50 Drinking Games Guaranteed to Get You Hammered

What’s more fun than hanging out with your friends, getting plastered, and making an ass of yourself?

Playing drinking games, hanging out with your friends, getting plastered, and making an ass of yourself. I’m sure in your years of wisdom and experience, you’ve come across a few drinking games. Here are some of your favorites and most likely some you’ve never seen.


1. Across the Bridge

You need: A deck of cards and 2 or more people

Deal ten cards face down in a straight line. This is the bridge. The play starts by one player flipping up the first card in the bridge. If it’s a 2 through 10, then the player is safe and can flip another card over. If a player flips over a jack, queen, king, or ace, the player must drink (one sip of beer for a jack, two for a queen, three for a king, and four times for an ace). The player must also add cards to the bridge (one for a jack, two for a queen, and so on). The play then continues to the next player. The player that flips up the last card in the bridge is the winner. The play continues with the remaining players, the cards are shuffled and the game begins again.

2. Anchor Man

You need: One quarter, a pitcher, beer (of course), 8+ people (2 teams)

Pour beer into the pitcher. For hard core drinkers, fill it. For normal people, fill the pitcher half way. Each team alternates in play by attempting to bounce the quarter into the pitcher. The team that gets the quarter in the pitcher chooses the person to be the “anchor” for the losing team. This team then must pass the pitcher around, each taking a drink from the pitcher. This can be any amount that they’d like. The anchor must go last and finish off the remaining beer in the pitcher.

3. Asshole

You need: One deck of cards and 4 people

The play:

Start by dealing out all of the cards. The person to the left of the dealer starts by laying down any card or cards with the same face value. The next player must lay down the same number of cards as the first player and the cards must be equal or greater in face value, but match each other. For instance, if the first player lays down 2 sixes, the next player must lay down two matching cards that are equal or greater than the sixes, such as 2 tens. If the player lays down the same thing as the previous player, the next player is skipped and must take a sip of beer. If the player is unable to achieve the play, they are skipped and must take a sip of beer. Once all players are skipped, the cards are cleared and play continues until all of the cards have been played.

Ranking system:

The four players are ranked as follows for each round played.

– President: The first person to go out
– Vice President: The second person to go out
– Secretary: The third person to go out
– Asshole: The last person to go out

Ranking Privileges:

– Anyone ranking higher than you can tell you to drink whenever they want.
– The Asshole deals and clears the cards.
– The Asshole gives his two best cards to the President.
– The President gives his two worse cards to the Asshole.
– If the same person is President for three consecutive rounds, they can make a rule (such as not saying “drink”, “drank” or “drunk”).

4. Baseball

You need: Four shot glasses, a quarter, and 6+ people split into 2 teams (the more the merrier)

Don’t worry. This game doesn’t involve a bunch of drunken people swinging large wooden objects around. This is a different kind of baseball. Fill the shot glasses with beer and line them up one behind another in a straight line (or the straightest line you can if you’re already drunk).

One team starts by bouncing the quarter and trying to make it into one of the shot glasses. The first shot glass in the row denotes first base, the second one denotes second base, and so on. When the person gets the quarter in one of the shot glasses, he must drink the beer from all of the shot glasses behind it. For instance, if you get it in the front shot glass, you must drink the three behind it. After one player gets a turn, a player from the opposite team gets a turn. Make sure to keep track of how many “players” are on bases because for every “run” your team makes all of the people on the opposing team must drink.


5. Beer Blow

You need: A deck of cards, an empty bottle, and 3+ people

Place a deck of cards on an empty bottle. Each player blows cards off the deck on the bottle in turn. The one who blows the last card off the bottle must drink one beer.

Special rule: If an ace is spotted among the cards that were just blown off, the “blower” must drink a beer. If two aces were spotted, they must drink two beers and so on.

6. Beer Bomb

You need: Two tables (card tables are perfect), two cups, a ping pong ball, and two players

Spread each table apart from the other and place one cup on each table. Each player stands behind their respective table and takes one ping pong ball and attempts to get in his/her opponent’s cup by bouncing it off of his/her own table and (hopefully) into the opponent’s cup. The other player then makes an attempt at the same thing. After one player makes it in their opponent’s cup, the other player must make it in on the next turn. If he doesn’t, he has to take a drink. If he does, then his/her opponent must take a drink.

7. Beer Checkers

You need: A checker board, checkers (optional), 24 small glasses (shot glasses are perfect), and 2 people

To distinguish between whose pieces are whose, use different shot glasses or different types of beer that appear slightly different in color. If you can’t accomplish this, put red checkers under each shot glass of one opponent and black checkers under the shot glasses of the other opponent. Fill the shot glasses with beer and set the board up as you would for a regular game of checkers only using the filled shot glasses. The play of the game is the same as in checkers. However, when your shot glass is jumped, you must drink the contents. The losing player then also has to drink the remaining shots on the board.

8. Beer Hunter

You need: People (any number), cans of beer (at least one per person), and a box

Put the beers in the box, but shake one of the beers up and when you think you’ve shaken it enough, shake it some more. You want to make sure that it’s about ready to explode on its own. Place that beer in the box with the rest and mix them up without looking.

Make sure no one else is looking either. Then, everyone takes turns by grabbing one of the beers, tilting it toward their face and opening it. If your beer doesn’t go all over your face, you lose and have to drink the beer. If it does, then you win, and you get – well, a wet head and face, you get to smell like beer and look like a loser with no beer to drink. Just remember, you won!

9. Beer Ping Pong

You need: Two (for singles) or four (for doubles) players, ping pong paddles, ping pong balls, and a ping pong table

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t have a ping pong table, you can use a rectangular table with a make shift net. For the net, use a piece of string tied to two chairs on either side of the table and paper towels draped over the string.

