Move Over Beer Pong: A Dozen Alternative Drinking Games That’ll Get You Hammered

What’s more fun than hanging out with your friends, getting plastered, and making an ass of yourself?

Playing drinking games, hanging out with your friends, getting plastered, and making an ass of yourself, of course! I’m sure in your years of wisdom and experience, you’ve come across a few drinking games as literally hundreds of them exist; and as long as there is beer to drink and women to, ahem, converse with, there will be hundreds more.

Here are some of our favorite games here at AMOG that are great alternates to beer pong (psst, were playing them right now!)


1. Beer Hunter

This is my all time favorite drinking game. It requires no thought, so it’s good for all everyone at the party, and is so easy you understand the rules when you’re already drunk. Take a bunch of cans and put them in a box. You can use a six pack or a twelve pack, but make sure there’s at least one for every person.

Shake one of the beers up and when you think it’s shaken enough, shake it some more. Make sure that it’s about ready to explode on its own. Return that beer to the box with the rest and mix them up without looking. Be sure no one else is looking either. Then, everyone takes turns by grabbing one of the beers, tilting it toward their face and opening it.

If your beer doesn’t go all over your face, you lose and have to drink the beer. If it does, then you win, and you get a smelly beer face and look like a loser with no beer to drink. Just remember, you won!


2. Boat Races

This drinking game is best if played with at least ten people, but the important thing is that you at least have an even number. One thing you don’t need for this game is intelligence or the ability to comprehend, which is why this game is ranked as number two on my list.

Everyone splits into two teams and sits opposite the other team on the floor or at a long table. At the start of the race, one person on each team drinks their beer as fast as they can.

When they’re done, they put their glass, can, or bottle down. Once that person sets their empty beer container down, the next person on the team is free to drink their beer, and so on. The first team in which all of the members have finished their beers wins.


3. Baseball

Don’t worry. I’m not suggesting at all that a bunch of drunk people go out into an open field, throw a hard ball at each other and swing a long stick around. This is a different kind of baseball. For this game, you need four shot glasses, a quarter and beer. The game is best played with at least six people, but more is even better.

Fill the shot glasses with beer and line them up one behind another in a straight line (or the straightest line you can if you’re already drunk). One team starts by bouncing the quarter and trying to make it into one of the shot glasses. The first shot glass in the row denotes first base, the second one denotes second base, and so on. When the person gets the quarter in one of the shot glasses, (s)he must drink the beer from all of the shot glasses behind it.

For instance, if you get it in the front shot glass, you must drink the three behind it. After one player gets a turn, a player from the opposite team gets a turn. Make sure to keep track of how many “players” are on bases because for every “run” your team makes all of the people on the opposing team must drink.


4. Quarters

Okay, here’s the old standby. Everyone knows how to play quarters, but it warrants mentioning since it’s a classic. Again, there’s no real thinking involved. You need some sort of alcohol, a quarter and a shot glass.

The object of the game is to bounce the quarter off of the table and into the glass. If you’re successful, you can choose who takes a drink out of all of the other players and you get another turn. Your turn continues until you miss. Once you miss, you must take a drink.

The real fun comes in when someone makes three in a row because then they get to make up a rule. For instance, the ever-popular rule of not being able to say “drink” “drank” or “drunk”. Anyone that does receives a penalty of having to take another drink.


5. Beer Pot

In order to play this drinking game, you need a large pot or pitcher. Everyone playing sits in a circle and empties one beer into the pot. The pot goes around in the circle and everyone takes turns drinking from the pot. Each person can drink as little or as much as (s)he wants.

The winner is the one who finishes what’s in the pot and the loser is the one that took a turn immediately before him/her. The loser is out for the next round and play continues. If you’re in a setting where the beers haven’t already been purchased, traditionally, the loser buys the next round of beers. The play continues until there is one single winner.


6. Beer Bomb

For the two-player game of beer bomb, you need two tables (card tables work great), two cups and a ping pong balls. Spread each table apart from the other and place one cup on each table. Each player stands behind their respective table and takes one ping pong ball and attempts to get in his/her opponent’s cup by bouncing it off of his/her own table and (hopefully) into the opponent’s cup.

