How to Decorate a Manly Bathroom That Welcomes a Woman

As most men would agree, a man’s bathroom should be the most comfortable room in the house. At the same time, the bathroom should be welcoming to women. Though the bathroom is clearly your domain, you will want it to be appealing to women as well. Let’s face it, if you invite a girl into your house or apartment even for a couple of minutes, she will use the bathroom. This could make or break the following series of events with this woman. If she’s completely turned off or grossed out by your bathroom, you don’t have a shot in Hell at another date much less getting her into bed this night or any night.

However, don’t lose sight on the fact that the bathroom is your domain, so don’t be afraid to express yourself while making an impression on female guests.


Every room in your house should be clean when you’re expecting a lady over, but your bathroom should be spotless. Though it may sound cliché, you will also want to make sure that the toilet seat is down and the lid is shut. It’s also a nice touch to make the bathroom smell nice. Don’t confuse this with your bathroom smelling “pretty”. Potpourri and other items that make a bathroom smell sweet and pretty are not manly. You may want to invest in one or two time mist air fresheners for your bathroom. A clean fresh smell is great, but floral scents are too feminine for a man’s bathroom.

Overall Theme

The bathroom should really say something about your personality and you should have fun with it. A theme in a bathroom isn’t required, but is more fun and will say more about your personality rather than just decorating in specific colors. You can decorate in your favorite sport theme like the NFL or even decorate your bathroom with the colors of your favorite sports team and have a pennant or two with the team name. If you prefer hunting or fishing, you can go with this for a theme also. Other appropriate themes for a man’s bathroom are a lighthouse theme, the beach, or even a music theme.

If you’re not into themes, then just pick two (maximum three) colors that you like and that compliment each other. Bold colors such as greens, blues, gold, or burgundy are great for a bathroom.

Tile, Walls, and Fixtures

A lot of these items will depend on your taste and style, but also what you can afford. Of course, if you’re not a home owner, there’s very little you can do about the tiles and bathroom fixtures that are already there.

If you’re able to change some things, you may want to look into some fresh new ideas. Granite surfaces such as the sink area may be a nice polished touch. Also, you may want to consider leather tile. They make it for flooring, but it may be an even warmer appeal to have a leather or faux leather look on part of the walls. If you’re not interested in leather tile, you may want to consider a wooden look. It’s rugged and has a cozy appeal. Also, try to stay away from just plain stark white tiles and add a little color to the flooring. Don’t go overboard, but you want a warm, welcoming look in your bathroom.

You may want to consider replacing the toilet seat with one of those soft cushioned toilet seats. First of all, when men sit down in the bathroom, they’re usually there for a while, so you may find a soft seat comfortable. Also, when a woman uses your bathroom, she will certainly sit down and the soft toilet seat will be welcoming. She’ll remember that little detail and you’ll get a small “brownie point” for that for sure.

Shower Curtain

Since most bathrooms are rather small, your shower curtain will probably stand out, so you will want to pay careful attention to this. Just a plain plastic shower liner may be practical but to a visiting woman, it says “cheap”. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good quality shower curtain. Trust me, it will make an impression. If you’ve decide on a theme, you can look for a shower curtain in the theme or just in colors that will accent the theme.

Make sure that you have a shower curtain liner that is a complimentary color or is the same as a color in your shower curtain. I know, you’re wondering why. Some women can be nosy, so you want to be prepared as she may snoop around in your bathroom for clues to what you’re really like, so it’s important to pay attention to details.

Big Fluffy Towels

When you’re expecting company, put your thin towels that look like they came from the last motel room away. Break out your plush, fluffy towels. These are welcoming and comfortable. This will tell any woman that you care and aren’t cheap. Also, make sure you have clean hand towels and washcloths in the bathroom. It completes the look.

Accessible Practical Items

Extra toilet paper should not only be accessible, but visible. You don’t want guests to go poking around in your cabinets. Make sure you do something interesting with it, though. Don’t just have toilet paper lying around. You may want to have a small basket with a roll in it or a slightly larger basket with a few rolls in it. Make it look sort of like a decoration. Also, make sure you have good quality toilet paper; not the cheap stuff.

Tissues are also very important in a bathroom and make a good impression on women. Make sure that the color on the tissue box matches the color(s) in your bathroom and get the smaller square box for the bathroom rather than the large rectangular box. I know it sounds a little silly, but a woman will pay attention to these little details.

You should also have a trashcan located in your bathroom. This should go without saying, but make sure it matches your bathroom décor.


Most of your “stuff” should be put away so that it’s not visible to company. But there are some exceptions. You can have a few things lying around the sink such as expensive cologne (nothing cheap) or a designer brand of aftershave. Your regular toiletries such as your comb, razor, and shaving cream should be neatly tucked away and out of sight.

Hand soaps should be accessible for guest rather than your bulky bar soap that you use in the shower. This tells a woman that you care. Also, make sure that you have nice shampoos, conditioners, and soaps in your shower area. If a woman looks, you will want to show her that you care about your hygiene and appearance and that the 99 cent shampoo isn’t your style.

If you prefer the strong deodorant soaps, it’s fine to have these in your shower. It says that you care how you smell and it’s also manly. However, you may want to keep some other bar soaps (nothing cheap) on hand in case a woman should happen to spend the night. She’ll think it’s thoughtful that you have products on hand, such as a milder soap that she would use.

Other Considerations

It’s true that your medicine cabinet should be your own personal space. However, you should also realize that if you’ve invited a female friend into your domain that there is a chance that she’ll nose around in your bathroom. Not all women do this, but don’t leave anything to chance. Take all of your strange or embarrassing medications and ointments, such as antifungal cream, and tuck them away somewhere else.

Another nice touch is that you can have a new toothbrush tucked away just in case things work out really well. Don’t display this as women pick up on hints really well and this could turn her off, but if you have one on hand and she does end up spending the night, she’ll think you’re very thoughtful.

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