Each person fills a cup with beer and puts the cup one paddle width from the end of the table and in the center with reference to “side to side” for singles. For doubles, put the cup one paddle width from the edge on the side. When playing, if you hit the ball over the net and it hits the cup of an opponent, you’re awarded one point and the opponent must take one sip from the cup. If you manage to get the ball in the cup, you are awarded five points and your opponent must drink whatever is left in the cup.


10. Beer Pot

You need: People and a large pitcher or pot filled with beer

The pot goes around in the circle and everyone takes turns drinking from the pot. Each person can drink as little or as much as (s)he wants. The winner is the one who finishes what’s in the pot and the loser is the one that took a turn immediately before him/her. The loser is out for the next round and play continues. If you’re in a setting where the beers haven’t already been purchased, traditionally, the loser buys the next round of beers. The play continues until there is one single winner.

11. Beer Snap

You need: A deck of cards and 2+ people

Deal the entire deck evenly between each player. Each player keeps all of their cards face down in a pile. Each player then takes turns flipping one card face up and placing it in the center pile. When a card is flipped that has a value that matched the previous card, the players must try to beat everyone else at saying “snap” first. The last person to shout “snap” must drink one shot of beer if the card value is 2 to 6, 2 shots if the card value is 7 to 10 and three shots of beer if the face value is a face card or an ace.

12. Beer Uno

You need: A deck of Uno cards and people

The rules are the same as in regular Uno, but there is no keeping score. Instead, every time you draw a card from the center pile, you must take a drink. When one player goes out, the other players must take one drink for every card remaining in their hand.

13. Beeramid

You need: A deck of cards and 3-7 people

The dealer lays out 15 cards in a pyramid form and deals 5 cards to each player face down. Each card in the pyramid represents one drink. Everyone looks at their own cards but they don’t let anyone else see them. The dealer flips the top card in the pyramid. If you have the card you can tell someone to drink. You can also bluff that you have the card. The players can drink or call the bluff. If you call the bluff and the person doesn’t have the same card, they drink double. If the player has the card, the person that called the bluff drinks triple. If a player has two or more of the card flipped then they can make someone drink once for each match that they have or they can distribute the drinks between more than one player.

14. Beercheesi

You need: A Parcheesi board game and 2-4 people

The rules are the same as in Parcheesi, but each time that a player is sent back or can’t move, they must take a drink. That’s it – really simple.


15. Beergammon

You need: A backgammon game and 2 people

The play of the game is exactly like backgammon. When you can’t move or you have a playing piece sent to the bar, you must drink. You must also take a drink for every piece that your opponent gets in their home spot.

16. Beeropoly

You need: Monopoly game, 2+ players

The play of the game is the same as in regular Monopoly, but there is no money exchange necessary. One hundred dollars is equal to one sip of beer. If you owe money to another player or to the bank, you must drink. If the bank owes money to you, everyone else drinks.

17. Boat Races

You need: People and beer

Everyone splits into two teams and sits opposite the other team on the floor or at a long table. At the start of the race, one person on each team drinks their beer as fast as they can. When they’re done, they put their glass, can, or bottle down. Once that person sets their empty beer container down, the next person on the team is free to drink their beer, and so on. The first team in which all of the members have finished their beers wins.

18. Brain Damage

You need: A deck of cards and 3+ players

Remove the 8s, 9s and the red 10s from a deck of cards. This game is played just like Black Jack but to 7.5 points. The cards are ranked as seen below.

Face cards – .5 points
Aces – 1.0 point
2-7 – face value
10s – wild

Decide on a dealer. Note that the game has an extremely high buzz factor for the dealer. The dealer takes the deck, deals one card face down to the first player, and one card face down to himself. The player looks at the card and bets any amount of beer. The player keeps his first card face down, and can take as many hits as he wants.

If he goes over 7.5, he must announce that fact, and then drink the designated amount specified by the bet. If not, when he stops, the dealer turns over his card, and then hits until he thinks he has the player beat. If the dealer busts, the dealer drinks the designated amount specified by the bet. When the dealer is satisfied with his hand, the player turns over his card. The lowest total drinks. If there is a tie, the player drinks.

The dealer then goes to the next player, repeating the process until the deck is exhausted. If the player gets 5 cards without busting, he wins immediately. If player draws to 7.5, dealer can of course try to tie. The play continues until everyone has been dealt. Then a new dealer is chosen.

19. Bullshit

You need: A deck of cards and 3+ people

All of the cards are distributed among each player until all of the cards are gone. Starting with aces, the first player lays down the number of aces face down he has, stating the number of cards. Even if the player doesn’t have any of that card, they can lie. If another player thinks they are lying, they say “Bullshit!”

If the player was indeed lying, they must pick up all of the cards in the pile and must take one sip of beer for every card in that pile. If the player was telling the truth, then the person that said “Bullshit” must pick up all of the cards in the pile and drink the number of sips equal to the amount of cards in the pile. The play continues from aces to kings and goes back to aces again. The play continues until there is only one player remaining with cards.


20. California Kings

You need: A deck of cards, a large cup, and 3+ people

The play starts by placing all of the cards in the deck face down around the cup. Each player takes turns turning a card face up. Depending on the card the player draws, these are the actions taken:

Ace: The player who drew makes a toast and everyone drinks.

2-6 (Black): Drink the card’s value in sips of beer.

2-6 (Red): Distribute the card’s value in drinks to other players. The total may be split up between multiple players.

7: Everybody begins to chug. You can’t stop until the person to your right has stopped. The player that drew the 7 may stop first.