The other player then makes an attempt at the same thing. After one player makes it in their opponent’s cup, the other player must make it in on the next turn. If (s)he doesn’t, (s)he has to take a drink. If (s)he does, then his/her opponent must take a drink.


7. Ice Tray Quarters

Yes, another quarters game! The play of ice tray quarters has the same rules as regular quarters except for a few minor differences. The obvious difference is that you use an ice tray instead of a glass. Another major difference is that one side of the tray is denoted for drinks given and one is denoted for drinks taken.

If you get the quarter in the “given” side, then you can chose who gets to take a drink. If it’s on the “taken” side, you must take a drink. The real fun comes in since there are multiple compartments in the ice tray on each side. If you get the quarter in the second one from the front on the “taken” side, you must drink two drinks.

If it’s in the third compartment, you must drink three, and so on. Conversely, if you get the quarter in the second compartment on the “given” side, you can chose two different people to drink one drink or you can choose one person to drink two drinks. The player continues his or her turn until (s)he misses or gets it in the “given” side.


8. TV / Movie Beer Game

This drinking game is played at someone’s house and is equally good with just a few people as it is with a lot of people. Everyone agrees on a television show or movie to watch.

Before the movie or show starts, you make the rules of when everyone has to take a drink. For instance, if you’re watching The Simpsons, you could make up a rule that everyone takes a drink every time Homer says, “doh” and everyone has to drink two drinks every time Homer or Bart’s name is mentioned.


9. Paddle Pong

For beer pong, you need cups, ping pong paddles, ping pong balls, and a ping pong table. If you don’t have a ping pong table, you can use a rectangular table with a make shift net. For the net, use a piece of string tied to two chairs on either side of the table and paper towels draped over the string.

You can play singles or doubles, so you need two or four people to play. Each person fills a cup with beer and puts the cup one paddle width from the end of the table and in the center with reference to “side to side” for singles. For doubles, put the cup one paddle width from the edge on the side.

When playing, if you hit the ball over the net and it hits the cup of an opponent, you’re awarded one point and the opponent must take one sip from the cup. If you manage to get the ball in the cup, you are awarded five points and your opponent must drink whatever is left in the cup.


10. Indian Poker

Most people have heard of Indian Poker since it’s free poker, but it’s especially fun to play as a drinking game. You need a deck of cards to play this game. Someone deals one card face down to each player. Without looking at the card, each person puts their card on their forehead so that everyone else can see it.

With the rules that aces are the highest and 2s are the lowest, each player determines whether they think they have the highest card. The person to the left of the dealer starts the betting (in drinks). The next person calls, raises or folds. This goes around until everyone has folded or called.

If you fold, you must drink however many drinks as you previously bet. If you call and lose, you must drink as many drinks as you bet. The winner drinks nothing. It’s rather simple and sounds a bit stupid, but once you get a few drinks in you, half the fun is watching everyone else with cards on their forehead looking like a dork.


11. The Word Drinking Game

The way you play this game is very simple. Someone thinks of a word that’s prohibited to say and whoever says it has to take a drink. You can make it a game where people get drunk fast by designating the word “the”, “it, or “and” as the word or you can choose a word that’s not quite as common. Obviously if you’re trying to get loaded, pick something simple.


12. One Big Chicken

All you need for this game is a group of people, beer and someone that knows all of the phrases to this game. The first person says the first phrase on the list of ten. The next person must say the second phrase and then the first phrase. It goes in the same fashion as The Twelve Days of Christmas in that if you’re on the fifth phrase, you must recite the fifth one and then the other four in decreasing order.

If you mess up, you must take as many drinks as the number of phrases you were suppose to complete and then the game starts over with the next person. The game is over when all ten phrases are said correctly or everyone is too drunk to care, whichever comes first. Here are the phrases.

