Daniel Bryan/ Brian Danielson: The American Dragon

One of the best wrestlers in the business, Brian Danielson’s superior agility in the ring as well as his technical skills have made him an all-time favorite of fans all over the globe. Known as the “American Dragon” since 2002 when he joined the then new Ring of Honor, he is a four-time world champion in the world of professional wrestling.

He is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where he appears under the name of Daniel Bryan and is the reigning WWE United States Champion. He has won the the wXw World Heavyweight Championship once in Westside Xtreme Wrestling, the ROH World Championship in Ring of Honor (ROH) once and the PWG World Championship twice in Pro Wresting Guerrilla.

Danielson competed almost exclusively on the independent circuit until last year and the ROH was regarded as his home base. But on June 7th of this year, Bryan was released from WWE because of an incident that occurred on the show, Raw in which he choked ringmaster, Justin Roberts, with the man’s own necktie. This was a direct violation of a law that went into effect back in 2007 after the Chris Benoit tragedy. The statute clearly states that a contestant cannot use ropes or any other objects to choke an opponent.

It is a moot point as to whether or not Bryan was aware of the choking rule at the time of the incident and whether or not this makes a difference. The producers of the show still felt it was too violent an action to either condone or justify.

Nevertheless, the American Dragon is a fine wrestler no matter what name he fights under, and this incident may be an obstacle but not one ultimately that he can’t surmount. Character accounts for everything in this sport of physical strength and endurance and as long as the fans are faithful, success is always in the wings.

A word of advice, though, Daniel:


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