8: The person who drew the 8 puts his or her thumb on the table. Everyone else must follow, but the last person to do so drinks.

9: The player who drew the 9 says a sentence. The person to his or her left must rhyme with the last word in the original sentence. This continues in clockwise order. Rhyming words may not be repeated. If you repeat a word or can’t think of one, you drink.

10: The player who drew the 10 thinks of a category and states an item within the category. The person to that player’s left then has to name an item in that category. For instance a player might name “states” as a category then might say “California” as an item in the category. Any player who is unable to do so or repeats an answer must drink.

Jack: The guys drink.

Queen: The ladies drink.

King: The players that draw the first, second, and third kings in the deck pour some beer into the center cup and also get to make a rule that must be obeyed for the rest of the game, such as the classic not being able to say “drink, “drank” or “drunk”. Anyone in violation of a rule drinks. The person who draws the fourth king must chug all of the beer in the cup in the center and this is the end of the game.

21. Chandeliers

You need: Beer, people, one small glass per person (shot glasses work well), a large glass, and a quarter

To start, place the largest glass in the center of the table and everyone else takes their smaller glasses and places them directly in front of them around the larger glass leaving about an inch between the large glass and their own. Each person pours some beer into his or her glass. Then, everyone then donates a little of their beer to the center cup.

From there everyone takes turns bouncing a quarter, attempting to get it in either an opponent’s cup or the center cup. If you make the quarter into an opponent’s cup, the opponent must drink what’s in the cup and then refill it. If you make it in your own cup you must drink your own.

If it is made in the center cup, everyone hurries to chug their beer. The last person to empty the glass and put the glass back on the table must drink the middle cup. However, the person who made the quarter into the large glass doesn’t have to partake in this activity.

22. Circle of Death 1

You need: A deck of cards and 4+ people

Spread a deck of cards out into a circular shape. One persons chooses a card and the person to their left chooses a card. If the cards are of the same suit, you add up the values of the two cards and the two people drink for that many seconds. If they aren’t the same suit, then the first person puts their card in a discard pile and the player to Player #2’s left draws a card. If more than two cards of the same suit are drawn in a row, add all the values up and all of the players must drink.

23. Circle of Death 2

You need: A deck of cards and 4+ people

Arrange the cards in three circles, one inside the other, on the table. All players sit in a circle around the outer cards. The first player draws a card from the outer circle. If the card drawn is black, then that player must drink the number of sips equal to the value of the card (J, Q, K are 10, and an A is 11).

If the card drawn is red, then that player can assign the number of drinks to one person, or can split it up and assign it to more than one person. Continue around the circle, taking cards only from the outer circle. When that circle is gone, go to the second circle, and then the third circle. The rules remain the same for both second and third circles; however, for the second circle, the drinks are doubled and for the third circle, the drinks are tripled.

24. Circle of Death 3

You need: A deck of cards and 2 + people

Arrange all cards in circles, one inside another, face down. The object is to guess the proper suit of the card that will be turned over. Begin on the outer circle. The first player guesses a suit then turns a card over from the outermost circle.

If that player is correct, the other player(s) must drink the number on the card. If incorrect, the player drinks that many sips. The next player repeats the process. The play continues, but when you get to the next circle, the drinks double and in the next circle they triple, and so on.


25. Connection

You need: A deck of cards and 3+ people

Deal out all the cards evenly among all players. Player’s must not look at their own or anyone else’s pile. One player starts by turning their top card of their pile over. The person to their left does the same. If the cards are have the same suit or number, then a connection is made and each player drinks the number of sips of beer equal to the value on the card. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are ten and Aces are eleven. If a connection is made twice or more times in a row, all players with that connection must drink. The play continues until all of the cards have been turned over.

26. Cops and Robbers

You need: A deck if cards and 6+ people

Take a number of cards out of a deck that is equal to the number of people playing. One, but only one of the cards has to be a king and one, but only one of the cards has to be an ace. The other cards can be any combination of numbers that you decide. However, the higher the card number, the greater the chances of getting drunk quickly.

Distribute one card to each player. The player receiving the ace is the robber and the player receiving the king is the cop. At this point everyone watches closely as the robber will wink at someone. The person being winked at must then declare “the deal has been made”. Once that statement has been made, the “cop” puts his card face up on the table and guesses who the robber is.

If the “cop” guesses wrong, he must drink the number of drinks that the cardholder of the person he guessed turns over. The play continues in this manner until the cop figures out who the robber is. If the robber winks at the cop, the robber is automatically busted and the cop chooses another player. That player flips their card up and the robber must drink that many drinks.

27. Crazy Eights

You need: A deck of cards and 4+ people

Take the four 8’s from a deck of cards and lay them out on a table in a straight line so that one eight is beneath another to start four rows. Distribute the remaining cards to the players. Players must take turns laying down their cards. Each player attempts to build consecutively from the eights in either direction with matching suits.

However, any card may be played. If a player cannot play a card that is consecutive to the last card in that row, they must drink the value of the difference between the card they played and the card next to it. If the player is successful in playing a consecutive card, then that player distributes the number of drinks that is equal to the value of his or her card to the other players in any way they wish.

28. Death Ring

You need: A deck of cards and 3+ people

This game is simple and almost no thought is necessary. The first two players each draw a card. If the values are the same, each player must drink (in sips) double the value of the card. If the cards are the same suit, then each player drinks the value of their own card. The third player draws a card and compares it to the second player’s card in the same manner.

29. Dice

You need: 2 dice and 2+ players

The first player rolls the dice. The player must drink if:

a. the player rolls the dice where the sum equals six (one sip)
b. the player rolls anything with a six in it (one sip)
c. the player rolls doubles (the number of sips designated by the double – one for double 1’s, etc.)

