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Shuhei Yoshida: Users Cannot Turn Off Light Bar on DualShock 4

Since it was unveiled, the light bar found on PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller has been an area of interest to many enthusiasts. This interest even gained traction after it was revealed that it wouldn't come bundled with the camera. Some users thought that the… [Read more]

Nintendo Gives a Sneak Peek of E3 2013 Lineup

With E3 2013 fast approaching, Nintendo is now ready to take the wraps off of their game lineup for the said event. The company will have their E3 Nintendo Direct on June 11, which will be followed by game trailers, interviews and many more. In relation to this, gaming website Game… [Read more]

New ‘Injustice’ DLC Surfaces

Aside from the four new characters that will be out soon, it was reported that new skins for Injustice will be out as well. The first DLC costume that was recently revealed is the Harley Quinn skin that was seen on comics and TV show. Next is Cyborg’s Teen Titans skin from… [Read more]

PlayStation Store Update: Japan and Hong Kong

Every week, SCE updates the PlayStation Store in major regions worldwide, which brings in new content, add-ons and many more to eligible users. Meanwhile, AMOG catalogs the PlayStation Store update. Check out the complete rundown of the Japan and Hong Kong Update below: JAPAN UPDATE PS3… [Read more]

Sony Hacker Smashes Computer to Escape Prosecution

Todd M. Miller, 23, of Columbus, Ohio tried to avoid getting penalized for a cyber crime by smashing his computers and making sure his hard drives were destroyed. Miller was sentenced last Thursday for a year of house arrest for obstructing federal investigation and stymieing FBI’s… [Read more]