  • One big chicken
  • Two cute ducks
  • Three brown bears
  • Four hairy running hares
  • Five fat females sitting, sipping scotch and smoking cigarettes
  • Six sheets slit by Sam the sheet slitter
  • Seven sexy Siamese sailors sailing the seven seas Eight echoing egotists echoing egotistical ecstasies
  • Nine naughty knocked up nuns navigating the Nigerian Desert towards the nunnery
  • Ten fig pluckers plucking figs; I’m not a fig plucker or a fig pluckers son but I’ll pluck figs until the fig plucking’s done!

Without drinking games, who would ever get drunk and hit on your girlfriend, or decide to start the lawnmower at 3 in the morning (it’s still funny to this day!) While I’m sure some of these excuses to get hammered brought back some memories, there must be a million others like them.

What kinds of drinking games do you play to get hammered and make bad decisions you’ll learn to forget?

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  1. superstoker says:

    great post, i particularly like beer hunter, and also the indian poker or basically any game where you gamble by betting a number of drinks

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    check out for mostly snowboard videos but lots of other movies as well

    • Dangerneck says:

      What about "Asshole"? That is the king of all drinking games.

    • Dangerneck says:

      Also, we always played Beer Hunter with a six-pack, shook one up, and then went clockwise. Don't forget to shout "Didy Mao! Didy Mao!" when its not your turn. Also hold the ammo right under the nose. First one to commit nasal suicide drinks all the open beers.

      Really, "Asshole is the KING of drinking games. Unequivocally. Maybe it's because everyone has a different way to play AND you can play all ways at once, if you want. Here are the basic rules:
      1) Have at least 4 people
      2) Dealer deals an entire deck of well shuffled cards to all the players starting on the left. Seven or more players may want to use two or more decks. Player to the left of the dealer starts by playing any set of cards of he same number, (two 7's, three 2's, etc). The next player must either play the SAME OR HIGHER number of cards of a higher numerical value. Playing a greater number of cards with a lower value is not ever permitted, except in the case of wild cards. In the first round only, the dealer designates wilds before the deal, either one-eyed Jacks or Suicidal Kings, or twos or any combination of these. More wild cards means faster game play, but you'll probably prefer longer games once you play a couple times. Lastly, all 4's count as a turn and skip the next player. You may also play multiple 4's thereby skipping multiple players (great when you have 5 players and four 4's conceivably getting rid of eight cards at once). First player to discard all of his or her cards becomes PRESIDENT, and can now make new rules…This is where Asshole gets really fun. Game play continues until the last player holding cards is designated ASSHOLE. The basic order of winners is: PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, ASSHOLE. Titles like VICE TREASURER, and 2nd ASSISTANT UNDERSECRETARY are perfectly acceptable as long as you can keep the chain of command straight! Now you are ready to play the actual game itself.
      Rules Of Asshole:
      1) The PRESIDENT has absolute power and can impose any rule at any time. The only exception is that he or she cannot alter the basic rules of game play. Only the PRESIDENT may create rules. Some of the best ones are: No Pointing, No Swearing, Banning words like "drink" or "dude", No right-handed drinking, no laying down cards with a certain hand, and always addressing the PRESIDENT as "Your Holy Hairyface Omnipotence, King of Earth and Master of the Universe." Almost any rule can be imposed, as long as it's hilarious. Violations of the rules always results in having to drink (Oops! Can't say "drink"…Dammit! (swill) Oh shit can't swear either- D'oh! (guzzle, gulp) and so on. Anyone down the chain of command must drink anytime anyone above them tells them to. Anytime a player is made to drink by another player, the ASSHOLE must also drink. All rules stand until removed by the current PRESIDENT, regardless of number of games played.
      2) Once chain of command has been established, rules are set, wild cards are designated, and the pack(s) are dealt, the ASSHOLE is required to turn over his or her best card to the PRESIDENT, who in turn hands the ASSHOLE his or her worst card. Now the game begins until a new chain of command is established!
      Ancillary Rules:
      1) ASSHOLE always fetches, opens, and pours beers.
      2) ASSHOLE always wipes up spills and cleans.
      3) ASSHOLE always shuffles and deals.
      4) PRESIDENT always plays first.

      That's it! Try not to get too drunk…ON POWER! Oh, and be sure to be a cruel and vindictive ruler when it's your turn. Enjoy!

