“Just Say No” to Hollywood Making These Comic Book Movies

With interest in comic book movies, from those who read comics and those who don’t, seemingly higher than ever, Marvel and DC have been rushing to green light projects at a breakneck pace.

Other comic book publishers have emerged on the silver screen as well, with Spawn from Image Comics and Hellboy from Dark Horse being some of the notable additions to the Marvel/DC conglomerate over the past few years.

The more iconic and recognizable characters such as Superman, Batman and Spider-Man established a formidable baseline for future films, but the success of Iron Man, not one of Marvel’s more universal characters, proves that success for lesser-regarded heroes, to the general public at least, is possible.

However, there is caution here! How far should the comic book universes be explored at the local multiplex? If the recent (mostly) failure of Watchmen has taught us anything, it’s that not every character can or should make it to the big screen.

That being said, here are five characters, series, or storylines that should never find themselves asking for admission.


1. Ambush Bug

The DC character was intentionally ridiculous in creation, but any comic potential in a film based around this hero would be quickly squashed. With a bizarre origin story, even by comic book standards, and highly annoying hyper-activity, Ambush Bug would find his welcome quickly worn out. Another strike against his movie persona is the fact that he tends to work best opposite bigger name heroes, and honestly, would DC really want to put him beside Green Lantern in major film?


2. The New Mutants

Nostalgia can be a wonderful thing, but in the case of Marvel’s “future X-Men” the New Mutants, the past should stay the past. While not inherently impossible to film, this group of mid-80’s teens sports some pretty uninteresting powers, for an action franchise; remember Cypher? Throw in a large number of other characters who are mostly absent from the modern X-Men universe and you have a small portion of possible audience members.


3. Booster Gold

While this egotist is a generally quirky character, the “spoiled rich boy becomes a hero” bar has been set pretty high with Iron Man, one strike against DC’s pretty boy from the future. Factor in also Booster’s uncertain position in the DC universe and his perpetual second-string status, film adaptation doesn’t seem likely. He wouldn’t even work in an ensemble movie – his appearance, in comics certainly, a general distraction. Perhaps a buddy movie with Blue Beetle? Hmmm…nah.


4. The Inhumans

Marvel’s first family on the moon certainly has its idiosyncrasies. The super power potential for the movies is there in spades; Medusa with her strong, manipulating hair, Black Bolt has the power to shatter and destroy with his voice, and Crystal who has the power to control the elements. Their adventures could be intriguing to watch, but so much of their staying power has come in relation to other Marvel heroes, namely the Fantastic Four. It’s doubtful that they would have the power to carry a film on their own.


5. Y: The Last Man

This fascinating series from Vertigo is supposedly already in the works to become a film, but at what cost? With an expansive storyline and characters, the tale of Earth’s last male and his monkey may be too much to take on, even over the course of more than one film. Another strike against this intelligent book is the fact that it’s not necessarily action-driven, as most comic book movies are. The questions and mystery of the series are best left to the trade paperbacks it left behind, not the screen.

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  1. Clearly, a Booster Gold movie could be made to work. You are correct that any comic book movie forthcoming from the big two, has to acknowledge the fact that other superheroes exist, whether or not they're ever onscreen, as they did with the last Hulk movie….

  2. entertainmog says:

    Meh, I just don't see a cornball like Booster appealing to the mass audience.

  3. Lincoln says:

    Your statement about the New Mutants should include a link to Fox’s horrid ‘Generation X’ TV movie from 1996.

  4. IndianaLotto says:

    They must be in comics… stay and entertain from books.

  5. entertainmog says:

    Right Lincoln, though at the time Generation X (the comic series) WAS really popular, way more than the New Mutants ever were.

  6. John Watson says:

    These comic book movies are starting to get quiet annoying to say the very least!


  7. Dan says:

    To be honest, pal the only one that has any chance of making it to the screen would be Black Bolt of the Inhumans. His chracter, as one of the illuminati may well be too important to avoid in any Marvel crossover which looks likely to happen.

