Take a Ride in Lola, the World’s First Chocolate-Powered Racecar

There are few things in life that are more delicious than chocolate and fewer sports that evoke more thrills and chills than race car driving. Combine the two and what have you got: a sustainable and uniquely sexy vehicle!

The world’s first sustainable Formula 3 racing car is named Lola and she comes from England’s University of Warwick where she took more than nine months to develop at the cost of $200,000. The car utilizes chocolate for fuel and components made from carrots, potato starch and flax! If you think this sounds nuts, brace yourself for the fact that brake pads made from cashews are actually being developed.

Lola was the end result of a project the main goal of which was to discover a way to put recycled materials to a true test. The car has a top speed of 135 miles per hour and can go from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Waste from chocolate factories or other plant-based oils as well as farmers’ markets comprise the car’s basic components. In the words of Kerry Kirwan, one of the car’s designers at the university:

“She’s incredibly green, taking materials that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. It lets people engage with recycling without the finger wagging. The public has really taken the car to its heart, because she’s fun… A lot of these technologies were a huge leap of application, something that shows the material under a really demanding application.”

Lola is unique in other ways as well. Her radiator converts ozone back to oxygen and in the words of Steve Maggs, another member of the design team: “It’s a racing car that cleans up as it goes along.”

Although Lola cannot compete in the F3-series because chocolate-based fuels aren’t on the approved list of energy sources, according to claims that cannot be independently verified at this point, she is still the fastest car to run on biofuel. This is a remarkable challenge for a world that needs to go greener every day.

Look on the practical (and in this case, wild) side.

If you ever get trapped in the wilderness or the desert with Lola she will understand if you have to snack on her in order to survive. If it is the desert however, you will have to act rather quickly before she well, …melts.

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