Tasting Some of America’s Most Harmful Drinks

Did you ever wonder why diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the United States? According to most statistics, the incidence of diabetes is up almost 50% in the last decade. Americans are also getting fatter and fatter, a situation which is difficult to deny. But why, you might ask?

There are a few guilty parties; fast food, a sedentary life style and sugar- laden drinks which should bear a sign on their labels that read: DRINK AT YOUR OWN RISK. The saddest part is that many people don’t know these drinks are dangerous because they have never been educated about them. They ASSUME they are okay because they are on the grocery shelves.

Unless you are a diabetic or other such sugar-conscious individual, counting the carbs and grams of sugar indicated on food and drink labels in as small a print as possible is not something you will usually do. This, my friends, for the sake of everyone’s health, must change.

Some of our beverage choices are killing us slowly and not with song as a lovely lyric of long ago promised. Let’s look at some of these sugar culprits right in the face.

The worst water you can buy is Snapple Agave Melon Antioxidant Water. While the title belies the danger, this 20 fluid ounce bottle contains 33 sugars and 150 calories and is the sugar equivalent to consuming two Good Humor Chocolate Éclair Bars. Stick with the plain compound; namely, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen and NOTHING ELSE.

The worst bottled tea honor goes to SoBe Green Tea, one bottle of which contains 240 calories and 61 sugars! It is the sugar equivalent to eating 4 slices of Sara Lee Cherry Pie. Fraudulent marketing promises a cleansing of body and spirit but the only thing cleaner after buying this product will be your wallet.

The worst bottled coffee is Starbuck’s Vanilla Frappuccino. If you want to ingest the same amount of sugar, which in this case is 45 grams, you can eat 32 Nilla Wafers instead! It contains 290 calories and 4.5 grams fat (2.5 saturated). According to some, there is bottled coffee on the market that contains more sugar, although a close second, also a product of Starbuck’s is their Miniature Expresso and Cream Doubleshot.

So spend some time shopping for your drinks and look carefully at those labels before you buy. You may have to substitute a favorite with another but in the long run you will be healthier. Remember that you only have one body and when it goes, so do you.

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  1. Emma G says:

    People need to understand how important it is to read labels.