$500K Cocaine Stash Found Hidden In Chocolate Truffles

Cocaine is God’s way of saying you’re making too much money. ~ Robin Williams

Even in New York where almost anything can happen, discovering a 500K stash of cocaine hidden in a batch of chocolate truffles and pistachio shells at JFK Airport does sort of takes the cake. Although we hear every day about how crafty drug dealers are finding more and more innovative ways to smuggle drugs into the United States, this one really sparkles with originality. Think about it for just a second; man puts nose candy in real candy. Smart and close, but, alas, no cigar.

According to the New York Post, an American unemployed man, Robert Lopera from Connecticut, tried to smuggle the candy-covered drugs into the country. To quote the newspaper; “his efforts were half-baked.” The incident occurred on May 11th, when he flew into JFK on Avianca Flight 824 from Medellin, Columbia on a one-way cash ticket. Customs and border protection agents noticed that the chocolates disguised as those made from the prestigious chocolatier, Ferrero-Rocher, and the pistachios seemed suspiciously heavy.

Quick-thinking officers arrested Lopera after the powder in the two bags of treats tested positive for cocaine. The knock-off chocolate balls weighed 15 pounds and Lopero, who is currently awaiting prosecution, will pay dearly in terms of jail time if he is found guilty of this sweet smuggling escapade gone awry.

Is there not some poetry in nose candy being put inside actual candy? Even if there is, there’s not much poetry to read in prison these days, is there?

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