The player continues rolling the dice until (s)he rolls something that doesn’t require him (her) to drink. At this point, the play moves to the next player.


30. Drown the Clown

You need: A deck of cards and 4+ people

Each player gets one card face down. On the count of three everyone flips their card over at the same time. If your card has the same value as another player, point to the player as fast as you can and say “clown”. The last one to say it has to drink the number of drinks designated on the card. If someone points to someone that doesn’t have a match, they have to drink 3 drinks.

31. Drunk Driver 1

You need: A deck of cards and 2 people

To start, designate a dealer and a driver. The dealer deals six cards face down in a row. (Note: You can adjust the number of cards to adjust the difficulty of the game.) The driver turns over each card one by one. If the card is a 2 through 10, then no drinks are taken and the driver flips over another card. If the driver flips over a jack, he must drink one sip of beer and one card is added to the row of cards (the “road”).

If the driver flips a queen, then two sips are taken and two cards are added. If the driver flips a king, then the same thing happens, but it’s three sips and three cards. For an ace, it’s four sip and four cards. This continues until the driver has made it to the end of the road. At this point, they two players switch places.

32. Drunk Driver 2

You need: A deck of cards and 2 people

Just as in “Drunk Driver 1”, a dealer and a driver are designated. The dealer deals six cards face down (more for more of a challenge and less for less of a challenge). The first card is flipped over and the player must guess if the next card is higher or lower. If the driver guesses correctly, the play continues to the next card. If the driver guesses incorrectly, then he must drink the number of sips of beer equivalent to the order number of the card. For instance, if that card is the third card in the row, the driver must have three sips.

When the driver guesses incorrectly, all of the face up cards (except for the first) are cleared and replaced with face down cards and the driver must start all over. Once the driver makes it to the end, the players switch.

33. Eat the Turnbuckle

You need: A deck of cards, 2 dice, and 3+ people

Card values:
– Numbered cards are equal to the number shown on the card
– Jacks equal 11
– Queens equal 12
– Kings and aces are cover cards

Deal all of the cards out to each player. The first player rolls the dice. If that person has any cards of the total shown on the dice, they may place the card(s) in front of any player. If they have more than one, they can place all of the cards in front of one player, or split the cards up. The player(s) that have the card in front of them must take that many sips of beer.

If the person has two of that card in front of them, they must drink twice the value of the card. For instance, if a player has 2 fours in front of him, he must drink 8 sips. If a player has all four of a particular card in front of them, they must drink one and a half times the total. “Eating the turnbuckle” is when a player has all queens in front of them and a twelve is rolled on the dice. They must take 72 sips (4 X 12 X 1.5). Each time a card in front of you matches the roll of the dice, you must drink.

Cover cards: As stated, kings and aces are cover cards. If you have a king or an ace, you can cover any card in front of you. After you do this, you may not switch the cover card to another card nor can it be removed for the remainder of the game. When you use a cover card, it cancels out the fact that the numbered card is in front of you.

34. Flip, Sip, or Strip

You need: A quarter and people

The first player flips a coin and calls it in the air. If the player guesses correctly, the coin is passed to their right. If the player guesses wrong, the coin is passed to the left. The player that guessed wrong must also either take one article of clothing off or drink four sips of beer. Sounds easy doesn’t it? There’s a catch. You can’t do the same thing (sip or strip) more than twice in a row.


35. Four Horseman

You need: A deck of cards and 2+ people

The four kings are taken out of the deck and placed in the center of the playing area face up. Seven cards are dealt to each player and the rest of the deck is placed in the center. The object is to build off of each king in descending order in the same suit (king, queen, jack, ten, etc.). If you are unable to play a card in this manner, you must draw from the deck until you can do so. Each time you draw a card, you must take a sip of beer.

Once you are able to play a card, you can distribute drinks to your opponents. When you lay down a queen, you can distribute two cards (one for the king and one for the king). If you are laying down a jack it would be three drinks, and so on. You can have one person drink it all or split it among your opponents.

36. Give or Take

You need: A deck of cards and 4+ people

Each player is dealt 3 cards face up. The dealer asks the person to their right, “give or take?”

If the player says “give”: The dealer turns over the top card in the remaining pile of cards. Any player that has the matching card instructs any player of their choice to take a drink. If the player with the matching card has two of the same card, the player may instruct two different players to take a drink, or may give both drinks to one player.

The next card is flipped up from the deck. The same play occurs only now each matching card is worth 2 drinks. The play continues and a third card is flipped up only this time, the drinks are tripled for any matches. That concludes this round.

If the player says “take”: The same play occurs as with “give” except that for every matching card, you must take a drink. Three cards are turned up just as in the “give” play of the game. This concludes this round.

The next round starts with the next player calling either “give” or “take”.

37. High/ Low

You need: A deck of cards and 2+ players

One card is placed face up. The first player guesses as to whether or not the next card will be higher or lower. If the player guesses correctly, then no drink is taken. If the player guesses incorrectly, the player must take one drink per card that is facing up, then all of the face up cards are removed with the exception of the first one. The player guesses again and another card is turned over.

The player goes for three guesses and then it’s the next player’s turn. The cards remain on the table when the next player starts. This means if this player guesses incorrectly, there will be more cards face up and the player will have to drink more.

38. Ice Tray Quarters

You need: An ice tray, and a quarter

Each player takes turns trying to bounce the quarter on a hard surface such as a table and into the ice tray. Any time that the quarter goes in the right side of the ice tray, the player must “give” drinks to another player or players. Any time that the quarter goes in the left side of the ice tray, the player must “take” drinks.

