Touchdown! The 50 Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

The Super Bowl: That exciting time of year when you predict who will be in the world’s most important football game, who will win, how much money you’ll bet, where you’ll watch the game, and who you’ll watch it with. It’s the same time of year that big name companies purchase airtime during the game.

You know if they’re going to spend millions, the commercials have to be good. In fact, it’s become a tradition and the commercials are as important as the game and just as entertaining. The bad part is that there’s no good time to go to the bathroom. You could go during the half time show, but think of what you might miss.

What if they ask Janet Jackson to perform again?Each year we see some awesome new commercials that are first aired during the Super Bowl. We’ve put together a countdown the 50 best of all time.

50. Budweiser: Clydesdale Team (2008)

Training for anything you want can be important, but you have to work hard. It helps if you have someone that’s willing to push you like the Dalmatian that helped the Clydesdale make the Budweiser team.


49. Bud Light: Rock Paper Scissors (2007)

As long as there’s enough Bud Light on hand, we can all get along. However, what happens when there’s only one left and two people want it? You need to determine who should have it, but this 2007 Super Bowl commercial shows us that the prize doesn’t go to the one that plays fair.


48. Diet Pepsi: P. Diddy Truck (2005)

Have you ever been a trend-setter? Have you ever done it by accident? Well, if you’re famous like P. Diddy, it’s not difficult and sometimes trend setting opportunities just fall in your lap.


47. Fed Ex: Carrier Pigeons (2008)

If you work in an office, you’ll know how crucial it is to come up with great solutions. However, if your solution isn’t a good one, tragedy can strike like this guy that opted for carrying pigeons to deliver packages instead of using Fed Ex.


46. Doritos: Checkout Girl (2007)

If you’re a fan of Doritos snacks, you may get a little excited when you see a flavor you like or maybe a new one that you’ve never tried. I bet you’ve never gotten as excited as this clerk. She’s actually rather creepy.


45. Bud Light: Wine and Cheese (2008)

For all men everywhere who have had a girlfriend that insists on you attending “stuffy” functions with her friends. All of the boyfriends stuck at this party have the right idea.


44. Sprint: Complete with Crime Deterrent (2006)

We all have those guys at work that have to be right and have to try to out do everyone and we all know how frustrating these guys can be. However, this guy should make you feel better. I hope you don’t work with anyone that’s this bad!


43. Nationwide: Fabio (2006)

You’ve seen the Nationwide, “Life comes at you fast” commercials haven’t you? This one with Fabio is really funny.


42. Budweiser: Designated Driver Dance (2005)

Here’s one of the many Budweiser commercials with Cedric the entertainer in it. In this one, Cedric starts a new dance trend without even meaning to, but it’s a great message about having a designated driver when you’re out drinking. So, in that respect, it’s a great trend to keep going.


41. Budweiser: Dalmatians (1999)

This commercial has to do with two adorable little Dalmatian puppies who were separated by fate. One went on to become a mascot at a firehouse and the other went on to become a Budweiser Dalmatian. They happen to see each other again… Well, see for yourself.


40. Budweiser: On the Roof (2006)

Have you ever had to escape from your spouse because you want to watch sports on TV? Have you ever had to make up excuses to do it? Check out these excuses on this commercial.


39. Etrade: Wasted $2 million (1999)

How many stupid ways have you wasted money? I think Etrade has topped it with this commercial. They tell you that they’ve wasted $2 million on some stupid monkey and two simple men in flannel shirts. The commercial sucks, but it’s brilliant because they tell you not to waste your money. It’s a very unique approach and that’s why it’s number 39 in our countdown.


38. Budweiser: The Wave (2006)

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event, you’ve probably been a part of “the wave”. Well, Budweiser came up with a form of “the wave” with a very important message – about Budweiser, of course.


37. Budweiser: UFO (1997)

Budweiser loves to take the opportunity to point out that everyone should have a designated driver when they’re drinking. When Budweiser says everyone, they mean it – even aliens! Check this commercial out.


36. Etrade: Banking Baby (2008)

Check it out! This has got to be the smartest baby in the world. Not only does he talk, but he uses Etrade for his banking. Listen to this commercial and he’ll tell you about it. Oh, but like a lot of babies, he thinks clowns are creepy.


