Decapitation, Exploding Chests, & More: 24 of the Most Violent Video Games Ever

While it’s true that video games are rated on different levels for a reason and should be kept away from young and influential children, some people feel that excessively violent games shouldn’t even be on the market.

Personally, I say that if you honestly are horrified by them, don’t buy them, play them, or allow your children  to play them – and leave the rest of us alone!

Some of the violence in video games is unnecessary, and in all of the  games listed, the violence is definitely over the top. A lot of times, that’s the entire point of the game! Some people find it cool and a great way to get out aggression.

I think that you’ll find all of these games listed to be extremely bloody and violent. In fact there are a few at the beginning of the list that may be even too much for you to take.


1. Manhunt by Rockstar Games

Released in 2003 (for Playstation2); 2004 (for Xbox and PC)

The entire goal of this game is to kill others before they kill you. Of course, the more horrific you make it the better. With 20 levels and 4 bonus levels, you must survive while killing people in the most gruesome ways possible. With weapons such as chainsaws, crowbars, shards of glass, baseball bats, and matches, making it gruesome is no problem.

When you suffocate someone with a plastic bag, you can see him struggle as he comes to a painful and panicky death. You can jab a crowbar right into someone’s skull and you can even hit someone in the head with a baseball bat so hard that his head snaps right off of his neck. This game is not or those with week stomachs or a love for life. You have to be on the sick and sadistic side to like this game.


2. Thrill Kill (originally by Virgin Interactive Entertainment)

Was only released over the internet

The first indication that this game is probably too violent for its own good was when EA obtained Virgin Interactive and decided not to release the game to the public. It was said to be senselessly violent and EA didn’t want to tarnish their reputation. The game was later released by former employees that worked on the development of the game; and was released for sale on the internet.

Thrill Kill is a merciless fighting game in which up to four players can battle. Consistent themes throughout the game include mutilation and dismemberment. If you simply want to get your aggressions out, go for something else – to appreciate it, you really have to love violence and torture.


3. God of War by Sony Computer Entertainment

Released in 2005

God of War is one of the most violent games on the market. The brutal fighting theme isn’t enough, but the fatal finishing moves such as burning people alive, severing heads, and tearing people in half make this game gruesomely graphic and extremely violent.


4. Gears of War by Microsoft Games Studios

Released in 2006 (for Xbox 360); 2007 (for PC – Windows OS)

If you love blood, this is surely the game for you; this tactical shooting game is filled with it. If watching people with torn off limbs and decapitated heads isn’t enough, then watch all of the blood spatter as you shoot and fight. Chainsaw the enemy and you’ll particularly get gobs of blood. Blood will splatter everywhere, even on the screen!


5. Carmagedon by SCI Interplay

Released in 1997

Carmageddon was a breakthrough for video games and graphic violence. This is a racing game where you can race other cars to see who has the best time, or you can do it the violent way. You can choose the setting where anything goes in the race and your jobs is to destroy all of the other vehicles on the road. If you’re the last one left, you win.


6. Postal 2 by Whiptail Interactive

Released in 2003

By the name of the publisher of the game, “Whiptail” , you would expect some violence, right? Well, that’s a clear understatement. This is your run-of-the-mill shoot ‘em up game that lets you pick on and shoot innocent bystanders, decapitate them, light them on fire with gasoline, and even throw an anthrax-filled cow’s head at them.

The results of the anthrax will make them vomit blood. Still want more? You’ll want to shoot people quietly, of course. So there’s a silencer in the game – a live cat. Well, it’s live when you start. You stick the gun up the cat’s butt and the gun is muffled, but every time you shoot, the cat cries out in pain. Eventually the cat will die and fly off of the gun.


7. Killer 7 by Capcom

Released in 2005

In this first person shooting game, you must take a group of 7 assassins and crush a band of terrorists. The game ranks pretty high on the violent scale in that it’s immensely graphic. At one point in the game a character gives a man his wife’s severed head before shooting him.


8. Harvester by Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Releaseed for PC in 1996

“Harvester wasn’t much of a hit, but when you’re talking about violence and blood and gore, this game is one that definitely deserves to be mentioned. In the game, your character, Jack Thompson is in a town filled with hungry cannibals.

That right there gives you an idea of how graphic this game has the potential to be. The next and more shocking thing is that everyone is fair game for violence: men, women, children, and even babies!


9. Total Carnage by Midway Games

Released in arcades in 1991, released for PC in 1994, and released for SNES in 2005

If you ask me, this game is not only overly graphic and violent, but also corny. Captain Carnage and Major Mayhem are fighting terrorists. How much cornier can you get? Who came up with those names? You can die by electrocution, being shot with a huge gaping hole in your abdomen, or you can be set on fire and can burn to death.

You can also see limbs flying off throughout, the game, but most of the violence takes place on your characters and not the enemy. Sick!


10. The Punisher by THQ

Released in 2004 for mobile phones; released in 2005 for all systems

“The Punisher”, the video game is very loosely based on the movie and comic book. It’s the same character, Frank Castle, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. The video game is 100 times more graphic than the movie and there are segments that are depicted in black and white to tone down the violence.

You can do a number of horrific things to kill bad guys including drilling, crushing, and even jabbing a large knife into a bad guy’s skull.


11. Chiller by Exidy (arcade) and American Game Cartridges (NES)

Released in 1986 (in arcades) and 1990 (for NES)

“Chiller” is perhaps the most graphic game of its time. There’s no apparent plot to the game, so the torture senseless. The game’s setting is in a torture type dungeon where people are being stretched on a rack, having their flesh torn out, or having their heads squashed. Banned in the UK, this game is among the most violently graphic games of all time.


