Today’s Top Celebrity GILFS (Grandmas I’d Like To…)

Having a crush on an older woman can be confusing. They shouldn’t still be hot…right? But they are. Today 60 is the new 40, and there are plenty of foxy ladies out there that have been hot their entire life and still got it. These hot (grand)mamas have won themselves a special place in our culture. No, we’re not making fun of them – no mention of the “Golden Girls” here. We’re talking seriously beautiful women: GILFs, if you will…

In no particular order, here are the stunning women of unusual grace and beauty.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda was one of the Vietnam era’s most notorious war protestors. An outspoken woman who has championed practically every ultraliberal cause up through and including Iraq war protests, Fonda boasts a dynamic personality. (And it just conjures up sexual imagery when “very liberal” and any woman are mentioned in the same sentence). Since she is well known for being very selective of her TV and film roles, it is ironic that the video realm kept her in the public’s eye of attraction for a period.

Her hugely popular line of workout videos both kept her in shape and kept her on the hotness radar, and Jane (Ms. Fonda to you, pal) retains a killer body – even though she’s in her 70s. This firecracker of a GILF remains one of the most enticing women of her generation. One word: Barbarella.

Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen started out – believe it or not – working with the late great Groucho Marx. During the 1990s, she won international fame for her role as reporter Murphy Brown in the eponymous sitcom. Although her title role in Murphy Brown was the high point in her career, she has done many roles and bits parts in the last decade and a half, including cameos in Sex and the City and Seinfeld.

Bergen’s no nonsense demeanor and commanding attitude made her a sex symbol in the 1990s – representing a tough new sensual femininity. She dated Henry Kissinger – so you KNOW she can hold her own intellectually – and has been married a few times. Plus, she speaks the language of love – French – with a superbly sexy accent. Who wouldn’t want to tango with this philanthropic no-nonsense vegetarian GILF?

Bernadette Peters

Are you looking for a triple threat who can woo your heart and tame your soul? Consider Bernadette Peters, an actress, singer, and entertainer who has been titillating audiences for more than 40 years. She has won Grammy awards and Tonys, interluded with Steve Martin in The Jerk, and aided numerous charities. This Broadway GILF hottie can dance too – one wonders what it would be like to go “Into the Woods” with her!

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton has starred in some of the most iconic films of the past half century, including The Godfather and Annie Hall. Now in her 60s, Keaton retains the bubbly personality and engaging appeal that made her a cinematic darling. This uber-GILF can also do comedy – meaning that she can entertain as well as seduce.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren – an actress currently in her 60s – can trace her lineage back to Russian aristocracy. A stage actress, award-winning film actress, and all around super sexy Dame, she boasts an accent and aristocratic manner that seem built to charm. One need only look at her roles in movies like National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Red to recognize the feminine bearing and sultry cougar-like sensuality of her performances – her vivaciousness and upper-class confidence make her a top choice.

Tina Turner

Although Tina Turner is in her 70s, her long career as a pop diva and actress has established her easily among the canon of the country’s greatest GILFs. Her rocky marriage with Ike Turner, struggles with substance-abuse, and subsequent bounce-back to pop fame have solidified her reputation as the frosty, hard to crack rocker chick. Her sexy moves and confidence onstage put her in a class by herself. At all ages she has continued to do dance moves that women half her age can’t pull off. She even did high-kicks at the 2008 Grammy’s. At age 69. Show me any 69 year-old that can do high kicks, nevermind one that looks like Tina. What’s love got to do with it? When it comes to this GILF, we’re dying to find out.

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn has been tickling the fancies of men across the globe since 1968. She has portrayed a rich catalog of onscreen hotties, from her start as an extra “giggly girl” in The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band to starring roles such as the title character in Private Benjamin and a very hot Marianne Graves in Bird on a Wire (I mean, you did see her legs going up the ladder, right? ‘Nuff said.) Plus, this is a hottie with skills, having snagged both a Golden Globe and – yep – an Academy Award.

Goldie also gets extra hot points because this beautiful GILF is mother to one of America’s most premier MILFs, Kate Hudson. Though strongly pushing her mid 60s, she continues to radiate sex appeal. That infectious smile, natural blonde hair, easy laugh, and even her infatuation with Buddhism all make her somehow foxy and irresistible.

Susan Sarandon

Although Susan Sarandon is only in her early 60s, she has been a powerful cinematic force for four decades – and counting. One of her most famous early roles was Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show – a sultry young fiancé who happens upon the wired mansion of Frank N. Furter. Sarandon has long been an espouser of liberal causes (mmmmmm, liberal…..cue Homer drooling), showing an open side that keeps one’s imagination racing. We love her outspokenness, sultry southern charm (remember Thelma & Louise?), and luscious auburn hair – not to mention her unstoppable body.

Meryl Streep

It’s become a cliché to say that Meryl Streep is the greatest actress of her generation – and perhaps one of the best thespians of all time. But our adoration of Meryl increases because she is not only brilliant on camera, she is also super hot. Whether she is playing the icy dominatrix fashion-icon boss in The Devil Wears Prada, the polyamorous mamma in Mamma Mia!, or the scary-sexy head Nun in Doubt, Meryl’s recent performances show that she’s still got the goods to inspire lust and longing among men of every age group.

Part of Meryl Streep’s appeal is that she is not overtly a beauty queen or strumpet. Her GILF-ness stems from a magical combination of intellectual precocity, cougar-like knowingness, and a seemingly ageless beauty as she defies time. Plus, you know she can roll-play in bed like nobody’s business.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is an O.G. Italian hottie who is now – believe it or not – well into her mid 70s. Born in Rome, sweet Sophia began starring in major motion pictures more than half a century ago costarring with superstars like Frank Sinatra and Anthony Perkins.

Her looks have always been so breathtaking it is as if a master designer set out to sculpt the perfect classical beautiful face. And how she carries herself – she has that confidence about her, even a bit of upper crusty attitude, that turns her heat up another notch – basically, she knows she’s hot and has always been. She knows how to dress like a woman, and simply oozes strong, sexy femininity. She wields her beauty like understood power.

Any man whose woman looks this good in her mid 70s is a lucky man indeed. She is curvy in the sexiest, realest sense (not the current ridiculous female-insecurity-pandering politically-correct euphemism for fat). She is bosomy and luscious, and that sultry Italian accent and preternatural elegance makes her a sure fire candidate for GILF-ness.

Raquel Welch

Ahh, Raquel. If any woman can give Sophia a run for her money for supremacy on this list, it’s the amazing Ms. Welch, who has possibly the highest hotness-to-age ratio of the entire group. It’s hard to believe that Raquel is 70. Impossible, actually – just look at her. The Peruvian-born hottie continues to boast charm, savoir faire, and sexiness to beat the band.

She has been married four times and has won numerous pageant victories and acting accolades. One of the most famous images of Welch – and one of the most iconic sex-symbol images of all time – is from the movie One Million Years B.C. portraying her as a voluptuous vixen in an animal-skin bikini. What could be sexier than a carnivorous mamma striking a dangerous pout to bring out your most primitive impulses? Plus, Raquel showed she could hang with the biggest party animals, costarring with iconic lushes Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. That much beauty and the ability to hang with the guys? Where do we sign?



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