Contact Lenses Making Us Closer to a Bionic Man

A sci-fi loving brainic has come one step closer in creating something that’s bound to put us on the path to becoming cyborgs.

Dr. Babak Parviz at the University of Washington in Seattle has prototyped opto-electronic contact lenses, which are essentially a computer. In your contact lenses.


That’s right, contact lenses will no longer be used to get rid of your glasses or change your eye color, if you’re a tool that does such a thing.

The lenses are a semi-transparent array which contain an LED. They can receive up to 330 microwatts of power picked up wirelessly from radio waves. Eventually, your cell phone,  or handsets, will be used for maximum use.

Right now, since the lens are in their infancy, they’re pretty much limited to keeping vital stats of the wearer. Which would come handy if you’ve got some health issues.

The crazy thing is that Dr. Babak Parviz has been working on this for a while. In fact, here’s a video from last year showing the doc at work.


Once the kinks and technology are worked out, which it seems like they are, the possibilities are going to be endless.

For example, staying on the topic of monitoring someone’s health, diabetics will be able to monitor their blood-sugar levels.

The lens will also be likely to include head-up display, or HUD for short, in the future as well. HUD is what military jet fighters use today, so, it’s not really that far fetched. But, the HUDs in the lens will probably lean towards something like that of what Iron man uses in his suit.

From there, I’m sure we’re all aware of where this is going.

The lens will have the possibility to do everything that your iPhone can. Yup, apps will be literally in front of you.

You’ll also be able to IM friends, look at Internet porn, or change the scenery wherever you’re at.

And, let’s not forget about the possibilities that these will open up for spies.

And, everyone is worried about texting while you’re driving nowadays. Can you imagine the mayhem if, or when, these hit the streets?

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  1. Jay says:

    That would be , well, almost SCARY! But exciting at the same time!

    I already see the tel-prompter on its way out the door… everyone will be able to quote to perfection and become an instant Public Speaker. ;(


  2. tharon hester says:

    omg i would buy these for 10-20k ide buy these before buying a car for goodness sake