The Bachelor’s Guide to a Bedroom Sure To Get You Laid

When you’re a single man, you want to have a bedroom that is your own, makes you comfortable, and says “a man lives here”.

However, at the same time, you want your bedroom to turn a woman on and make her feel comfortable. It’s a plus if you can even impress her with just the way that your bedroom looks.

The Walls



If you’re renting, then you may not be able to paint your walls, so don’t worry about it. You can still have a pleasing room to women without painting. However, if you can, then a calming, medium shade of a color is a good choice.

Blue or green are pretty safe, but any earthy tone would do also. If the walls are slightly darkened, it will help with mood lighting when the time is appropriate for it.

Wall Hangings

Photos: Photos can be nice on a wall, but be careful. You don’t want pictures of Mom and Dad or your favorite niece in the bedroom. This could make a woman uneasy. She may feel as if your loved ones are staring at her. If you have some tasteful pictures of you as a child, a woman may find this adorable.

Collectors’ Items: If you have a collection that you can hang on the wall, it may be an interesting conversation piece, but don’t hang weapons on the wall. This means no swords, knives or guns. Also, keep any hunting or fishing motif out of the bedroom and put it in the den. Sports memorabilia or coin collection would be a nice touch as long as it’s not overdone.

Framed Prints: One thing that is always safe is some nice prints that you can hang on the wall. This says to a woman that you care about your room enough to decorate. It will also fill up some wall space so the walls don’t look too empty.

Don’t Over Do It: Keep it fairly simple. You should have one to three hangings on each wall, depending on the size, but you don’t want so much activity on your walls that a woman is distracted.

No wall sized mirrors or mirrors on the ceiling! Though this may be intriguing to you, I can guarantee you that this will turn most women off or scare them away. What you’re trying to do is to create a comfortable setting that is subtle. Mirrors on the ceiling will tell most women that you’re trashy.

The Windows

Keep your window treatments fairly simple. If you’re going to go with curtains, make sure they’re a straight cut or tailored and are either a solid color or are something simple such as vertical stripes. To block light and a view into your bedroom, you can use various items such as blinds, shutters, or shades.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s attractive, but more importantly that it blocks the entire view from the outside world. Also, stay away from anything that may produce shadows to the outside. You want to make sure that women don’t feel vulnerable or self conscious about possibly being seen by someone else during intimate moments.

The Floor


A nice neutral color (light earthy tones are great) for a rug is perfect. I would suggest cream, tan, or beige. This way it doesn’t get in the way of the rest of your decorating and it also has a warm feel. If you have hardwood floors, put a couple of area rugs in the room to accent the look.



The Bed

Of course, this is the focal point of the room, so you want to pay special attention to details with the bed. First thing’s first. You shouldn’t have just a simple twin bed with no bed frame. It’s boring and cheap and it says that you don’t care.

Size: First of all, size is important for comfort. A twin bed or even a double bed is too cramped. King-size is the best, but if your bedroom is too small, go with the largest size that will fit comfortably in the room. Also, make sure that the mattress is comfortable; not too hard but not too soft.

Bed Frame and Headboard: Stay away from metals. Though wrought iron may look masculine, it also has a cold sort of appearance. Wood is a much better alternative. You can go with light, medium, or dark wood and any of these will give a warm feel to the room. The headboard can also be wood or you can have some leather in it. Leather is a masculine touch and is also impressive to women.

Linens and Bedding: A woman likes to see a bed that is properly decorated, so if you have your bed done right, she’ll be impressed. I would suggest satiny sheets because they feel very soft and sensual. The comforter should be a solid color or a simple print. Bold or dark colors are best. A simple cotton comforter is best.

Some people say that faux fur is acceptable, masculine, and current. I personally think that it says “pimp”, so I would suggest that you steer clear of faux fur. You should also have a bed skirt and pillow hams to finish the effect. You may feel that these have no practical purpose and you’re right, but if you decorate you bed with these items, you’ll amaze women with your decorating sense.

The Dresser and Nightstands

The dresser and nightstands should be of average size and should match the bed frame. For the nightstands, it’s best to go with a simple look rather than something with a whole lot of drawers. If you have one or even no drawers on your nightstands, it gives a cleaner appearance. For the dresser, it’s acceptable to have a mirror attached, but no mirror is simpler and perhaps has more of a masculine look to it.


