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Will Beyonce Have One of the 10 Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Performances of All-Time?

When it was announced that Beyonce would be the performer at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, I was intrigued and optimistic. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, Beyonce is a great entertainer. And as if that wasn’t enough, there could also be a Destiny's Child reunion and/or a collaboration with husband… [Read more]

Who is Leyla Ghobadi? The Chick Kanye is Cheating With …?

leylaisonfire/Instagram Typically, it's advised to avoid gossip from sources like Star Magazine. But, they've got a story so juicy that it was hard to resist reading the most recent gossip surrounding Kanye West. It has nothing to do with his recent 36th birthday, the release of his latest album Yeezus or details on the upcoming birth of his child with Kim Kardashian. Instead, it's the news… [Read more]

15 Things You Need to Know About Super Bowl XLVII

I don’t know if there’s ever been a more compelling story going into a Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLVII, aka the Harbaugh Bowl, HarBowl, SuperBaugh, or the Brother Bowl, is already historic, since it’s the first time that opposing head coaches are brothers. But, you already knew that. While… [Read more]

How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

There are plenty of us out there who have trouble sleeping. Some may take medication. Others may decide to have a nightcap, or they just like to drink alcohol. Regardless there’s been plenty of myths and research done on how alcohol affects you. And new research shows how exactly boozing it up before bedtime… [Read more]

The 10 Greatest Zombie Movies of All Time

Wikipedia We love zombie flicks. Seriously. We’ll watch anything that has something to do with the mindless, undead hordes. Unfortunately, most zombie movies aren’t exactly what people would consider “good.” But, most fans know that before they sit down and watch the movie. We just want to see brainless entertainment. And blood. And guts. But, World War Z may change all that. Obviously,… [Read more]