It Runs in the Family: Famous Brothers of Professional Sports

You’ve heard of the old adage, “It runs in the family”. This statement does hold true for some things.

With that in mind, it’s not too far fetched to understand how we can have so many family members in professional sports. We’ve seen sons follow their fathers in sports and we’ve seen literally hundreds of brothers play sports at the same time.

Currently there are several athletes in professional sports that just happen to have a brother in the same professional sport and in some cases, on the same team.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Brian and Marcus Giles:


Brian currently plays right field for the San Diego Padres and Marcus is a second baseman that is currently a free agent, recently released from the Philadelphia Phillies.

Adrian and Edgar Gonzalez:


Adrian Gonzalez is a first baseman for the San Diego Padres and his brother Edgar is a pitcher and also plays for the Padres.

National Hockey League (NHL)

Frantisek and Tomas Kaberle:


Frantisek Kaberle plays defense for the Carolina Hurricanes and his brother Tomas plays defense for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Saku and Mikko Koivu:


Saku Koivu is a center for the Montreal Canadiens and his brother Mikko is a forward for the Minnesota Wild.

Ryan and Drew Miller:


Ryan Miller is a goal tender for the Buffalo Sabres and his brother Drew plays the left wing position for the Anaheim Ducks.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin:


Henrik and Daniel Sedin are not only brothers, but twin brothers; Henrik is a center for the Vancouver Canucks and Daniel also plays for the Canucks as left wing. That must be confusing to their teamates!

Jordan and Eric Staal:


Jordan Staal is a center for the Pittsburgh Penguins and his brother Eric is also a center, but plays for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Kimmo Timonen and Jussi Timonen:


Kimmo Timonen plays on the defense for the Philadelphia Flyers. His brother Jussi also plays on the defense, for the Dallas Stars.

National Football League (NFL)

Stacy and Shawn Andrews:


Stacy Andrews is a defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals and his brother Shawn Andrews plays guard for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Femi and Brendon Ayanbadejo:


Obafemi Devin (who likes to go by the nickname Femi from his African heritage) is the oldest of the two brothers and plays as a linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals. Oladele Brenden (who goes by Brenden from his Irish heritage) also plays as a linebacker, for the Baltimore Ravens.

Champ and Boss Bailey:


Champ Bailey is a cornerback for the Denver Broncos and his brother Boss Bailey is a linebacker for – you guessed it, the Broncos as well.

Marion and Dominique Barber:


Marion Barber is currently a running back for the Dallas Cowboys while his Dominique Barber is a free safety for the Houston Texans.

Matt and Tim Hasselbeck:


Matt Hasselbeck is the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks; Tim Hasselbeck is also a quarterback, but right now is in the free agent pool.

Torry and Terrence Holt:


Tory Holt is a wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Terrence Holt is a free safety in the NFL,  now playing for the Carolina Panthers.

Thomas and Julius Jones:


Thomas Jones is a running back for the New York Jets and  Julius Jones is a running back for the Seattle Seahawks.

Chris and Maake Kemoeatu:


Chris Kemoeatu is a guard for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Maake Kemoeatu is a defensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers.

Peyton and Eli Manning:


Peyton Manning is the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and his brother Eli is the starting quarterback for the New York Giants.

Luke and Josh McCown:


Both of the McCown brothers are quarterbacks. Luke plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Josh plays for the Carolina Panthers.

Seth and Steve McKinney:


Both McKinney brothers play guard and center, but Seth plays for the Cleveland Browns and Steve is currently a free agent.

Santana and Sinorice Moss:


Both Moss brothers are wide receivers in the NFL. Santana Moss plays for the Washington Redskins and Sinorice plays for the New York Giants. They also have a cousin who is a wide receiver in the NFL: Randy Moss, who plays for the New England Patriots.

Carson and Jordan Palmer:


Now here is an interesting situation. Carson Palmer plays as the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. His younger brother Jordan also plays for the Bengals as a backup quarterback.

Aaron and Matt Schobel:


Aaron Schobel plays as a defensive end for the Buffalo Bills and Matt  plays as a tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles.

As you can tell, particularly in the NFL, there are a lot of brothers that are professional athletes. You may be thinking that I forgot about professional basketball, but according to our research, there are no brothers that play professionally in basketball at this time.

It must make competiton a lot more intense when playing against your bro – I wonder if they love it or hate it (or if it’s a little mix of both!)

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  1. Confuzed says:

    Um, Jon and Brent Barry in the NBA. Sure Jon retired now and Brent is on his way out, but they are definitely worth the ention. Their dad was also a great NBA player.

  2. C'RECTION says:

    Chase and David Wright aren't related in ANY way, guy. (One's from Texas, the other's from Norfolk, VA.)

  3. Tbaby says:

    Avery Johnson and Vinnie Johson are brothers who played in the NBA

  4. Tbaby says:

    Avery Johnson and Vinnie Johnson are brothers who played in the NBA

  5. Dave says:

    How about brothers Lin, Jim and Walt Houston who all played in the NFL…

  6. Desi says:

    How about the Molina brothers in the MLB. 3 of them; Jose, Bengie, Yadier.

  7. mygamelife says:

    how about the wilkins brothers.

  8. Tru says:

    Lawd – you got Drew and Ryan Miller but missed Scott and Rob Niedermayer?

  9. Coops says:

    How 'bout JD and Stephen Drew in the MLB.

  10. Ted says:

    HELLO!!!! Marc and Pau Gasol!!!! one of them is only a 2 time nba world champion!!!