Here’s the interesting part. If the quarter lands in the compartment closest to the player, one drink is taken or given. If the quarter lands in the second compartment, two drinks are taken or given (the “given” drinks can be given to one player or split among more than one). If the quarter lands in the third compartment, it’s three drinks and so on. The player continues his or her turn until he misses or the quarter lands in the “given” side.

39. Indian Poker

You need: A deck of cards and people

Most people have heard of Indian Poker as it’s one type of free poker, but it’s especially fun to play as a drinking game. You need a deck of cards to play this game. Someone deals one card face down to each player. Without looking at the card, each person puts their card on their forehead so that everyone else can see it. With the rules that aces are the highest and 2s are the lowest, each player determines whether they think they have the highest card. The person to the left of the dealer starts the betting (in drinks).

The next person calls, raises or folds. This goes around until everyone has folded or called. If you fold, you must drink however many drinks as you previously bet. If you call and lose, you must drink as many drinks as you bet. The winner drinks nothing. This can become a really funny game when you’ve had a bit to drink and you’re looking at everyone with playing cards on their forehead.


40. Kings and Blood

You need: A deck of cards, 3+ people

Shuffle a deck of cards, and spread them out face down on a table. Place a large cup center of the playing area. Each player takes a turn drawing a card from the deck and showing it to everyone. If the player draws a black card, they are safe and don’t drink. If the player draws a red card, they take 2 sips of beer. If a king is drawn, the player pours any amount of beer in the center cup that they would like. The player that draws the fourth king must drink all of the beer in the center cup. The game ends when the fourth king is drawn.

41. Mexicali

You need: A cup, 2 dice, and 2+ people

The play starts by one player shaking the dice in the cup and slamming the cup upside down on a table. The first player shows the dice. For every roll after this, the player peeks at the dice, but doesn’t show anyone else what the dice. The player then announces what the dice show. The next player does the same thing. If the roll beats or ties the previous roll, the player is safe and doesn’t have to drink. However, if the roll doesn’t beat the previous roll, the player must take a drink.

Bluffing: The reason for the cup is that you can bluff. However, the player that rolled just before you can call your bluff. If you were indeed bluffing and your bluff is called, you must drink. If the “bluffer” was wrong and you did have a higher roll, then they drink.

Roll values. The roll value is based on the two-digit combination of the roll. However, doubles are different. Double ones are worth 100, doubles twos are worth 200, and so on. There are also some special rules involved. See below for each roll’s score and special rules.

2-1: 21 Mexicali – Beats all other rolls
3-1: 31 Reverse – The play now goes in the opposite direction. There is no penalty drink for this roll.
3-2: 32 Social – Everybody drinks. There is no penalty drink for this roll.
4-1: 41
4-2: 42
4-3: 43
4-5: 45
5-1: 51
5-2: 52
5-3: 53
5-4: 54
6-1: 61
6-2: 62
6-3: 63
6-4: 64
6-5: 65
1-1: 100
2-2: 200
3-3: 300
4-4: 400
5-5: 500
6-6: 600

When someone gets Mexicali, then the game is over. If you wish to play again, the next player has the starting roll.

42. Nothing

You need: 5 dice and 3+ people

Roll all 5 dice. Set aside all threes every roll and roll the rest of the dice again. If you roll no threes, keep the lowest die or dice. Once all of your dice are set aside, add up your score the total on the dice. All values are as shown on the dice with the exception of the threes. Threes are equal to zero points. Remember your score until everyone has had a turn. The lowest total wins. Everyone else drinks as many times as the winner’s total. The winner starts the next round.

43. One Big Chicken

You need: People and someone that knows all of the phrases to this game

The first person says the first phrase on the list. The next person must say the second phrase and then the first phrase. It goes in the same fashion as The Twelve Days of Christmas in that if you’re on the fifth phrase, you must recite the fifth one and then the other four in decreasing order. If you mess up, you must take as many drinks as the number of phrases you were suppose to complete and then the game starts over with the next person. The game is over when all ten phrases are said correctly or everyone is too drunk to care, whichever comes first. Here are the phrases.

– One big chicken
– Two cute ducks
– Three brown bears
– Four hairy running hares
– Five fat females sitting, sipping scotch and smoking cigarettes
– Six sheets slit by Sam the sheet slitter
– Seven sexy Siamese sailors sailing the seven seas
– Eight echoing egotists echoing egotistical ecstasies
– Nine naughty knocked up nuns navigating the Nigerian Desert towards the nunnery
– Ten fig pluckers plucking figs; I’m not a fig plucker or a fig pluckers son but I’ll pluck figs until the fig plucking’s done

44. Quarters

You need: A quarter, a shot glass (or another type of short glass), and people

Okay, here’s the old standby. Everyone knows how to play quarters, but it warrants mentioning since it’s an old classic. The object of the game is to bounce the quarter off of the table and into the glass. If you’re successful, you can choose who takes a drink out of all of the other players and you get another turn.

Your turn continues until you miss. Once you miss, you must take a drink. The real fun comes in when someone makes three in a row because then they get to make up a rule. For instance, the ever-popular rule of not being able to say “drink” “drank” or “drunk”. Anyone that does receives a penalty of having to take another drink.


45. Queens

You need: A deck of cards and 4+ people

Spread the deck of cards out so that any card can be chosen. The first player chooses a card. The following actions are done depending on the card that was drawn.

Ace – Choose any player to drink one sip of beer.
King – All players drink one sip of beer.
Queen – Ladies drink two sips of beer.
Jack – Men drink two sips of beer.
10 – 2nd person to the right drinks one sip of beer.
9 – 2nd person to the left drinks one sip of beer.
8 – All players drink one sip of beer.
7 – Person to the right drinks one sip of beer.
6 – Person to the left drinks one sip of beer.
5 – Change the direction of play.
4 to 1 – The player that drew the card drinks that value in sips of beer.

