Bud Light Tailgate Approved: It’s Real!

Most of us can agree that this is our favorite time of year.

Whether you’re a fan of college or pro, or just the town drunk that still rocks your high school varsity jacket cause you never got past the glory days, we LOVE us some football. So what else goes along with America’s game? Tailgating, of course.

Bud Light got that message loud and clear.

You’ve probably seen the Billy Mays type ads for “Bud Light Tailgate Approved”. When I first saw them, I thought it was a cruel joke. Why would they make up all these awesome tailgating essentials just to sell some crappy beer?

Then one day my friend informed me that they actually do make everything in the commercial.

So I ventured over to the Bud Light Tailgate Approved site and discovered that we can all purchase everything on the ads.

First off is the Grooler, which is a grill and cooler!


The Groller has two 3.5 cubic feet coolers on the ends with a 2×2 grill in the center. The best part is that you can fold it up and wheel it to your tailgating destination. The Grooler will set you back a $125, but I think it’s well worth it.

Next up is the Speaker Box.

Speaker Box

The Speaker Box can be found in specially marked Bud Light 24 packs. The idea is that you hook up your MP3 player to the case of beer and then crank up the music. The only downside is that you’ll have to drink the Bud Light, but a small price to pay for having beer and music in one covenant package.

Here’s the rest of what Bud Light is offering.

Tailgate Approved

I know that some animal rights group will groan about the Tailgate Companion. But it’s a way to get your best friend involved in the tailgating festivities. The Tailgate Companion just straps onto your dog’s back and is able to hold condiments, tongs and, most importantly, your beer which your dog can bring to you.

Much better than slippers right? Now before some hippie cries foul, I should mention that the Bud Light site links you up to Petfinder, after you put in your zip, so you can adopt a local dog that needs a home.  A win-win if you ask me.

There’s also some junk, like the Natural Fake Grass Can Coozie, which I can live without, and the Foozie, which is kinda cool. The Foozie, at first, seems like your average foam finger, but it has a spot to put your beer in, which will make your foam fingered acquentices just a little envious.

Finally, there’s the Condiment Gun. It looks like a caulk gun, except this bad boy holds ketchup, mustard and relish so you can easily add your condiments to hot dogs, burgers, etc. The downside is that they’re only making one of them and you have to bid on it starting on November 23.

While I’m not a big fan Bud Light, I’m a big fan of their Tailgate Approved products. Keep up the great work, we’re all thankful.

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  1. Ariel says:

    where can i purchase the box at?

  2. james says:

    I have a product I would like to be tailgate approved and sold on the market endorcing bud lite. How would I do this? If you know please email me at

  3. Kellie says:

    I wanted to order a Grooler but your sold out. How long till you have more or can I go on a waiting list?
    Thank You

  4. Eric says:

    Someone please let me know where you can get the speaker box? Does kroger or wal-mart carry them? I'm in a wheelchair and I want to get one, but I need to be able to tell the person I got looking for it where to get it at. Thx for any help.

  5. Charlene says:

    They are completely sold out, I called the company and they said it isnt even back ordered and they arent getting anymore… they do have some on Ebay but you will pay way more than the $125 they sell them for…. Im looking to get one for my BF for Xmas but not having much luck myself…