Alcohol + History = Genius

I’m in a small minority of people that actually gets a kick out of history. Thankfully, Drunk History has come along to change all of that.

Drunk History’s title may be a little misleading at first. This isn’t the place where you can learn about the greatest moments of getting trashed.

Instead, Drunk History is a series of short video clips featuring wasted storytellers recalling their favorite tales in history. What makes it better is that the drunken history lessons also feature reenactments by people like Jack Black and Danny McBride.

The actors then lip sync and mime over the drunken narration, which includes hiccups, curses, etc., to give everyone a great and entertaining history lesson.

Since the series debut in 2007, which was created by Derek Waters who had previously been in Bob Odenkirk’s web series Derek and Simon, Drunk History has gained a lot of momentum and fanfare.

Hopefully, we’ll be getting some fresh episodes in the near future. Because the whole idea is genius.

So, whether you’re a history buff or just someone that needs to freshen up on some history, then Drunk History has got you covered.

Drunk History Vol. 1: Hamilton vs. Burr


Drunk History Vol. 2: Ben Franklin and Electricity


Drunk History Vol 2.5: Ben Franklin and the Ladies


Drunk History Vol. 3: Oney Judge


Drunk History Vol. 4: President William Henry Harrison


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