The play continues to the left unless a 5 is drawn, which reverses the direction.

46. Red and Black 1

You need: A deck of cards, and 2+ people

Each player takes a turn by guessing which color the card is. If the player is incorrect, they must take a sip of beer. If the player is correct, they take no drink and continue guessing until they are incorrect. If correct three times in a row, the player can make a rule concerning procedure for the game. Anyone to break the rule must take a sip of beer.

Cruel suggestions for rules in this game are that you can’t say “red” or you can’t say “black”.

47. Red and Black 2

You need: A deck of cards and 3+ players

The first player guesses if the card that the dealer flips over is going to be a red or a black card. The following rules apply.

– If the player guesses right, there is no penalty, but they have to guess the next card.
– If the player is right again, there is no penalty and play is passed to the next player.
– If the player guesses wrong, the player takes two sips of beer and guesses at the next card.
– If the player guesses right the second time, then play is passed to the next player.
– If the player guesses wrong the second time, the player must finish their beer and pass play to the next player.

48. Sixes

You need: 6 cups, 1 die, and 2+ people

Line the cups up in a straight line and designate each cup a number 1 through 6. Each player takes turns rolling the die. The number you roll corresponds to the number of the cup in the line. If the cup is empty, pour as much beer as you’d like in it. If the cup has beer in it, drink it all and roll the die again.

49. TV/ Movie Beer Game

You need: People, a television, and something to watch (a show on TV or a DVD)

This drinking game is played at someone’s house and is equally good with just a few people as it is with a lot of people. Everyone agrees on a television show or movie to watch. You can watch it on TV, but it’s best if it’s on a DVD. Before the movie or show starts, you make the rules of when everyone has to take a drink.

For instance, if you’re watching The Simpsons, you could make up a rule that everyone takes a drink every time Homer says, “doh” and everyone has to drink two drinks every time Homer or Bart’s name is mentioned. Use you imagination and have fun with it.

50. Word Drinking Game

You need: People

The way you play this game is very simple. Someone thinks of a word that’s prohibited to say and whoever says it has to take a drink. You can make it a game where people get drunk fast by designating the word “the”, “it, or “and” as the word or you can choose a word that’s not quite as common. Note: It’s a lot more fun to use a common word.

If you run through several of these games and still can’t get drunk, then maybe you have a problem! However, poeple’s imaginations will always run wild and new drinking games are invented every day. Is there a favorite excuse to drink that’s not on this list?

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  1. DRAY says:


  2. <3 alco says:

    The best game I've had is "Roxanne" played with 2 people (or 2 teams) to the song Roxanne by Sting & The Police. One person drinks (best done with shots of 5-8% booze) when "Roxanne" is sung and the other drinks to "Red Light". Roxanne ~ 28 and Red Light ~ 24. Winner is the one who is still going the longest!

  3. Ben says:

    me and a friend invented a game called alcohol poisoning. there is no point to the game besides getting wasted quickly: what you need is at least one person and one die. 1-5 you drink. 6 you roll again. when you had to drink the next person goes. the fewer people play the faster you will get drunk obviously. we liked this game especially because you could play it alone in twos or with how many people you want. and everybody gets blind stinkin drunk.

  4. Noe says:

    Wizard is the best drinking game ever. You take your empty beer can and duct tape it to the bottom of a new can thereby making a staff. The first person to make a staff taller than them wins. To make it extra hard add a boss every fifth beer, this consists of taking a shot.

  5. dfur says:

    Milwaukee people out drink everyone in the U.S.

  6. Crypt Monkey says:

    how about the game, everybody drink and shut the fuck up and get wasted and stop reading this stupid post! O_O

  7. maddiee says:

    This is a really good list, well done to whoever put it together!

  8. Ryan l brodovsky says:

    The best game is capitan. An Italian game where people pass a bottle of rum around 1st person takes the bottle tAkes a swig and says I am the capitan of 1 he drinks stands up sits down passes the bottle to the next person in the circle he/she say I am the capitan of 2 takes a swig stands up sits down, take another swig stands up Sits down. The winner is the las capitan to finish and not throw up. Can also be played with beer, wine, both or as a game to finish the liquor. Best drinking game Ever!!!!!

  9. Dumb says:

    This is stupid, and simple minded. And why all the pictures are for women drinking? Men don't drink?

  10. levinikki says:

    Quick question why are all the pictures on here of girls drinking??? Not only guys are curios about drinking games to play with there friends and I sure as hell don't want to see a picture of some girl drinking after every other one. And as a girl it is sort of degrading.

  11. Matt says:

    Go brain damage I love it great with two people.

  12. Hello hunnie, nice blog! I really like this post.. I was curious about this for a long time now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

  13. Fresh says:

    "You honk, We drink" Sit on a porch alongside the road with a gigantic sign that states the previous….. self explanatory from there…..

  14. phillyb20 says:

    International Drinking Rules
    1-no drinking with right hand. 2-no saying the word “mine”. 3-no pointing. 4- no using proper names. 5- no double parking (no holding two drinks at same time). 6- ”tell her’ (if your buddy asks you if you think a girl is hot and you answer but DO NOT say the phrase “tell her” after you actually have to go tell her what you said).

    Now go play any game you want and add thse rules to the mix…good times

  15. joey knox says:

    its called power hour bitches

  16. browser says:

    Yes nice !!

  17. reojames says:

    What! No Evil Knevil? Where's Stretch Armstrong? I guess I'm too old to see my favs …..

  18. 548745 says:

    great list!

