6 Sports Stars Who Probably Should Have Been Committed

It’s sure tough being a professional athlete; between the pressure to perform at your highest level, the constant stress on your body, and the constant spotlight from the media can be a lot for one person to swallow on a daily basis. Oh, and there is that lingering problem with how to spend all that damn money you have in the bank.

In every sport we have colorful athletes that rise above these daily struggles and exude their greatness for all the world to see. We call these athletes “all stars”. On the other hand, we also have those who just can’t seem to take on the responsibilities their athletic talent has brought them.

6. John Rocker

From the way he sprinted out of the bullpen to the way he hurled obscenities and ethnic slurs at the general public, it was pretty evident from the get go that the big ol’ country boy might not be quite right in the head. Rocker caused controversy when he made it abundantly clear that he was not a fan of homosexuals. Or Russians. Or Hispanics. Or Asians. You know, let’s just go with “foreigners” in the interest of time.

This all happened during an interview with Sports Illustrated when asked whether he’d ever consider playing in New York. Rocker claimed he’d “retire first” because he didn’t want to be riding on the subway with a population that apparently consists solely of gay dudes with AIDS, 20-year-old women with multiple kids, and people with purple hair.

5. Tonya Harding

Let’s be honest, when you clicked on this article, “figure skater” probably wasn’t the type of athlete you were expecting to find. Unless, of course, you haven’t yet blocked Tonya Harding from your memory yet. Lord knows we’ve been trying, but she just keeps weaseling her way back into the spotlight one horrific sideshow event at a time.

Harding actually used to be respected in her sport. She was the first female skater to ever land a 6.0 for technical merit at the US Championships. And then she conspired to take out Nancy Kerrigan by whacking the hell out of her knee, rendering her unable to compete and making Harding forever infamous. Later in life Harding would go on to participate in “celebrity” boxing matches and release a sex tape that we wish we could burn forever from our memories.

4. Stephon Marbury

Very few basketball players have come with as much hype as Stephon “Starbury” Marbury. A playground legend from Coney Island, for the first several years in his NBA career he seemed to be living up to that tremendous hype. And then the wheels came off.

Early last year Marbury began to broadcast his life, 24/7, and the world was introduced to a new, crazy Steph. One who apparently breaks down in tears and eats Vaseline all the time. We’re not sure, but we’re thinking those two things are somehow connected.

3. Ron Artest

The instigator in the famed Malice at the Palace brawl, Ron Artest also plays basketball. One of the premier defenders in the NBA, Artest took on a whole new persona when he went charging into the stands to attack a fan who threw a beer at him, a move that was both wasteful and completely idiotic.

But the signs that Artest’s next uniform might be a straight jacket weren’t limited to just the brawl. His rookie season, he applied for a job at Circuit City to get the employee discount, and later in his career he showed up for practice in a bathrobe. And hey, if Hugh Hefner can do it, why not Ron Artest?

2. Dennis Rodman

You know, there might not be enough room (or time) to go over just how crazy Dennis “The Worm” Rodman is, was, and always will be. So let’s just stick to the highlights, which include the many literal highlights he put in his hair, all of those tattoos and piercings, the numerous ejections and brushes with officials, and his affinity for wearing women’s clothes in public.

Recently he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and nearly got into a fistfight with Clint Black, and had to leave the show in large part because of his rampant alcohol abuse. Wouldn’t it be nice if once, just once, we could remember a great athlete for his accomplishments on the court?

1. Mike Tyson

Even if you aren’t old enough to remember watching Iron Mike fight, you most definitely know him from his classic Nintendo game and more recently his appearance in The Hangover. Back in the day, Kid Dynamite was one of the baddest men to ever step in a ring.

But it’s probably the prison stint, the often insanity-laced tirades that included threatening to eat children, and taking a big ol’ chunk out of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match that we’ll remember him for. We’re guessing that’s what Evander remembers him for, too.

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  1. No suprise that Big Mike is #1 on the list. It's a pity though, since he was such a talented man in the ring.

  2. Respect says:

    MikE Tyson is a sensitive soul believe it or not – watch Tyson (2009), unbelievable stuff. I didn't like Tyson before I saw this, but it showed and explained a lot. great stuff.