The Hilarity of the “Ghost Riding” Phenomenon

Like most AMOGs I’ve owned my share of automobiles in my lifetime. From GM, Ford and even Buick clunkers to my new Toyota 4×4, they’ve all wormed their way into my heart for one reason or another.

When I was stationed in Germany in the Air Force I had a string of Volkswagen Beetles that essentially were a single frame rebuilt dozens of times from the ground up.


“Vroom-Hilda” as I liked to call her was easy and cheap to maintain since every town had its own VW graveyard where parts could be had for a song. Of course, being in Europe meant one thing – learning to drive a stick was an essential skill to acquire. These days, you’ve got to be a purist to drive a 5 speed and good luck finding one on the lot.

The mixture of automatic trannies and low cost beaters ruling the road in America has lead to a rise in a new car lover phenomenon: Ghost Riding.

Ghost Riding (or Ghost Riding The Whip) is a new trick whereby you put the car in drive, jump out, roll around the hood and climb from the front end to the rear by way of the rooftop. It’s not TOO dangerous since a car in drive generally doesn’t get above about 25 MPH. But, as we will see, plenty can go wrong.

Like most stupid things, you have to try it once to understand its appeal. And of course, these days, YouTube is filled with examples of the hobbyists who are taking up the sport and trying to drive it to the next level: professional competition.

Let’s have a look at some of the pioneers of this budding new pastime and see if we can spot some of the AMOG amateurs ready to go Pro.

Mistah Fab: Ghost Ride It – Official Video


As soon as an urban trend starts to pick up steam some rapper puts together a video to exploit the craze. Here we have Mistah Fab channeling “Ghostbusters” and doing his best, non-threatening Will Smith imitation. This is the video that basically started it all.

Ghost Ridin’ The Caddy


After Mistah ¬†Fab tore up the ‘Net with his video it inevitably lead to some mall rat white boys in Daddy’s Caddy Ghost Riding in a deserted parking lot at Midnight. Proves not every car is a clunker and that some real money is being poured into the sport.

All The Rest…

For those of us who can’t afford professional level video and are not willing to put the family car at risk, here are the meat and potato entries on YouTube… not all of it pretty either.

The true “Spirit” of Ghost Riding…


Bored on a Saturday…


European guys douche bag it up…


Ghost Riding in Iraq…


Perfectly good 4×4 totaled...


And of course, once a trend reaches underground status that means every segment of humanity piles on. Here are the videos that come from the “alternate” YouTube population.

Ghost Riding Dwarves


Dwarves have never lost their comic appeal, and this one proves the point. I bet they have a Circus background…

Ghost Ridin’ Grandparents


At some point the Old Folks have to get in on the act, just to prove that youth springs eternal. Now if she’d busted a move across the roof, this would be one fab vid. 1.5 million hits though…. hmmm. Where can I get my hands on a used school bus, cheap?

Ghost Ride Carjack!


The least unexpected danger of Ghost Riding the Whip: the random car thief walking down the street who sees his opportunity to steal a clunker most people wouldn’t want if you gave it to them for free.

Straight to the Chop Shop, and Crack for another day…

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