  19. TexasTanaka says:

    Yeah hi, thanks for the effort.
    No one ever says "play it again, sam" in the movie Casablanca. I didn't read further than that, but you might want to fact check the whole list. Or, you know, maybe watch the movies or whatever. Didn't mean to whine on your parade, and have a nice day guys!

  20. TexasTanaka says:

    Yeah hi, thanks for the effort.
    I don't mean to be a dick or anything, but no one ever says "play it again, sam" in casablanca. It's a very common misconception, but wrong nonetheless. Might be a good idea to fact check the whole list. Have a nice day guys!

  21. robby says:

    hola chicitas

  22. roxy says:

    lol we played 1 on sat night where we taped a litre of scrumpy cider in 1 hand and 1litre of big foot vodka and passionfruit in 1 lol theres was like 20 of us chillin with duck tape on our hands lol the guy that taped us left so we would have been fucked if there was like an accident haha couldnt go toilet unless u finished 1 bottle lol but was still a mish. a fun way to get maggot

  23. MagicKs says:

    drink to jeepers creepers and shot O.P. Rum (or beverage you like) to every dead body you see

  24. Joe says:

    If you like beer pong but hate the stupid rules…go to, and check out the classic rules! You will enjoy Beer Bowling more that beer pong…its far more competitive of a game!

  25. SIERRA says:

    all of yall are dum

    love suierra

  26. akash says:

    its gr8…….chaila

  27. Dom says:

    I learned the big chicken game this way from an old hick from the hills of Tennessee that used to play banjo with Dolly Parton.

    "Are you a turtle or a plum picker?" (if you know the game the correct answer is "yes")
    Being that I'm the instructor and you are the student, If you mess up, you take a drink, and I take 2.
    Repeat after me…

    1 red hen
    2 cute ducks
    3 brown bears
    4 running hares
    5 fat females sitting sipping scotch smoking cigarettes
    6 sexy Siamese seamen sailing the 7 seas
    7 slit sheets slit by the sheet slitter
    8 elongated elephants elevated up an elevator
    9 nasty Nigerian niggers navigated nesting near the Nile
    10 plum pickers plumpingly picking plums, SAY am I a plum picker OR a plum pickers son. BUT I will be plumpingly picking plums until the plum picking is done.

  28. BenderLkDaRobot says:

    Three Man.

    What you need: 2 dice & shit tons of booze.

    Designate one poor sap to be the first "three man". First roller rolls the dice:

    Seven: person to roller's left drinks 1
    Eleven: person to roller's right drinks 1
    Five: Last person to put their thumb on the table drinks 1
    Six: Last person to put their finger on their nose drinks 1
    Three: Any combination of dice that adds to three OR any roll that has a three in it –> three man drinks 1 (plus whatever other rules apply)
    Doubles: Roller can hand out dice to one or two other people. They roll & drink double the number they roll. If the second person rolls doubles, then the dice return to the roller & they must drink 4 times the number rolled.

    When no one drinks on the roll, the dice pass to the next person.

    When the dice come around to the "three man", if they roll a three or any combination of three, they get to designate the new three man.

    Play continues until somebody wants to stop or until you run out of booze.

  29. bones says:

    beer pot has another name: called macho mug. and while the pot or pitcher is going around everyone sings macho macho mug, "name of person drinkin"s drinking a macho mug. and at the end some one finishes while everyone yells finish it.

  30. Jeeem says:

    I don't need a game to get hammered.

    And I drink alone.


  31. johnny b says:

    Power hour?
    but more importantly,


    my buddies and i have a damn league within our complex.
    google that shit.

  32. kings! says:

    The best game is Kings!!
    but it has so many versions,I saw the California kings on the list but it is really different than the one I play…

    so the rules are

    beers, a deck of cards and people sitting in a circle

    the game will go in clock wise

    2-(two-you) when u draw a two than u need to choose a ''you'' that person will drink with you everytime u drink. for example: if the 1st player chooses the 2nd playeras his ''you'' and after that if the 3rd player chooses 1st player as his ''you'' than when the 3rd player needs to drink the 1st and the second player need to drink too.

    3-(three-me) the person that has three drinks

    4- four on the flour! everybody needs to put their hands on the flour (or on the table) and the last one to do that drinks

    5- somebody makes a move like clapping his hands than the person next to him need to clap his hands and add another move like jumping…the one that fails to do all those moves in order or the one that fails to add his own move drinks.( that's one of the best cards in the game u can do whatever you want and really spice up the game a little bit)

    6-(six chiks or dicks) if the person that gets 6 is a girl than all the girls must drink if it's a boy than every boy has to drink

    7-(seven heaven) everybody needs to raise their hands and the last one to do so has to drink

    8- you need to tell a catagory for example:beer brands and than need to tell a beer brand and the one that fails to find one has to drink

    9- (nine ryhme) u need to tell a sentence than other person has to tell a sentence that ryhmes with it the one that fails to find a ryhming sentence has to drink

    10-rule! the one that draws the 10 has to make up a rule 🙂

    Queen (Q the question master) the person that has this card will be the question master and it's forbidden to answer the question masters questions. Anybody that answers his questions need to drink! question master changes when another person gets that card.

    Jack-the freeze master! the person that has jack can freeze anytime he wants and sit still everbody has to notice that he has ''frozen'' and freeze! the last one to freeze will drink! freeze master changes when another person gets that card

    ace-everybody drinks!

    king- the 4th king ends the game and the one that has the last king will chug his beer.

    enjoy the game:)

  33. Jazmynee <3 says:

    no sociables?

  34. Kickstarter says:

    Check out the Kickstarter song "Drinking Game",

    Hear "Drinking Game" now on

    The song and cd should be available on 2/15/2011 on cdbaby and all download sites.