    • Eugene Harris says:

      Hope you all don't die from alcohol poisoning and end up in Dr. Drew's rehab.

  2. Aaron H says:

    kings cup which is the game where you scramble all the cards face down in a circle around a large cup… then get your opponents in a circle around the cup and cards… one at a time a person picks up a card and depending on what it is they have to do an activity alone or along with the other players

    general rules are as follows: you can always make up your own.
    Ace is face- last person to put their hand on their face is the loser- drinks one drink
    King- that person pours as much or as little into the cup in the middle of the cards as they want, person to draw the last king loses and drinks the whole cup.
    Queen is questions – the person who drew the card starts the question game, he/she asks a random person in the game a random question such as, "what size shoe do you wear" … then that person must not answer that question or he/she must drink or if that person doesnt immediately ask a DIFFERENT person a DIFFERENT random question he/she must drink and so on….
    Jack is Rule – the person who draws this card is allowed to make any rule that he/she wishes. (within reason)
    10 – waterfall… im sure you know this rule.
    9 is ryhme – go in a circle around the table rhyming with a word such as friend… then go on around the table,,, bend, trend, lend, fend, tend, etc.
    8 is story – make a story starting with two words then the next person must add two words along with repeating your previous two words and so on.
    7 heaven – last person to raise both hands towards the sky loses
    6 dicks – guys drink
    5 categories – card puller must think of a category for example, car makers… honda, toyota, ford, chevy, etc.
    4 whores – all girls drink
    3 – you must drink
    2 – you, pick a drinker

  3. 2point1 says:

    i remember a great game, called arrogance.
    you will need:
    an empy glass
    a coin,

    everyone gets in a circle, drink in hand (this game is a lot more funny if everyone has a different drink type
    first depending on how likely you think you are to be correct, you pour some of your drink into the empty pint glass, then the coin is flipped, if you called the face correctly, the glass passes to the next person, and they add their 'bet' to it and the process repeats, till somone gets it wrong and has to drink the contents of the glass.
    note: somtimes glass goes round long enough without anyone calling the coin wrong it gets full, in this case the person after the final filler has to down the glass (assuming the filler called the coin correctly)

  4. Boxing says:

    I've got this great one for anyone with bravado

    takes 4 people, 2 teams of two
    2 towels
    2 separate bottles of same (hard liquor, beer, w/e) drink (can use one, more fun to watch with two)
    2 shot glasses
    1 pair of dice

    it's called Boxing. On each team, one man is the manager, the other the fighter. The game is played in rounds, the number of rounds and length is decided upon by the fighters before beginning. The two fighters sit across from each other, each with a shot glass and one of the dice. Their managers stand behind them, towel draped over their shoulder, and make sure their fighter's shot glass is always full.

    As soon as a round starts, the fighters roll their die. Whoever loses has to take their shot / beer / etc. Manager fills it up ASAP, and the fighters roll again. Game ends when rounds are over, a manager think their fighter cant take anymore and throws the towel, or one of the fighters is KO'd

    have fun

    and remember… " if he dies, he dies"

  5. greives says:

    fuck you pyramid
    pyramid of card 3-2-1 and each player gets 3 cards and needs a drink in hand. flip over one card then any player can place a card of the same # or suit and yell "fuck you ____" to someone in circle. this continues until everyone has laid any possible cards. count the number of cards and that's how many drinks. do this for each card then row of 2 is X2 drinks; last row is X3 drinks.

    drink while you think
    with beers in hand pick a catagory. chug and think of a thing for the category then next player in circle chugs until they think of one that starts with the previous' last letter.

    and on the boat race: after you are done drinking you have to put your cup on the edge and flip it over to land upside down before the next can drink. (flippy cup)

  6. Mort says:

    Try learning how to proofread your posts. Also, try learning to how write competently.