35. Anheuser-Busch: Thanking the Troops (2005)

This commercial is touching no matter who you are. There’s no big advertising message – nothing that says, “buy my product”. Instead it’s just a message thanking the troops for all that they do for us. There’s nothing funny or witty, just an appreciation for out troops. Great message, great commercial.


34. Bud Light: The Ape Conspiracy (2007)

We all have at least one friend that’s way out there from the rest. You know the guy. He’s the one that doesn’t seem to be able to pay attention or keep a conversation. Don’t even try to include him in a plan because he’s sure to mess it up. I guess apes are no different. They have that one friend too.


33. Michelob Ultra: Touch Football (2006)

Okay, who doesn’t get into a great game of football? Even touch football can be competitive. In fact, it should be competitive. Is there such a thing as too competitive? Yep. This guy takes the cake on going too far!


32. Reebok: Terry Tate – Office Linebacker (2003)

You’ve seen the slackers at your job and everyone knows who they are. I’m sure you’ve also heard your boss and perhaps even your co-workers complain about them. Reebok came up with a guaranteed way to increase production. Take a look.


31. Budweiser: Power Plant (1997)

Do you ever wonder how our power plants give us the energy we use? Budweiser reveals it in this 1997 commercial. It’s original, I can say that much.


30. Pepsi: iTunes Giveaway (2005)

Remember the scandal with teens illegally downloading music off of the Internet? Pepsi came up with a clever way to promote their iTunes giveaway offer that definitely appealed to the average teenager.


29. Ameriquest: Romantic Dinner (2003)

Picture this: A boyfriend decides to surprise his girlfriend by beating her to her apartment and preparing a romantic dinner that will be waiting for her when she comes home from work. He knows she’ll be home soon, so he quickly starts working on the dinner. The spaghetti sauce is on the stove as he’s chopping onions, but her cat decides he wants to help. The cat ends up spilling the pot of spaghetti sauce on the floor. The boyfriend, acting quickly grabs the cat before he can track sauce all over the apartment (LARGE knife still in hand) and – the girlfriend walks in. Well, the scene looks like nothing less than something you’d see in a really gory horror film. The message: “Don’t judge too quickly”. This is a priceless classic Super Bowl commercial.


28. Bud Light: Parachute (2005)

How much do you love your beer? We all love a good beer, but would you be willing to dive out of a plane for it? What if you were piloting the plane?


27. Budweiser: Jackass Referee (2003)

It’s no secret how we feel about refs on game day. We’re certainly quite vocal about them. Have you ever called a ref a jackass? Of course you have. What if he was really a zebra?


26. Bud Light: Wardrobe Malfunction (2005)

Everyone knows what happened at the halftime show in 2004 with Janet Jackson and her supposed “wardrobe malfunction”. Most say that it was a stunt to get attention, but she maintains that there was a malfunction and that’s why her breast was exposed to the world during the halftime show. Well, Bud Light gives you their rendition of what really happened.


25. McDonald’s: T-Rex (1997)

Everyone loves McDonald’s fries, right? In fact, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t. According to this commercial, even extinct animals enjoy a good McDonald’s French fry or two.


24. Snapple: Green Tea Ingredient EGCG (2007)

As anyone who has read the ingredient label on foods that you purchase from the store, some of them can be quite cryptic. Wouldn’t you like to know what they mean on the label? One guy was willing to go literally to the other end of the Earth to find out. Little did he realize, he didn’t have to travel that far…


23. Ameriquest: That Killed Him (2006)

Here’s another Ameriquest, “don’t judge too quickly” ad. Why stop when you have a good thing going? You can do countless things with a wonderful tag line like that. See what they did in a hospital scenario.


22. Coca-Cola: Jinx. Buy me a Coke (2008)

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where we could all get along? How about democrats and republicans? Do you think they’ll ever get along? Coca-Cola would like to bring them together…


21. Etrade: Trading Baby (2008)

Here’s the genius baby again promoting Etrade. He may be smart, but he’s still a baby. He pukes a lot. Look at this.


20. Budweiser: Little Clydesdale (2006)

You’ve seen the little kids always wanting to be like the bigger kids. Did you know that animals are the same way? Check out this Clydesdale.


19. Bud Light: Robobash (2001)

You’ve heard of monster trucks and crash derby, but what about “Robobash”? It’s when two robots battle it out with the help of their owners at the helm. One guy has the right idea, though. Check out his ingenious idea.