    Nice post though, mate. Check out my thoughts on the 5 best comic to film characters for some related relevant goodness 🙂


  8. Ruck says:

    Y the Last Man could be made into a movie pretty easily. It's not like they have to cram in the entire 60 issue run into 2-3 hours. There's a LOT of action in this book. Besides Watchmen, I cannot think of another movie that is a panel to panel adaptation. Of COURSE they are going to butcher the story and characters. As long as the story focuses on the relationships between the characters throughout their struggle then I think it could succeed. I doubt that any film could have an impact like the final issue of Y had, probably the only comic to make me cry.

  9. roshow says:

    Booster Gold may not work but his story is not the “spoiled rich boy becomes a hero.” He's in many way the polar opposite of Iron Man. He's a disgraced, has-been college football star working as a janitor. And whereas Iron Man decides he needs to give back, Booster Gold becomes a superhero to be rich and famous.

  10. Shane says:

    I think an Ambush Bug movie would be a great idea – its the only comic book movie I would endorse Ewe Boll to make – Erwin would like the irony of that.

  11. Jessbob says:

    Film is a very different medium when compared to comic books, you are making some naive and unimaginative assumptions about the cinematic potential for the comics you've mentioned, especially with Inhumans and Y, those could both translate well into the action/drama category, Booster Gold and Ambush bug could be great satires of the comic to movie genre.and New Mutants could easily splice themes from projects like Buffy or Push and combine them with the success and familiarity of the X-Men franchise. As for Watchmen, I don't think lack of success at the box office means it shouldn't be translated into film, just maybe not at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.

  12. CartoonGuy says:

    Booster's tiny left leg would be an impediment to superherodom.

  13. entertainmog says:

    So what – Booster's loaded from his celeb status.

    @ Dan thanks for the list!

    Anyone have any other characters they think should be here?

    • Dan says:

      Not so much characters that shouldn't ever be adapted to film but I've got a couple that were well and truly butchered.

      Firstly, The Thing from the Fantastic Four movies. I liked the F4 movies… many didn't but I did, especially the second one. But why on earth they didn't opt for a fully CGI Ben Grimm is totally beyond me. The foam rubber that is supposed to look like rock just looks like foam rubber and you can clearly see it flexing. FAIL!

      Secondly Juggernaut in X-Men: The last stand. Again, this character should have been fully CGI. By all means keep Vinnie Jones as the voice.. hell, even use his likeness but the character needed to be WAY bigger than could have been pulled off by a live action actor in a suit and some high heels.

      Also, while on the subject of X-Men 3 I have a major beef with the post credits easter egg that shows that Charles Xavier has transferred his conciousness into that hospital-bound vegetable. That's not the part I'm most pissed off with, oh no. I'm annoyed by the fact that he then psychically communicates with the doctor. Professor X's psychic abilities are the result of the "Mutant X gene", something we can assume that the dribbling vegetable does not have, or that at least has not manifested in the genetic ability to be a psychic, particularly one as powerful as Professor X.

      Spend 3 feature films explaining the cause of mutation and 30 seconds tearing it to shreds. Way to go, Hollywood.

      • entertainmog says:

        The only cool thing about FF2 was the Silver Surfer, but they ruined it with Doom stealing his board (lame-o!)

        I would have like a bigger, more bad-ass Juggernaut as well. To be honest though, the whole secret ending is like any other silly excuse to bring a character back in comics!

  14. big says:

    "I cannot think of another movie that is a panel to panel adaptation."

    Sin City is an even more direct adaptation than The Watchmen.

  15. Ima Fish says:

    Booster Gold did one infamous thing, he named Doomsday in the "Death of Superman" comic. And just to point out, Booster Gold was not a rich kid. He was a dirt poor janitor who became a super hero to get rich. And personally, I think a Booster Gold movie would be hilarious. He's stuck in a different time, completely out of touch and clueless, but yet with amazing abilities. A super hero underdog story.

  16. boybunny says:

    Please Mr. unimaginative movie producer, can we please have the following superhero movies. The Greatest American Hero, Captain Caveman, and The Tick,

  17. boybunny says:

    And please Mr. unimaginative movie producer, cast Jack Black as Captain Caveman.