12. Soldier of Fortune by Activision

Released in 2000

If you like blood and guts, “soldier of Fortune” should spark your interest. Dismemberment and leaving people disfigured is one of the game’s specialties. You often see arms and legs flying and people walking around with no limbs or a severed head.

If you’re really lucky you may get a great look at dangling intestines on a victim.


13. Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks by Midway

Released in 2005

If you’ve ever played any “Mortal Kombat” games in the series, you know that they’re violent and extremely bloody. “Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks” is especially gruesome and graphic and is quite possibly the best game of the entire series.

Just like in any game of this series, blood spatter is a regular occurrence.  Of course, true to form, each character has a signature fatality move. You won’t be disappointed.


14. Mortal Kombat by Midway

Released in 1992

The original “Mortal Kombat”, first in the series of games, is well out of date now, but when the game was first released, the public was torn. Some were outraged by the graphic violence while others were amazed and became instant fans.

While it lacks the blood spatter of the successors in the series, it’s definitely shocking how graphic it is; and to think that this game was released over 15 years ago! Some of the specialty moves were unique and mind blowing, but they were nothing in comparison to the finishing moves. Kano rips out the heart of his victim while Sub Zero rips his victim’s head off and leaves the spinal column dangling below.


15. True Crime: New York City by Activision

Released in 2005 for Game Cube, Playstation2, and Xbox; Released in 2006 for Windows

“True Crime: New York City” is the predecessor of “True Crime: Streets of LA” in the “True Crime” series. This game came with a lot of enhancements that the other game didn’t have.

You can choose to be the good cop and uphold the law, just like in the original game in the series, or you can be a bad cop and go around killing innocent people and other cops.


16. Resident Evil 4 by Capcom

Released in 2005

“Resident Evil 4” is the most violent of its series because of the graphics, but have to say that it’s one of those that most people could stomach. The way you get to kill people is rather graphic and you can also find interesting “surprises” along your journey such as a corpse hanging on the wall with a pitchfork through the face.


17. NARC by Williams Electronics

Released in arcades in 1988; Released for Nintendo, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum in 1990; Released fro Playstation2 and Xbox in 2005; Released for Windows in 2008

Just the premise alone of the video game “NARC” is enough to have it rated for individuals ages 18 and above. You play a narcotics agent bashing people’s heads in and trying to uncover drug lords, AND  you’re taking drugs yourself, which gives you more power and more ability to kick ass (and kick people’s heads off).


18. Mortal Kombat: Deception by Midway

Released in 2004 for Playstation2 and Xbox; Released in 2005 for GameCube

Like all “Mortal Kombat” games, this one is gruesome. What’s cool about this and makes it flourish are the  blood curdling sound effects and screams from the victims.

If you like “Mortal Kombat” games or just love blood and gore and haven’t played this game, it’s a must. Listen as victims scream for mercy right before they’re killed.


19. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Rockstar Games

Released in 2004 for Playstation2; Released in 2005 for Windows and Xbox; Released in 2008 for Xbox 360

Whenever you think of unnecessary and controversial violence in video games, the “Grand Theft Auto” game series is bound to come to mind. Beating the crap out of innocent bystanders is not only allowed, but is encouraged.


20. Hitman: Blood Money by Eidos Interactive

Released in 2006

The attributes that hold this “Hitman” game as more violent than the others in its series is the awesome graphics. The violence is much more explicit and the game encourages players to be as brutal with their victims as possible.


21. Gears of War 2 by Microsoft Games Studios

Released in 2008

Like its predecessor further up on our list, this game is famous for its gore and blood spatter. Awesome and gruesome finishing moves with explicit graphics make this game perfect for this list. Warning: this game is not for anyone with a weak stomach.


22. Splatterhouse by Namco

Released in arcades in 1989; Released for TurboGrafx-16 and PC in 1990; Released for FM towns in 1992

The name of this game alone should tell you that if you like games that are tame on violence, then you should keep your distance from this one. This survival, “beat the crap out of ‘em” game precedes games such as the Resident Evil series. With plenty of gruesome deadly weapons, this game won’t be a disappointment to the blood thirsty and violence enthusiasts.


23. Dead Rising by Capcom

Released in 2006

Dead Rising is a video game knock off loosely connected to the movie Dawn of the Dead, as your character is in a mall filled with violent zombies.

Blood is a recurring theme in this game as well as many interesting weapons. The game offers guns, but don’t even try it – they won’t work on zombies. Go to the hardware store in the mall and find the hole digger with a drill bit on the end, then attack a zombie. Pretty cool, huh?


24. Loaded by Interplay Entertainment

Released in 1996

Perhaps the name for this game in Japan “Blood Factory” is more appropriate. You get numerous chances to attack the enemy and to be as bloody as possible. Though there are several flame-filled weapons such as the flame thrower, the real violent part of this game is blood, blood, and, you guessed it,  more blood.

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  1. Emilio says:

    you forgot ninja gaiden 2 man there is a bloody looking game

  2. Ryan says:

    am i the only one who has played a coin arcade game simlar to mortal combat but you had weapons could cut off limbs example cut a leg off theyd hop around.
    I dont know the name of the g
    ame but member playing it a pizza hut a long time ago

  3. Trent says:

    i think the name of the game you're talking about ryan is "Time Killers." when i was a kid i thought it was pretty cool, but i played it recently on MAME and it's pretty lame now

  4. Jerry Sailer says:

    I cannot say I love this game, I think it is really average. It is worth to play but will only hold you having fun for more than a four weeks. I would say that you should try maplestory or Mabinologi for instance.

  5. Thomas says:

    Does nobody remember BLOOD? This game series is not only violent but disturbing! is there any other game where you can kick a head like a soccer ball? The screams alone are scary!