Hot Disabled Chicks From Around the World

One of the perks that writing for AMOG has is the encouragement to dive into the decadence of the internet.

At this point, nothing on the net really disturbs me, but, my curiosity got the best of me when I came across one recent news article.

The media seems to be obsessed with the story of Shannon Murray.


Because she’s the model in a wheelchair, which occurred after an accident when she was 14. However, that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing a modeling career.

In fact, she has recently been featured in ads for the British department store Debenhams.

Suffice to say, my demented mind began to wonder what other disabled hotties were out there.

One of the first chicks that I thought of was Heather Mills.

Heather is the former wife of some guy named Paul McCartney, as well as, a contestant on the brain numbing hit “Dancing With The Stars”. How could I forget that she was a full nude model too.

After some research, I stumbled upon Brazilian beauty Brenda Costa, who happens to be deaf.

A damn near perfect model, if you ask me.

Another disabled hottie I came across is Jennifer Krum.

Jennifer won Howard Stern’s first ever “Miss Amputee” pageant in 2004. Big shocker there, right? She went on to be the first ever amputee centerfold for Playboy in 2005. A pioneer, in my opinion.

If you’re questioning whether this is all wrong, or kind of right, maybe this will push the limits.

The Miss Landmine pageant in Cambodia.

The annual event is held to honor women who have lost a limb via a landmine.

In the last couple if years, disabled chicks have been participating in more and more competitions.

In 2007, for example, disabled models from across Europe competed in the “Beauties in Motion” contest in Hanover, Germany.

In 2008,  BBC Three aired the controversial “Best Missing Top Model”.

But, pageants and TV shows aren’t the only vehicles that disability hotties have to strut their stuff.

Classier sites, like Amputee World, aim at showing us that just because a chick is missing a limb, doesn’t mean that she isn’t smoking.

On the flip-side, there’s the trashier Gimps Gone Wild, if you dare to venture those parts.

Let’s also not forget the slew of athletes, which there are a lot of since the inclusion of the Paralympics in 1960.

At the top of the list is Aimee Mullins. A renaissance woman, who has dabbled in the world of sports, acting and fashion.

There’s also tennis wiz Esther Vergeer.

We would show you some more pics of other athletes, but for, ah, legal reasons, we will have to wait a couple of years.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to neglect the world of fetishes.

Front and center of the amputee fetish craze is Viktoria Modesta, who rose to fame through Bizarre Magazine.

Whether you’re still fascinated, disturbed, or turned on, these chicks are indeed hot.

Need more proof?

Check out the gallery of our hottest disabled women from around the globe.

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