Lamps on the nightstand have a warmer appeal than floor lamps which tend to be cold and impersonal. A solid colored lamp with a neutral colored lamp shade is perfect. Medium sized lamps are best. Small lamps may give the impression that you’re cheap while large lamps are too distracting. Also, if you can get lamps that have more than one brightness setting, it’s ideal. Touch lamps are easy to operate, have different light settings, and are sexy, sot this would be perfect.

Other Accents in the Bedroom



You don’t need plants in the bedroom, but it can give a personal feel. If you’re one that can care for a plant, a nice floor plant would accent the room nicely. You could also have one or two plant stands with some simple plants, or go the route of a fake plant. This is a safe bet because you won’t risk having a romantic evening ruined by allergies.


Put some candles in your bedroom. You can make it interesting by getting different sizes. Also, it’s best to go with floral scented candles rather than fruit or other food scents (such as cinnamon). Women are turned on by floral scents while men are turned on by food scents. Scented oils or potpourri are also a great idea. If your room smells nice, it will help to set the mood.

Knick Knacks

A few knick knacks on your dresser and nightstands are a nice personal touch. If you choose to, make sure they say something about your personality. It’s these little details that will stick in a woman’s mind.


If you can help it, keep the television out of the bedroom. This is a distraction to women and they often feel that men spend too much time in front of the television anyway. If you must have a one in your bedroom, get an entertainment center that has doors on it so that you hide the TV when you have company for the evening. It may still be noticeable that you have it in the bedroom, but it will be closed off and not distracting at all.

Color Coordination


When you’re putting the whole look together, it’s important to pay attention to your color scheme. You don’t want to have too many colors in your bedroom at one time. This could cause the room to be too busy and distracting. Instead, you should go with a main color and have one or two accenting colors. Another idea for a color scheme that’s both easy and interesting is to go with one color, but with different shades.

If you’re unsure as to what color or colors you want to use, you can start by looking at comforters and find something that you find appealing. Then you can decorate the rest of your room around it. Remember that the bed should be the focal point in the room.

Your Overall Objective


Of course, your overall objective in the bedroom when you bring a woman in is to get laid. The main things you want to do to ensure this is to make her feel invited, comfortable, and at ease. If you have the little extra touches such as scented candles, it will even make her feel special and perhaps pampered.

It’s equally important to not be too obvious. The more subtle your room appears the better. You don’t want to appear too eager or that you have women in your bedroom all the time. Also, above all else, you should be comfortable in your own room. Sure, you’ll have women it your room from time to time, but you’re there every night, so make sure you’re satisfied with the appearance and overall feel of it.

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    I've never met anyone who used the term "window treatments" who had any interest in impressing the ladies…

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    Fake plants are a safe bet… Yeah

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    I would like to recommend that a man that wants a woman to be happy in the bedroom,sprays the room with vanilla scents its always worked for me it might give them that 'I want to mother you 'feel ..try it guys haha.
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    and for crying out loud, keep the place clean. you never want a woman wondering whether or not she'd even be willing to be naked in your place for fear of germs / contaminants / or some other "questionable" presence

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    Aww, you guys are being a little ruff, no? It's free info.

    I will say something about the "fake plant" recommendation. The cons of having a girl discover your fake plants, far out ways the ones from the off chance that she suffers from allergies. She'll tell you if she's allergic, because it's her health; but is she doesn't have allergies, you can bet your overeager arse she won't say a word and will snicker about it to your friends. I think I'll play the odds on that one. Plants makes you into a ninny anyways. I've never seen a spartan with plants in his bedroom. Then again, I've never seen a spartan. Happy, that is. There was that one time at subways. He kicked the sandwich boy in the pecs for cheating him out of a scoop of tuna. Not pretty. And before he left, he told me one thing, and I'll never forget it, and neither should you. He looks me in the eye and says to me, "I saw your bedroom plant…..get rid of it", and just walks off.

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    I'm female and I find black wrought iron bedsteads sexy. That sort of bed makes me think of sex more than sleep.

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