  7. Boss Cautious says:

    We play Dodge Beer here in Santa Barbara, and I have to say that it beats all of the others on this list. We had to replace Beer Pong over the summer because of the fires in the area, which were raining down ash and we couldn't fit our table in the house. Basically you must choose an even number of people (unlimited, but more players generally means a longer game) and have the teams on opposite ends of the table. Each player must have a can of beer (unopened) which they place in front of them near the end of the table. The beers should be evenly spaced, with as much space between them as possible
    Just like beer pong, you can ro sham bo or face-off. To face off, each side has a ball, and on the count of three you throw the ball at a can and try to hit it. If nobody hits or both hit, some one new on each side must take a shot at it. Once one of the teams hits, that team gets possession. The first shooter must hit the can, and if they do the shooter cracks his beer (the one on his end of the table) and chugs until the other team grabs the ball, places it on the beer that it hit, releases the ball completely, and yells Stop! The ball must stay on the can. If it rolls off, the shooter gets to chug for three seconds. This penalty also applies if they place the ball on the wrong can. The next shooter can shoot as soon as the other team yells stop. If everybody on the shooting team hits a can, they get balls back, and shoot in the same order. Once they have all shot and at least one person has missed, the other team gets possession and shoots as well.
    Once a can is completely empty, it is deemed "slappable." If the other team hasn't said stop yet you can throw it at the ground or slap it off the table. If they do say stop before you do this, then you must crush the can and throw it or slap it next time you shoot and hit. If there is a considerable amount of beer still left in the can once you throw it, you must place it back on the table and continue playing. The first team to drink all of their beer wins!

    If you're a hardcore Dodge Beer player, you can show this off by double stacking or even triple stacking their beers, or playing with 40's!
    If you really can't hit a can, you could try rolling the ball at it instead.
    If by the end of the game, some one is trolling (hasn't hit a single time) they must either sit under the table for the duration of another game, or run around the block naked; their choice.

    It's addicting as hell, and the more you play it the more you like it! Some of us even like it better than beer pong..

  8. Franchinse says:

    Angry Viking!!!

    Sit around the table and one person is the angry Viking. He puts his hands out like the horns on the helmet and just spouts out jibberish as loud as possible, all the while the guys to his left and right must be rowing the boat he is in. They must row on the correct side or drink. Of course if the angry Viking doesn't perform, he must drink. After however long the Viking likes, he points to someone else around the table to start doing it. If they fail to pick up or the previous team fails to stop soon enough, they must drink.

  9. whatwhat says:

    I play a far more hardcore variant of baseball:

    14 plastic cups
    1 Ping pong ball
    1,000 Beers (give or take)
    6-8 players

    On a long table set up two rows of four cups each on opposite sides, forming a line that bisects the table lengthwise each filled with a quarter can of beer. Then place three cups each on the long edge of the table, evenly spaced. If you've set it up correctly, when standing at one end of the table looking towards the other you should see 1) a column of four cups in front of you, lips touching, pointing straight at the other end the table, 2) six cups, three on either side, evenly spaced on the sides the table, and 3) another column of four cups on the opposite side.

    Follows the ordinary baseball style of batters and fielders, 9 innings per game, three outs per inning, three strikes per out. Teams of 3-4 take their positions at either column. The batting team throws a ping pong ball towards the opposing column. Their goal, of course, is to land it in the cup. The near cup represents a single, the next a double, and so on. If hit, the opposing team must drink the hit cup and all others in front of it. A complete miss of the column represents an out. If a ball bounces off a cup, it is an out if caught by a fielder, otherwise it is a strike. There are no foul balls.
    After making a cup, the batter takes position at one of the three cups on the side of the table corresponding to the base he's hit. If he hit a single, he stands beside the cup closest to his team. If a double, the middle cup, and if a triple the third cup. A fielder moves to the cup opposite the batter (now runner). The cups are evenly filled to preference of the runner. Once gameplay is ready to resume with a new batter (all cups in the column have been refilled) the runner can choose to steal the next base by chugging his beer and flipping it over (flip-cup style) before the fielder adjacent to him can do the same. If the runner advances past third base in this way, a run is scored. The fielder cannot touch his cup to defend until the runner touches his.

    Once three outs of have been made (either by catches or strikeouts) the batting team begins fielding, and the fielding team begins batting. This continues until 9 innings have been played, or a team collapses.