18. Reebok: Shaq Attack (1993)

This was Shaquille O’Neal in his rookie year. So, in this Reebok commercial, he’s looking all cool, but Wilt Chamberlain and the others still bust his – well, you’ll see.


17. McDonald’s: Big Mac song (1975)

Remember the description of a Big Mac? Here it goes: two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame bun. Did you already know it. This commercial is a classic in its own right and it goes way back to 1975.


16. Bud Light: Save Yourself (2006)

How much do you love your friends? How much do you love your beer? Dave loves his beer more than his friend – obviously!


15. Noxema: Joe Namath (1973)

Here’s a classic and our oldest one in the countdown. Farrah Fawcett puts shaving cream on Joe Namath. Sexy Farrah and a football legend in the same place! I bet it sold some shaving cream!


14. Monster.com: When I grow up (1999)

Think back to your aspirations when you were a child and think of the rat race that you’ve gotten yourself into! Monster.com captures that beautifully in their 1999 commercial where you hear children say things that they would never say about their future, but ends up being true for a lot of us.


13. Bud Light: Cedric the Entertainer Dancing on a Hot Date (2001)

Here’s to all you men that think you’re smooth, you’re trying to be smooth, and then it blows up in your face. Well, in this case, it blew up in Cedric’s date’s face.


12. Budweiser: Super Fan Sheep (2006)

Every few years we see some crazed fan that will run onto the field naked or doing something really stupid. It’s gotten to the point that they don’t even show it on television because these crazy people just want attention, but it’s a disruption from the game. Animals seem to have the same problem. Take a look.


11. Pepsi: Cindy Crawford (1992)

I’m sure you’ve seen this classic ad before. Pepsi was advertising their “new look”, but the beautiful Cindy Crawford was doing the promoting with the help of two young gawking boys.


10. Budweiser: Ref Tunes Out (2004)

Think about how much you hate the referees in a game. Wow! They get yelled at a lot by fans, players, and coaches. When the game is on, we forget that they have feelings too. How do they take all of that yelling without exploding? The answer is very extensive training.


9. Pepsi: “Your Cheatin’ Heart” (1996)

Even the Coca-Cola guy secretly drinks Pepsi. Well, in this 1996 Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, he’s busted!


8. Coca-Cola: Mean Joe Greene and Little Fan (1979)

This classic is one of the best. Mean Joe Greene has had a rough day, but at least he finds that he still has at least one fan – a young boy.


7. Diet Pepsi: Michael J. Fox (1987)

Imagine that you have a hot new neighbor that just moved in and she asks you if she can have a Diet Pepsi. You say okay, but then realize that you’re out of them. What do you do: a.) Sit on the floor and cry, b.) Tell her that you’re out of Diet Pepsi too, or c.) Take lessons from Michael J. Fox in 1987? The answer is “c”, of course.


6. Wendy’s: Where’s the Beef (1984)

Do you remember the three old ladies in the classic Wendy’s commercial? The two are relatively quiet, but then you have the star of the commercial yelling, “Where’s the Beef”. It’s still funny by today’s standards and back then, this commercial helped Wendy’s sales go through the roof.


5. McDonald’s: Hopscotch (1982)

McDonald’s was very successful at getting us to recite little songs or poems with their messages. Here’s one: Big Mac, Filet O’ Fish, Quarter Pounder, French fries, icy Coke, thick shakes, sundaes, and apple pies. This catchy little poem starts with some kids playing hopscotch and runs through the entire neighborhood. Of course, then everyone must go to McDonald’s.


4. McDonald’s: Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird – Nothin’ But Net (1993)

Remember the old local basketball court game “HORSE”? This commercial is sort of a rendition of “HORSE” with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. Talk about a showdown!


3. Pepsi: Coke and Pepsi guys (1995)

This commercial starts out really touching when the Coke and the Pepsi delivery guys are becoming friends, sharing stories about their families, and having a great time. Finally, they both do the forbidden. The Pepsi guy (Mike) takes a sip of Coke and the Coke guy (Tommy) takes a sip of Pepsi. Well, when the Tommy realizes that Pepsi is a better tasting product he won’t give the Pepsi back to his new friend, Mike. That when things get ugly.


