The 9 Greatest McDonald’s Freak-Outs

There’s a lot of reasons to love America. Including one of our favorite institutions, McDonald’s. I know we’re all grateful for the greasy, calorie-filled food whenever we want it. It’s cheap, and well, fast. However, some people can’t appreciate that. Maybe because we’re also a nation that’s really angry. The result when crossing McDonald’s and anger, freaking out over McNuggets or whatever is in a Quarter Pounder. While it may be a cliche topic at this point, it’s still amusing. As long as people act this at a McDonald’s, then we’re going to keep laughing. Here’s the nine greatest McDonald’s freak-outs.

9. McTransvestites


In Memphis 2007, three cross-dressers got agitated while in the McDonald’s drive-thru. They tapped on the window, but were ignored. So, they went inside with a tire iron. They disrobed, and a brawl broke out between the queens and employees, which included fingernail scratching, the throwing of fry grease, and the manager getting hit in the head with a wet floor sign.

8. McScooter


In October of 2009, a 69-year-old New Zealand woman couldn’t get herself and mobile scooter through the entrance of a McDonald’s in Blenheim. So, she did the most logical thing. She went through the drive-thru. Unfortunately, the staff wouldn’t serve her, over health and safety issues. Instead of cutting her losses, Margaret Todd just sat there and let the cars back-up. She eventually drove off on her scooter. Classic. But, still not as cool as the drunk guy in England going through the drive-thru on his horse.

7. McMergency


In November of 2009, 20-year-old Raibin Raof Osman, called 9-1-1 because McDonald’s forgot his orange juice from his drive-thru breakfast order. He spent the night in jail, and, according to Oregon law, could face 6 months in prison. However, this isn’t the only time that people have called 9-1-1 regarding McDonald’s service. In March of 2009, Latreasa Goodman, 27, called 9-1-1 three times because she wouldn’t receive a refund, after ordering and paying for NcNuggets, even though they were out of them.

6. McBeef


A 19-year-old Kansas City woman caused $3,000 in damages, after throwing a sign and water dispenser over the counter and pushing three cash registers to the floor. Alesha McMullen was reportedly upset with the condition of her cheeseburger.

5. McImpatience


In March, 2010, a man in South Brunswick, NJ ordered a Filet-O-Fish sandwich, paid for it at the first window, then got tired of waiting for it at the second window. So, he climbed out into the pick-up window, slapped an employee and walked away with his sandwich. There’s also the video of a husky guy flipping out because it’s been too long for his chicken (NSFW).

4. McCop

In the early morning of May 21, 2009, two Denver police officers grew impatient with the wait of their breakfast. Feeling ignored, the one cop pulled out his badge and pistol at an employee and proceeded to drive off without paying. He was suspended after the incident.

3. McDouchebag


Nobody likes people jumping in front of them while in line at McDonalds. Just look at these women. However, an L.A. man took it to a now low in 2008. After a grown man and 16-year-old girl began arguing on who was first in line, the man punched the girl in the face and fled the scene. This scumbag was never caught. Just imagine what he would have done if the girl was gawking at his kids, like this crazy lady did.

2. McSucker Punch


A 66-year-old Texas man was sucker punched in the face by another man. He was knocked out cold, received 13 stitches, a black eye and mugged for no obvious reason.

1. McFlip Out


On New Year’s Day, 2010, a Toledo, Ohio woman went nuts when she couldn’t get NcNuggets in the early morning hours. The drunk woman then reached through the drive-thru window, attacked two employees, and smashed the drive-thru window before speeding off. She was sentenced to 60 days in jail and forced to pay for the window.

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