    Good luck.

  10. Chris says:

    Mustache Game!

    Draw a fake mustache on a piece of paper and tape it to a TV anywhere you like. Every time the 'stache lines up everyone drinks! Happens a lot and if you have tivo you can match them perfect.

    **Try Back to the Future or Mission Impossible.**

  11. MFB says:

    Beer Pong is way better than all these corny games

  12. Blake says:

    Thumper, Kings Cup, Towers, Fuck the dealer are all fun.

  13. Last one says:

    7 11 or doubles.

  14. Beer hunter is effen awesome!

  15. If you really wanna rage, you guys should try out Flaming shots. Careful not to lose an eyebrow!

  16. J-rod says:


    Need 1 shot glass, 1 quarter, shit tons (kiloturd for metric people) of beer and a smooth table. Best played with 5 or more people.

    Fill shot glass with beer. Spin the quarter on the table. USING THE SAME HAND u spun/flicked the quarter with, take the shot of beer then (using the same hand again) pick up the quarter. If the quarter falls off the table or goes flat FOR ANY REASON (even a shitty flick) you must take the shot and try again. If successful the shot and quarter go to the next person.

    When you have an empty can/bottle you can use it by slamming it on someones spinning quarter. That person will have to try again (since the quarter, hopefully fell flat, or off the table) and the can/bottle will stay at that location on the table as an obstacle.

    After 30 min the empties will be covering the table nicely, making it harder to keep the quarter spinning.

  17. Bas says:

    Zap the ethnic group. Need: dice, a TV + remote and some alcohol. Choose a visually identifiable ethnic group, roll dice, and change channels the number of times the dice indicates. If a person of the chosen minority appears on screen within 10 seconds, you down a drink and pass on the dice.

  18. Uncle B says:

    Cannon-Fodder, or perhaps not even worth that! Realize, your own Army only takes 20% of you in! You party while your country sinks into despair! Poor innocents, to be rendered for the diesel oil in your fattened asses by roving gangs of pillagers and rapists when the Anarchy breaks out and covers your land! Great food scarcities are soon to befall America! Unemployment will not peak, but continue in a downward death-spiral! the days of mirth and hedonistic pleasures will be replaced by a severe comeuppance, and soon! Your great "Land-Chariot" cars are gone with GM is collapsing before your very eyes, The days of the noble "Vette" are gone! Even China has strict breeding laws, while you claim "rights" to promiscuity and errant breeding like animals of the fields! The (GRD) great republican depression will demand humility from each and every one of you, and extract it on pain of death and starvation! Your diseased (1 in 4 U.S. girls 12 to 18 have STD's) Surgically enhanced skinny-assed, Barbi-Doll psycho-shopper, painted ladies will soon perish, and the great "McMansions" be foreclosed, as the SUV's rust, paint hardening to chipping point in the driveways, planned obsolescence, the capitalists extraction tool, taking its toll, before payments are done, and you, fool, will dance in the dark with and empty stomach while the Uber-rich shareholder class clip coupons and cash dividend cheques from their Chinese investments and call for you to deliver a pizza to their servants door, your only deliverance!

  19. Furious MOe says:

    Beer Boat is stupid. It's flip cup, but without the flip!. WOW you chug a beer and set it down, what fun.. at least with flip cup you have a task to complete first, and it's more of a relay race, when one side wins they rotate and play again, once you get back to the starting position and win, your team wins.

    google it if you don't know the rules. It should be #1 on this list.

    and Ice tray quarters is called Moose! except for every compartment you make you pour beer into a bowl and whoever gets their quarter into the last 2 compartments either drinks the bowl or passes it out depending on the side they make their quarter in.

