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5 of the Craziest Sports Promotions…Ever

Last summer I took a road trip and stopped in Pittsburgh to catch a Bucs game. Little did I know that my night was going to get a whole better. After devouring a Primanti Brothers sandwich, and catching some fireworks for the victorious Pirates, I noticed that there was a post-game concert by Boyz II Men. Greatest. Night. Ever. Having a promotion isn't anything new. It's a common occurrence in the… [Read more]

The 10 Greatest Two-Sport Athletes of All-Time

For sports fans, this is the greatest time of year. Why's that? Because basically there's something going on in every major sport, whether it's preseason for the NHL and NBA, the early NFL season or the beginning of the playoff in baseball. Because there's so much going on, it's easy to get a constant sports fix, which can get overwhelming at times. But, just imagine if you were an athlete that participated… [Read more]

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Teaser Online and Coulson Lives!

Wikipedia Commons Did you really think that Marvel was going to sit back and let DC steal it's thunder? Absolutely not. As DC moves forward with BatAffleck, Marvel is rapidly heading deeper into Phase 2, which began with Iron Man 3. The sequel to Thor, Thor: The Dark World will be here shortly. And, there's also Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy to look forward to.… [Read more]

Raging Bull: The PUR AERO-dynamics Lamborghini Aventador is Awesome

We typically cringe when we spot modifications on a perfectly designed supercar. But, the additions made to the following Lamborghini Aventador are totally worth mentioning. The modifications were accomplished by PUR Wheels, a manufacturer of wheels for some of the best modern-day supercars. But, instead of just sticking with a set of wheels, PUR Wheels engineered their first aerodynamics package… [Read more]

The Top 12 Oktoberfest Beers

Even the most novice beer drinker is well aware that the fall is the best time of year for beer. But, what makes the autumn such a stellar season for mouth-watering brews? The easy response would be the varied seasonal offerings, such as Pumpkin Ales, that keep us warm by a fire on a chilly fall night. But, perhaps the most iconic seasonal selection throughout the fall would be the legendary Oktoberfest… [Read more]