9 Detroit Auto Show Models That Are Hotter Than the Models

The Detroit Auto Show has earned a reputation for hot models, both of the human and vehicle variety.

This year’s Detroit Auto Show exhibition featured several car designs that were even hotter than the models standing next to them. Keep an eye out for these nine car models. Few of them will be on the road anytime soon, but they point towards the future of automobiles.

Hyundai Curb

The Curb, a new concept vehicle from Hyundai, focuses on a design that will attract the next generation of car buyers. It has a sporty, modern aesthetic that resembles a cross between early-model Jaguars and the Batmobile. Hyundai is also using the Curb to test Blue Link technology that allows vehicles to share information on the road.

Toyota Prius C

Toyota’s Prius hybrid line gives environmentalists an opportunity to look cool while they save the planet. This year it presented the Prius C, a concept car designed with aesthetics that will appeal to the youngest drivers in the family.

Volkswagen Passat

At first, the new Volkswagen Passat’s looks won’t blow your mind. That’s part of the point. Volkswagen has designed this updated model to address the lifestyles of American consumers. Sure, it looks like the typical American car. Peak under the hood, though, and you’ll see the best of German auto engineering.

Porsche 918 RSR

The Porsche 918 RSR is like an issue of Playboy: it has the looks and the smarts. There’s no denying that the Porsche 918 RSR will turn heads. It’s like a life-size version of the coolest Hot Wheels make-believe race car. The big surprise, however, is in the technology. Porsche has combined sophisticated hybrid engineering with sports car aesthetics.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

Cadillac used the Detroit Auto Show to debut its return to the world of sports car design. The CTS-V Coupe has the looks and power to fit in with the world’s most recognizable sports cars.

Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus gave American buyers the opportunity to choose a reliably built domestic vehicle that uses hybrid technology. The new Focus takes a huge leap forward by going all electric. Ford plans to use the Focus Electric to showcase its technological developments and secure a new customer base.

Ford Vertrek

Ford’s Vertrek brings fuel efficiency to compact, sporty SUVs. The American auto maker hopes that the Vertrek will appeal to consumers all over the world.

Land Rover Defender Limited Edition

If you’re into the survivalist look, then the new Land Rover Defender Limited Edition will appeal to you. It would look equally comfortable in a dessert or urban wasteland. It has a Mad Max quality that’s undeniably cool for a Land Rover.

Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai’s Veloster design was inspired by sport bikes. A quick look at the windshield reveals this inspiration: it has an aerodynamic and futuristic appearance that resembles a really cool motorcycle helmet.

With so many sleek designs that fit a variety of tastes, it’s almost certain that some of the vehicles released at this year’s Detroit Auto Show made their human models feel a bit self-conscious. Which new design is your favorite?

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