  20. Centipede says:

    We like Shit Can. requires a deck of cards (jokers can stay in) and everyone had their own drink. To start off someone names a suit, and the dealer deals 1 card face up to each player until the named suit comes up. That person has to drink for a count equal to the value of the card. Numbered cards have their number for their value, picture cards are 10, aces 15, jokers are 20 and match any suit. The count starts with the person to the drinkers left and proceeds to the left until the count is finished. If the count gets messed up, whoever messed up has to take over drinking and the count starts over. If the drinker finishes and puts their drink down before the count is finished, whoever had the next number takes over the drinking and the count starts over. The drinker must name a new suit before putting their drink down when the count finishes, if they don't they have to drink again. Cards stack as well, if you have the 5 of clubs and the suit is clubs and you get a 10 of clubs, you have to drink for a count of 15. Jokers match anything, so if you have 5 of clubs, the suit is clubs, and you get a joker, you have to drink for 25. The joker on top will still match any new suit as well, so if you have a joker on top, the suit is hearts, and you get a 5 of hearts, you have to drink for 25, it doesn't matter what the joker previously matched. When you run out of cards, collect all but the top matching cards from each player, and reshuffle. There's no real winners or losers, but it's fun to mess with people and get trashed.

  21. Centipede says:

    Not sure if this sounds more like The Road Warrior or Fight Club. Nice crazy person rant though

  22. Fat Douglas says:

    We play it sort of similar and call it Kings or Circle of death but our cards go like this
    Ace – Waterfall
    King – Rule
    Queen – Question Master whoever drew this is Question Master until another queen is drawn (thus making that person the new Master) Basically if they ask anyone a question to which a response is given, that person answering, must drink.
    Jack – Categories
    10 – Never Have I ever – Everyone Puts up 3 fingers. The person who drew the card starts by saying something they have never done, while trying to get others to put there fingers down. First one out of fingers drinks.
    9- Bust a Ryhme
    8- Mate, pick someone to be your Mate, whenever you drink they drink, whenever they drink you drink.
    7- Heaven
    6- Chicks, all chicks drink (better then 4 whores IMO)
    5- Guys
    4- Floor- Last one to touch the floor (or table if crowed around it) has to drink
    3- Me – YOu have to drink
    2- You – you pick someone to drink.

    Basically the same thing, minor differences
    I like mine better tho =)
    Story sounds fun tho…

  23. pie says:

    Try this game, called Charleston, it's a great dice game, easier to play than threeman, and a lot more fast paced.

    Charleston: Requires 2 dice, and a full glass of beer.
    Everyone playing sits in a circle, and two people on opposite sides of the circle are each given a die. Both players roll the dice and the player who rolled the lower number must drink the difference of the two numbers, ie:

    player 1 rolls a 3.
    player 2 rolls a 5.
    player one must drink for two seconds. (5 – 3 = 2)

    In case of doubles, everyone playing must drink for the number rolled. The losing player passes his or her die clockwise, and the winner continues to roll until he or she is beaten.

  24. Adrian says:

    Spoof – the greatest drinking game in the world, ever! Any number of players, each player needs just 3 coins and holds between 0-3 in their right hand. Everyone holds out their right hand and everyone takes a turn to guess the total number of coins. A correct guess, and the player is out until their is just one player left. The spoof! A drink forfeit (e.g. absinthe) finishes off the game nicely, with the looser choosing the next round forfeit. Game on!

  25. Dex says:

    Here's drinking game that's amazingly simple and fun that also made for drinking, not winning:


    It works with at least 4 people sitting at a table. One person is chosen to start and also an order (to the drinker's left or right). For the sake of the example, I'll choose right. He drinks once and the game starts. The only rule applies to the way the beer is set on the table. Setting it gently means the guy on the right drinks. Setting it with a bit of a slam means the order changes (from to the right to to the left or vice-versa). If he slams the beer twice, everyone drinks and the cicle continues as usual.

  26. brickbat says:

    this is a fun card game. can't remember its name though. best with 4-6 players.
    aces and jacks value 1. all others face value.
    4 cards dealt face down to each player. Player can look at only 2 cards at deal and places face down again. Remember those cards!
    deck placed in center and top card turned faceup (discard pile). Play goes to left. player takes either card from top of deck or top card from discard pile and exchanges for one card in hand. goal is to get lowest hand. if you think you have low hand you "knock"instead of a turn. all other players get one more turn before all show hands. winner laughs, all others drink value of their hand. becomes very dificult to remember which cards are which after a few hands

  27. TPick says:

    Freestyle- x number of cups, however you want to rack it, no single islands, no rack/1 at 4.
    Tetris- straight line or 2 equal if more than 6 cups. no racks, cups fall like tetris between turns, not on rollbacks.

