need anymore.

8. Canadian Baby Seal Clubbing


Yeah, this can be kind of tough to watch, but what do you expect, they’re Canadian.

7. Thanksgiving Treat


Sorry, I still want that turkey at Thanksgiving.

6. Penn & Teller Expose PETA



5. A Day at a Pig Farm


Mmmmm, bacon.

4. Polar Bear Rescue


Sometimes people actually try to help animals, just like this clip of a polar bear rescue. Yeah, we may have helped out in putting polar bears on the endangered species list, and this rescue goes a little bad at times, but these people were spending a lot of time and money in helping one bear get off a rock.

3. Dog Food


Some parts of the world do like their dog meat. I guess you can’t judge till you’ve had it. I actually met someone who had tried it before. He said it tastes like chicken.

2. Short Clip of Animal Abuse and Cruelty


This clip sums up everything PETA stands for. While it’s a bit sad, I must say that I’m curious about animals being sold into porn.

1. The Kill Box


And you thought your dog Skip was safe at the animal shelter. The worst part is that PETA apparently kills pets too.

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  1. Yolanda Reyes says:

    watching the last video made me cry….this is very shocking!!!!

  2. eol says:

    the bloke who put so much effort in creating that bullshit post or whatever it suppose to be, must be some undereducated kid with some serious mental problems (sexually abused? unloved? violent parents? simply bad DNA?) and the crap he is writing about PETA is probably the only way he can feel better by attacking people who are trying to do something good in his fucked-up world…… /sigh

  3. Marlene Franco says:

    th3re s0w many IDIOTS in this w0rld wh0 wuold just stand there with there arms crossed doing no shit about it FUCK ALL THOSE PEOPLE!!!!! LETS MAKE A DIFERENCE:)