2. Budweiser: The Budweiser Frogs (1995)

Everyone knows the Budweiser frogs. This commercial is somewhat simple in concept, but it was a great hit and brilliant advertising.


1. Bud Light: Cedric the Entertainer and the Body Treatment (2001)

Here’s another classic with Cedric the Entertainer. Here he is, once again, trying to be smooth with the ladies. Well, smooth he wants, smooth is what he’ll get – in places where he doesn’t want to be smooth.


The Beginning (1984)

There is only really one commercial in most peoples minds when it comes to the Super Bowl.

In 1984 Apple introduced its Macintosh computer in this amazing commercial during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII:


These are the best fifty, but the great thing about Super Bowl commercials is that brilliant and creative advertisers come up with new and awesome ideas every year. What will they think of next? Which ones will make it to the top fifty in 2009?

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  1. Greg says:

    Uh…Where’s the Apple ad?

  2. PG says:

    And where is 1984 from Apple?

  3. bill says:

    #34 shouldn’t be on here based on the fact that’s definitely a female gorilla on the right with a male’s voice.
    Also, you said that “I guess apes are no different”…but homo sapiens are apes.

  4. I agree, where is the Apple one? It is absolutely missing. I still like the list though. Several are now removed though, about 4.

  5. Neil Duckett says:

    I was hoping to see the EDS ones, just because i worked for EDS at the time.

  6. Jeff Osborn says:

    Nisson Maxima Pigeon Commercial. Puts all of these to shame.
    Horse Carriage explosive fart. Better than most of them here.

  7. Lewis says:

    Absolutely ridiculous list. #1 is one of the lamest super bowl commercials of all time.

  8. Chris says:

    Apple 1984! Directed by Ridley Scott. I agree with the other two to say this.

  9. Thad says:

    ???!!! Are you serious? Number 1 should have maybe made the top 50, but number 1? Who even remembered that commercial? Agreed, where is the Apple commercial?

  10. alizee says:

    I agree, where is the Apple one? It is absolutely missing. I still like the list though. Several are now removed though, about 4..

  11. Aremihc says:

    Yeah, 1984 STARTED the whole mega-commercials in a Super Bowl. and it’s considered the most successful single commercial ever….

  12. Tathgirw says:

    Wow. Just wow. This is almost FAILblog material.

  13. Shamik says:

    No Federline, Fries!? Still my most favorite commercial up with the cat one.

  14. McGee says:

    Are you serious? Haha this list is terrible. And the description about each video is terrible.

    I mean… really? This is your description of the E-TRADE one?
    “How many stupid ways have you wasted money? I think Etrade has topped it with this commercial. They tell you that they’ve wasted $2 million on some stupid monkey and two simple men in flannel shirts. The commercial sucks, but it’s brilliant because they tell you not to waste your money. It’s a very unique approach and that’s why it’s number 39 in our countdown.” You try to sound witty, but you turn out sounding like a terrible writer for VH1.


    Really? Hahaha… this is my first time to this site and most likely my last. Awful.

  15. James says:

    Many people think Apple’s 1984 ad is the best Superbowl ad of all and it doesn’t make your top 50? Lame.

  16. Nattyb says:

    Extensive list. nicely done.

  17. fernando says:

    what about the Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny nike commercial? that one was pretty cool. and also the “i love you man”… “johnny, you ain´t getting my bud light” commercial, wasn´t that one a super bowl commercial?

  18. CastrolUSA says:

    I may be biased, but I thought the grease monkeys were pretty awesome. If you want to see it, check out the video here http://bit.ly/4Jr2

  19. machchunk says:

    Seriously? No “Wazzup” at all?

  20. wazzup says:

    Absolutely ridiculous list. #1 is one of the lamest super bowl commercials of all time..

  21. all commercial are good!!!

  22. gdfgdfgd says:

    Yeesh, got some callous bastards here, but I sort of agree with them. Addictions of all kinds are terrible, what about the drug addicts? How come we don't give them money to help get better? What about alcoholics? Last time I checked, we weren't giving money to them to help them recover. This is probably just one case in many that happened to get lucky enough to get free download movies

  23. Just Googled and read the whole article and i must have to say that me and my husband loved reading your post. We bookmarked and will regularly check more updates to come from your website. Thanks for making us one step more enlightened with your blog.

  24. Still a fan of "where's the beef" after all these years!

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