    Ride the bus(CARDS)…..3 games in 1. part 1- go around and ask questions then drink or give according to answer start with 2 and go to 10 by 2's. 2 drinks-red/black 4 drinks-high/low 6 drinks in/out 8 drinks suit or same/different suit then give out a card, best poker hand gives 10. part 2- 3 columns/5 rows 2/4/6/8/10 one line give, one take, one bus….flip first card if you have the give card give drinks, so on with take, if you have bus card you give it/all away to someone(s). Person with most cards rides the bus. Part 3- 1 column 5 cards 2/4/6/8/10 high/low/red/black until you get off the bus, if you mess up you start over again and continue taking drinks.

    Golf….9 cups on your half of the table, empty cans are hazards. you denote which hole is which, and you shoot in order, you can bounce into any cup for 1 or bounce into the cup youre shooting at for 2. if it bounces off a cup and goes in another you drink cup made. rollbacks, but no sip cup or 2 in 1 golf is hole 1,2,3 not hole 1,2,2. no racks either.

    Real Baseball…..9 cups in positions, shoot any cup or in order. each cup is a run, bounce/finger/blow/call a cup is 2 runs, rollbacks is 3 runs, double bounce or 2 in same cup is 4 runs. you can play 3 outs(shots) or in turn like regular. all bounces are 1 cup. no racks. you can play til cups are gone or 9 innings. add up runs and the winner gives out their score, losers give out half their score(if the losers score theyre entitled to some payback, just not much).

    Tons of beer pong games….Skill(flat back line, no racks), Around the World, Risk/world domination, Hollywood Squares(9cup, whoopie is party cup), Skeeball(4 cup line 2 party cup islands at each side at back) get at tpick7@hotmail if you want rules

  28. Great post, I agree. Just searched on Google about this and found your blog… Check mine if you want, I log all my Poker Session there.

  29. president says:

    Kings Cup and needed to be on the list. Edward Beer Hands should have been an honorable mention along with games like Ninja or Signs.

  30. Mark says:

    Two words….beer die

  31. Rommel says:

    w0w… umm, im speechless at the stupidity of some of these games…

    1) Beer hunter is stupid, can u say clean up?

    2) baseball is alot more fun with regular solo-red cups, and ping pong balls. also u should have 3 cups on the side of table on each side, denoting the bases, and u can "steal" bases by drinking the beer, and playing flip cup against ur opponent.

    Indian poker one is good…

    the word game sounds like taking 1 rule out of "kings cup"

    If you're going to TRY and be original, make the games at least sound fun.

  32. Dean Casine says:

    Horse Race: line up 4-6 cards face down in a line length wise, then put the four aces lined up width wise underneath. start flipping cards out of the deck and move the corresponding ace up one card. Players bet on an ace to win before the game in the form of chugs, beers, shot or what have you. u must drink what you bet. if your ace comes, u are safe. if your ace doesnt win, u must drink the total amount bet on the ace.

  33. Terrence says:

    Beer Hockey

    Works best with 4+ players
    Every player needs a full beer, as well as an empty bottle. They all sit in a circle at a table. One person spins a quarter, then calls out another player's name. That second player, using only his pointer and middle fingers together, tries to flick the quarter at one of the other player's empty bottles. The other players can play goalie and attempt to block the 'shot' with only their pointer and index fingers. If the shot gets through and hits another player's bottle, the player who shot and scored the goal will spin the quarter again, and the person that was scored on has to continuously drink their beer until the quarter stops spinning. If, however, the chugger finish their beer before the quarter stops spinning (or before the goal-scorer manually stops the quarter), than the roles are reversed, and the player who was scored on spins the quarter for the player who scored, while they continuously drink their beer. When all is said and done, the last player to chug their beer becomes the spinner for the next round.

    Seems confusing at first, but once you get the procedure down things can get pretty intense.