Holy Bike Suit Batman! A Motorcycle Wet Dream Come True

Looking for a way to waste your hard earned cash on junk? Well, Universal Designs has exactly what your looking for.

By continuing to capitalize over last year’s blockbuster The Dark Knight UD has unveiled an officially licensed Batman biker suit. Which means that DC and Warner Brothers thought that this was a great idea.


For what we can assume will be lot of money, it’s not priced as of now, the replica suit comes with a jacket, gloves, boots, and pants. Here’s how it’s described at Universal Designs:

  • Strong Cordura Mesh Base with Heavy-duty 4 way stretch Spandex
  • inserts.
  • Removable CE Approved Body Armor in both Jacket and Pants
  • Highly detailed, removable lightweight interior lining.
  • Form Molded Leather and Kevlar Armor Sections.
  • Made from Quality Tanned Cow Hides

While this will probably make a lot of fanboys have wet dreams, and I’ll admit that at least it looks cool, it’s utterly lame and pointless.

I’m pretty sure that even Bruce Wayne wouldn’t agree this. Remember how ticked off he was at all those Batman impostors were running around Gotham? I don’t even wanna know how deep and raspy his voice would get knowing that there will now be an army of motorcycle Batmen roaming the entire planet.

On the bright side, at least it doesn’t have nipples.

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  1. John Steel says:

    Wow, Wonder how Id look in that riding my Harley Road King?


  2. Vamp says:

    like a fag…

  3. t-diddy says:


  4. Maisis says:

    Sorry dude but that is crotch rocket / rice burner gear if I ever saw it. Looks cool in general but you could probably lose the leathal looking bracers. Besides, my guess is that if you actually wore them you would be pulled over by the first cop to see you and asked to remove them.

  5. Nathan says:

    It'd be good for Halloween, but I think the novelty would wear off pretty quickly..

    Plus: you'd need a helmet with ears, and that'd probably look completely ridiculous (like an oversized head manga character or something)

  6. This would be awesome to have slightly hidden in your wardrobe so guests could stumble upon it and when they ask what it is act like they shouldn't have seen it

  7. turtlehead says:

    Dude what kind of guests do you have? If I caught a guest in my wardrobe I'd slap him/her in the face, with a shovel.

  8. James says:

    I saw someone trying this on at the FanExpo in Toronto… if anything, the picture doesn't do it justice. Can't say I'd ever be willing to drop the probably-thousands of dollars to buy one, but they did a hell of a job on it.

  9. batfan01 says:

    Does it have hooks to attach my cape?

  10. Guest says:

    There is pricing.. It's around 1000$ for the whole suit.

    Looks really well made in real life, and honestly a lot cooler.

  11. Evan says:

    Link to where you can buy it?

  12. Hank says:

    While it's not my thing, AT ALL, I don't understand the author saying "it’s utterly lame and pointless." The point of all motorcyle protective gear is to PROTECT you, and it certainly appears from the quality and materials and that it would do that. Also, right before he says it's "lame", he says it looks "cool." Lose the bracers and the pants and I would wear it.

  13. Chris says:

    ok seriously? If you wear this you will get your ass kicked.. just because. Be prepared. Batman suit != batman asskicking skills.

  14. J_azz says:

    Needs to be augmented with gaybr flaps.

  15. jkyo says:

    That jacket alone could be pretty bad ass if worn right

  16. Awest says:

    Go up to every biker you meet and do "ualuealuealeuale".

  17. A1C Batman says:

    This is sick i want one.

  18. web says:

    How does old news get to the front page of digg?

  19. Roger Fraile says:

    Must agree with some of the prior comments. Regards, Roger

  20. Batman Coloring says:

    Utterly cool. Just drop the pointy forearm bits and it is very sweet. I'd wear it.

  21. Nate001 says:

    I agree with the halloween idea. that and ide only want the jacket.- But spending that much money on someone ide wear once doesnt seem logical.. unless you REALLY want to wear the same costume every year…..

  22. Nate001 says:

    The armoured suit consists of jacket, pants and gloves. Bought as a set, the cost is $998. Separately, the jacket is $798, the pants $489 and the gloves $79.

    No boots appear to be included and, if you are wanting to play dress-up rather than go motorcycling, there is no Batman cowl, utility belt or cape to complete the look.

    The brown/red Bruce Wayne jacket (pictured right) costs $398.

    Ordering on the officially licensed items is available at Universal Designs now and delivery will be early next year. The items are available to the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.

  23. I date a biker girl like that and married her over 15 years ago. She still rides her own motorcycle every day.

  24. mel says:

    if i have a money i will buy that suit, its feel cool dude.

  25. Mkn says:

    now all they need is a proper matching helmet!!