Some Really Bizarre Wedding Ceremonies

Most of us consider weddings as traditional passages in the journey of our lives. For even the most adventurous among us, there is something to be said about doing things at least close to that customary and proverbial box. However, who’s to say that one can’t be their own person and do their own thing when tying the knot in front of the world with someone they love?  The people below, that’s who. Come take a look at some really bizarre wedding ceremonies.

How about the couple that decided to get married naked in front of 250 guests? An Australian couple, Ellie Barton and Phil Hendicott, decided to exchange vows in their birthday suits. The bride sported a bouquet of strategically placed roses, a long white wedding veil and a white painted on sort of dress. The groom wore nothing but a black top hat and it was nowhere near his head. Hundreds of thousands of fellow Australians listened to the wedding ceremony that was broadcast live on FM radio. It is not known if the wedding guests were naked too.

Figuratively being on Cloud Nine is one thing, but being transported 160 feet in the air for a wedding ceremony is quite another. For Jeroen and Sandra Kippers of Brussels, Belgium, the uplifting ceremony was made possible by a crane that raised the platform that held the happy couple, the officials and 20 wedding guests. Another platform held the musicians, and after the ceremony, the couple bungee-jumped over the side. Once everyone was lowered to the earth, another upward journey carried them to the floating reception of a three-course wedding breakfast served while all are were strapped tightly in their chairs. This too can be yours for a mere £25,000 (almost US $40,000).

A sad tale of what should have been a joyous time is the wedding story of heartbroken Michelle Thomas, who married her murdered fiancé, Kevin Lavelle, in a hospital morgue. The father of two was viciously beaten to death in a gang attack and despite her overwhelming grief, Michelle organized a “wedding” in the morgue of the hospital where Kevin lay dead. The ceremony was conducted by the hospital’s Catholic priest and was performed in front of an open coffin. The couple’s two children, James, five, and Megan, four, wore the clothes they would have worn to their parents’ wedding. Sometimes, not even death do us part.

Last but not least comes this nuptial tale from the Big Apple. April Pignataro and Michael Curry of New York City got married in June 2010 at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, New York, in a tank full of sharks! They wore scuba gear and mikes that broadcasted their words to each other, as well as to friends and family. The officiator decided not to go into the tank with the deranged couple who more than likely thought that he was nuts. The couple wore wetsuits as they climbed inside a 120,000-gallon shark tank to take their vows. Both are experienced divers and were protected by a cage as sand sharks, nurse sharks, eels and a giant grouper circled around, thinking no doubt about a new and colorful brunch.

To each his own, my friends. To each his own.

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