Lego Weapons For Adults

The other night a friend and I were reminiscing about our favorite toys as kids.

Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man and M.A.SK. were constantly mentioned. How could they not? They were just that awesome.

In our nostalgic rant, we totally neglected one of the greatest  toys. Lego.

The best aspect of Lego was that you could let your imagination run rampant. You had the opportunity to construct anything you could think of. For a kid, there was nothing better.

Of course, we get older and your toys either get broken, sold, or tossed in the trash. Some of us go back and hunt for pieces of our childhood. Others have managed to hold onto them. They refuse to grow up.

For those types, they get frowned upon as an adult when they walk the aisles of Toys R’ Us.¬† When asked. “Are getting something for your kid?” And you reply, “No, I’m getting something for myself.” They give you a puzzled glance and grab their cell phones as if they’re going to call the authorities. At that point you grab your new Star Wars figure and dash towards to the checkout.

Wait. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Legos.

Thanks to a kid, a 15 year old year to be exact, Legos have become cool again.

Jack Streat has assembled a Lego armory.

He’s built Lego replicas from everything to AK-47’s to GLOCKS. The crazy thing is that they’re functional. They shoot actual Lego pieces while others fire rubber bands.

This summer he’ll be putting up instructions on YouTube on how to build your own Lego artillery. You’ll have to pay for the instructions, but it’s worth the price to annoyingly peg your friends with Legos and/or rubber bands.

Here’s two of his most famed replicas to show how insanely awesome his designs are.

The Lee Enfield Sniper Rifle

The Obliterator

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