  35. john says:

    Check the best iphone drinking game

  36. Kim says:

    Or the actual *fun* version of what this article is calling "Queens" (I learned it as Kings)

    Using a full deck, take turns drawing cards in a circle. Ideal for medium-sized groups.

    2-you: person who drew the card points to someone, making them drink
    3-me: person who drew the card drinks
    4-floor: last person to get both hands touching the floor drinks
    5-guys: guys drink
    7-heaven: like 4, but both hands in the air
    8-mate: person who drew the card designates a "mate;" whenever one drinks, the other has to as well. effective until the next 8 is drawn
    9-bust a rhyme: person who drew the card starts with a short phrase. moving clockwise, players must come up with rhyming phrases. player who either repeats a word or can't think of anything drinks (ex. "i got to third base" "i forgot my briefcase" "i brought mace…")
    10-categories: person who drew the card comes up with a category (ex. "tarantino movies," "euphamisms for ___") and provides one member of the category. proceeds like 9
    Jack-never have i ever: play with three or five fingers up (everyone knows this one)
    Queen-questions: Person who drew the card must make eye contact with anyone in the circle and ask that player a question. player does not respond but asks another player a different question. the goal is to make a player laugh or unable to think of a question; that person drinks
    King- rule: player who drew the card creates a new rule (ex. if you swear, you have to drink or perform some other penalty). subsequent kings can either add to or replace a previous rule at the drawer's discretion
    Ace-hot seat: person who drew the card is subject to three (or another number chosen at the beginning of the game) questions from other players. player is allowed one "pass," for which he/she has to drink. all other questions must be answered honestly.

  37. Zeüüs says:

    Thats a lot of games i need to try and with all parties and games you need MUSIC! Grab a copy of DJ Zeüüs' Sandy Decks 2011 here: and be sure to check out the info on voting for his mix so he can take his sound and these party games to Ibiza! 😀

  38. IRISHPOKER says:

    NO IRISH POKER?! that game is the game that will get you the drunkest of all!

  39. D-Boy says:

    Where is spin the half gallon, You take a 1.75 liter bottle of liquor and spin and who ever the top of the bottle is facing when it stops then that person must take a shot or a pull out of the bottle. Warning blackouts can occur after 10 minutes

  40. God says:

    Those are some of the ugliest women I have ever seen, and your games are trash, just like the booze you drink.


  41. mcgeek says:

    I'm a fan of 'Roxanne'

    Divide into teams. Put on the song "Roxanne." Every time the word Roxanne is sung, team 1 takes a drink. Every time the phrase 'red light' is sung, team 2 takes a drink. I recommend double fisting for this song; you go through drinks REALLY fast

  42. Omo says:

    Beer Putting:

    You take it in turns to put your beer bottle as far over a designated line as possible. The winner is the person with the furthest 'put'. To be legal, the bottle has to stay upright, and the hand not holding the bottle is the only body part allowed to touch the ground over the line.

    Drinking rules can be made up how you like. It sounds really lame in words, but competitive games get pretty interesting.

  43. Omo says:

    Goon of fortune!

    This is for the aussie readers

    What you need: A goon bag (Thats the bladder from a boxed wine), a hills hoist (A rotatable clothes line), some good quality pegs.

    Peg the goon bad to one corner of the clothes line. I can't stress the importance of making a secure connection enough – seeing your full goonsack explode on the grass can be distressing. Position the players so they are spread evenly around the clothesline, then give it a big spin. Whoever the goon bag stops closest to drinks, and gives the next spin.

  44. Henderson says:

    Relay race anyone?

    You make sure you have enought beer. At least 10 beers per participant. First, everyone takes a beer. When opened, you have 10 minutes to empty it. Fair enough. After those 10 minutes, you take another beer and now you have 9 minutes to drink it up. And so on. The first 3 or 4 beers are pretty easy. But after a few rounds, mostly at round 5, things become difficult. The last 5 beers should be emptied in 5+4+3+2+1 minutes. These 5 last rounds give a drinking average of 1 beer per 3 minutes for those last 15 minutes. (1 per 5,5 minutes for the whole game). When you can get to the last bottle without throwing up, you have won the game.

    Good luck!

  45. Renny says:

    no flip cup?

    2 equal teams, everyone has a cup with a gulp of beer.
    The first person drinks the beer and places their cup (best with deli cups) on the edge of the table, no flip it so the mouth is on the table. This continues down the line, first team done wins.
    You can also add on,loop-de-loops (down one end and back to the front) or zippers (down one end then repeating back to the front). Or pair people and have someone act as their arms then switch once the cup is flipped.

  46. sticky says:

    The ShakeMonkey is a drinking game on your iPhone which is fun when you are looking for something new and exotic.

    How to play?

    1. get some drinks and players together

    2. sit in a circle

    3. the first person shakes the monkey and gets a score

    4. next person in line shakes the monkey and if his/her score

    is not higher than the previous one, he/she must take 1 drink

    5. do this for the next 2 people increasing the drink size by one drink for each person who doesnt beat the original score

    6. if a person beats the score they dont have to drink and their score is the next score to beat

  47. kent says:

    i think its time for a keg race

  48. steven says:

    Edward 40-hands ( Only for true beer drinkers ) duct tape two 40's to your hands. you cant put them down untill you are done with both of them. enjoy

  49. Carolyn says:

    You forgot about up the river down the river…and golf! great games!

  50. fjewaoih says:

    Split up into teams of two and Listen to Roxanne by Sting and The Police
    One team takes a shot every time "Roxanne" is sung
    the other team takes a shot every time "Red Light" is sung
    The first group to mess up has to take additional shots
    If this doesnt get you wasted I don't know what will….