32 Reasons Why Megan Fox Should Be the Next Catwoman

So word on the street is that the lovely Megan Fox is up to be the next Catwoman in Chris Nolan’s highly acclaimed Batman franchise.

Who doesn’t agree that she’d be the perfect Catwoman? Seeing her jump from rooftops in a tight leather costume would ensure the success of the film just by itself.

Plus, knowing the kind of film we’re expecting out of Nolan, Bale & the Crew, we’d expect her role to be something where she actually has to act like more than just a ditsy walking fanboy we-dream.

So while we wait to see her sultry eyes and bad-girl attitude pull at Batman’s heart (amongst other things) in the next sequel, we’ll just have to go over the reasons why she’s a great fit for the character. And until we get a Oscar worthy performance from her elsewhere, we’ll just have to settle for these 32 examples.


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  1. ILikeMeganReally says:

    1 reason she won't:

    She can't act.

  2. Guest says:

    Who cares if she can't act? LOL

  3. angelique says:

    she should basically be the next catwoman because she is so pretty & hott!!!! xoxo

  4. guest2 says:

    Uhhhh. Do you people even know the story of catwoman? Her and batman are close in age. There's a sexual tension between catwoman and batman. Megan Fox and Christian Bale? Too far in age. It throws the entire movie off. Yes, Megan Fox is gorgeous, but I do not want her to be catwoman. It will change the story between batman and catwoman too much. I'm not going to see the movie because of how the actors look. I want to see it because of the storyline.

  5. guest says:

    someone in here has officially failed the gay test…

  6. I wondered how you would come up with 32 arguments, but I should have known they'd be pictures haha.

    I agree though, she would make a good catwoman. It could be a breakout role for her, she actually would fit the part really well. A sexy badgirl role that is more than being a damsel in distress or a mindless action chick might be a good opportunity if she has the chops for it!

    Her look is definitely perfect for it!

  7. Sam says:

    She has the look for it, but her age let's her down.
    No one will ever beat Pfeiffer's characterisation of Catwoman.
    She's a perfect woman, and she was perfect for the role.
    No matter who they cast, no on will do a better job as the sexy feline than her…

    … Ever!!

  8. Sam says:

    They're thinking of casting Rose McGowan as Black Cat in the new Spidey flick, but out of Black Cat and Catwoman, she'd make a better Catwoman.
    Sorry, but the boobs on her aren't Felicia's wondrous size 🙂

  9. This will be so great for her to get the part as Catwoman…..she just has that look and feel about her. 10/10 for Megan Fox as Catwoman.

  10. Donnie says:

    Megan Fox as Catwoman OMG!!! She would look awesome in that Cat suit!!

  11. Talia Faye says:

    Whoever thinks, talent and the ability to act for the role are besides the point, are the kind of people responsible for Hollywood being so shitty. Did you guys forget what an awful Idea casting Halle Berry as Catwoman was? yeah she was sexy and beautiful too, and that didn't pan out so well either. Lookswise, Megan Fox has the goods, but that is not enough to make her a successful Catwoman. Does anybody ever notice how spoiled Megan Fox sounds in every movie? aka (playing herself)? She'd be terrible in the role.