Inside the World of Glamour Model Dana Hamm

Earlier this summer Amog had the opportunity to interview one of the web’s favorite glamor models – bombshell Dana Hamm. Every wonder what it’s like to be Dana? (PS She’s a nerd!)

Let’s introduce you to any of the Amog readers who haven’t layed eyes on you Dana. Can you discuss what you do for a living? How long you’ve been doing it? How you got your start?

Hi! Thanks for having me! 🙂

Yes, I’m happy to introduce myself to your readers. Well, I’m a model, writer, actress, and cook. I started out very young as a fitness model where I landed on over 30 magazine covers!!! From there I went into mainstream glamour modeling and was featured in magazines like FHM, Maxim, Zoo, Ramp, Ralph, Esquire, Max, etc… I also had my own line of posters and calendars sold in stores worldwide.

During that time it became a controversy that I my image was used to create the popular Bratz Doll. They even had one named after me “Dana” with my exact complexion and features.

Soon I was walking the runway for Bebe, Lucky Brand Jeans, Becca, and Playboy Swimwear.

Currently, I’m going stronger than ever. My career has continued to grow and improve. In the last year I’ve worked with Guess Jeans, Stila Cosmetics, and Uncle Sam Clothing Brand. I have 3 really exciting projects on the horizon as well with 2 well-known cosmetic companies!

Right now I’m writing a book and preparing to launch a new website where you can watch webisodes of my very own show!!!! I would love to tell you more, but I can’t right now.

You’ve got your own website that people can subscribe to. What kind of experience does one get as a member? Do you ever get fully nude or is the content still “tease”? What kinds of things will someone get with a live video chat? (talk up your site/service as much as possible)

Yes, I’ve got a brand new website danahamm.com. I’m so excited about it that I just want to shout it from the mountain tops!!! At the risk of sounding too ‘proud’ I just have to say that it is an amazing website. It’s probably one of the best single model websites out there right now. When it comes to features and content, there is no stone unturned.

My members get access to the following:

  • Photo Sets (my weekly updates include a minimum of 2-3 new photo sets)
  • HD Video (my weekly updates include a minimum of 2-4 videos that match each photo set)
  • Snapshots (these are simply candid pics of me in my regular life…some people find these very charming and interesting)
  • Webcam (members have the option of signing up for private webcam with me…it is quite a treat!)
  • Phone chat (members have the option of signing up for phone chat)
  • Sexy stories and articles (since I’m a writer I enjoy posting my magazine articles and columns in my members area. Some of my stories are very very sexy…erotic if you will).
  • Products (my store sells 8x10s, posters, books, DVDs, magazines, cd-rom, clothes, personal items, etc…)
  • A Personal Touch (my members are encouraged to email me on a regular basis. I receive and respond to each and every email that comes my way. It’s a pleasure to get to know my members on a personal level and I will never ignore a member of mine 🙂 I feel that’s what set me far apart from the rest.

My website is very erotic and appeals to those who prefer high end sex appeal and mystic, but only my members know for sure how I display my body. You may just be surprised!

Live video chat is something I have a lot of fun doing! I love looking at my fans face to face!!! It is such a rush. I have met so many wonderful individuals…it is always a pleasure. I have never had even one bad experience with it. Everyone is always so pleasant and fun-loving! When it comes to webcamming it’s always tailored uniquely to each and every individual. There is no set standard. It’s just about making a new friend, having fun, and feeling relaxed 🙂 I webcam with people from all walks of life and typically I hit it off with everybody!!! Most people who webcam with me always come back for more sessions, so I guess they think it’s exciting!

You have a very exotic look to you, reminding me of imaginary busty heroines of fantasy folklore. What is your nationality?

Thank you! Everyone asks me about this…I’m Scotts-Irish, Welsh, and Native American. I was born in North Carolina, so yes I still one of the few American glamour models out there 🙂

People are always telling me I look like someone, but typically it’s Angelina Jolie, Irina Sheik, Anna Nicole Smith, or a young Priscilla Presley. I know it’s a strange mix…I don’t ask any questions, I just smile and say thank you.

You seem to be a very down-to-earth kind of gal, which might throw some guys off a bit. I’m sure men are super intimidated when meeting you. If I see Dana Hamm at a bar or club, do I have a shot with her?

Yes, I’m very down-to-earth. When people tell me how “real” I am I find it odd, because I don’t know how else I’m suppose to act 🙂 I’m from small town North Carolina, so I’m a southern girl with lots of down-home charm 🙂 Typically, I’m attracted to men who are confident, but not overly egoistical. I like them to have a good sense of humor and not be afraid to act silly or carefree in the moment. I like well-balance men who are ambitious and driven to accomplish great things, yet they keep business and money in prospective and do not place them above what’s most important in life.

Travel is a must for me, so my guy must be into jet-setting and fun roadtrips as well. I’m a big animal lover, so I would only ever date guys who are into pets too. For me one of the most important qualities a guy can have is to be family-oriented with strong moral/religious views. I can truly appreciate a guy with standards 🙂

Are you single? If so let’s pretend here that I’m the lucky guy who gets to go back to your place. Should I expect a sex-crazed nympho who’s going to show me the time of my life, or does that just stay “at work”? Are you a kinky gal or a little more reserved in the bedroom (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

Are you kidding? I have the libido of a teenage boy! I LOVE sex and everything about it! I’ve always been verbally open about sex and very in touch with my sexuality, but not in a “lots of partners” type of way. No, that’s gross. I’m a one man kind of woman. I take intimacy very seriously and I’m only interested in long-term, committed relationships. I can definitely be over-the-top crazy in the bedroom, but I just do what comes natural, and for me ‘natural’ is extreme pleasure getting and giving.

Sometimes I feel like a man in a woman’s body! I wonder if I’m supposed to be so sex-crazed all the time? Anyway, I have learned to embrace that about myself and be thankful that I’m not a cold fish or prude who is only interested in shopping. However, it’s not all whips, chains and the mile high club, I also have a soft, sweet side that enjoys snuggling and being totally vulnerable to that special person in my life. I feel very lucky to be me sometimes!

What are your measurements? While you have piecrcing eyes and lushious lips, let’s not beat around the bush that your breasts are probably your most popular assets. How young were you when you fist “blossomed”? I imagine you were probablly the reason for many a boys wet dream in school.

Ha ha! Thanks! My measurements are 36DD-23-36. I was a late bloomer, so I didn’t start noticing any real breast size until 11th grade. By the time I was age 19 my boobs were spilling over my 36D bras and ready for the next size up. At the time I was barely 110 lbs, so I was all boobs. Now that I’m 128 lbs my breasts are quite full, but I love it and so do all my fans! Now to stay this way for many many years to come 🙂

Have you met any other popular models like yourself or done anything other then solo shoots? I’m curious if girls like you, who are kind of in competition with each other, love or hate other models in the industry.

Yes, I’m friends with several models 🙂 Typically, I don’t shoot with other models unless their is a distinct application in mind that will benefit both of us. Some models like to shoot with other models and some don’t. I think for me it’s about scheduling. I have been planning shoots with Denise Milani, Monica Hansen, Sara Stage, and Chanel Ryan for a while now, but it’s always tough getting the logistics worked out, especially due to the fact I don’t live in LA.

Yeah, of course, some models are jealous, while some totally aren’t. My mindset is that there is enough room out there for all of us and we all have our own unique looks and appeal.

Do you ever do public signings or appearances? Any stories of crazy fans? How does one get a shot at meeting you in person? Speaking of meeting you in person, do you get noticed by fans a lot as a world-known model or just the hottest thing they’ve ever layed their eyes on?

Yes, I do signings from time to time, but I’m a private person, so I’m not out there every chance I get. I have a lot of really crazy fans, but mostly in a good way. Oh, yeah I have been through a few stalkers too. I’ve been given all kinds of amazing gifts and amounts of money. My best fans seem to be very loyal and generous. In that way…I feel extremely blessed. I’m recognized frequently, yes. It always freaks me out when that happens, because I’m usually bummed out in my sweats without any make-up, LOL!!!

What’s the nerdiest thing about Dana Hamm?

I spend most of my time on my computer. I enjoy building websites and learning new programs that will enhance my business. I don’t watch TV. I have a few big flat screens in my home, but they are only for DVDs and Blue Ray movies. I don’t subscribe to any cable or Direct TV. I don’t have a fancy cell phone either. I only have a Go Phone in case of emergencies or for when I’m traveling. I just hate cell phones…they make me really anxious. I never want my life to revolve around a 4″ box, so I don’t adhere to the latest cell phone technological gadgets. I feel I’m already on my pc or laptop enough as it is 🙂

One of my fans recently sent me a Kindle as a gift…and I really love it!!! Thanks JD! I have already downloaded several books. So, obviously I love to read. Another thing…I’m not a party girl. Nope. I’d much rather be at home working or doing a photo shoot for my website. Most everything I do is business related. When I want to have fun and enjoy life, I travel!!! 🙂

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    very very nice

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    I have been a long time fan of Dana, I think there is no other model like her in the web, she is so beautiful and sexy and stunning 🙂

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    for sure, shes one of the hottest nonude internet models! only jordan carver has a better body and her webside is even more exciting

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    Thanks to a wonderfully sculpted body and large rack, Dana Hamm has become the most photographed fitness model today.