Designer Weapons: Are Color-Coordinated Bullets Next?

We’ve all heard about the importance of accessories, but this is a little ridiculous. Designer guns, chainsaws and bombs for the rich and subversive among us are here, but are they here to stay?

Fashionable weapons make a daring (but still absurd) statement for all those bank robber wannabes and even those more accomplished. There’s little doubt that John Dillinger would have given more than a few ill-gotten bucks to sport one of these while eluding the FBI.

This new trend is attributed to designer, Peter Gronquist who is making the most amusing point that many people will buy just about anything if it has a designer label on it. Crème de la crème designer names grace his weapons; namely, Chanel, Versace, Gucci Dolce and Gabanna.

Peter Gronquist is making fun and he is funny. He told the press that he “really just wanted to make something completely ridiculous” and he has succeeded. More seriously, behind the smiles, these gilded weapons of death represent a human need to look and feel powerful.

The designer weapons run the gamut from guns to bombs and include even chainsaws. They have become popular among the idle rich and one “Chanel” weapon even appeared at a “Bruno” film premiere in Los Angeles. These designer weapons have inspired a new sort of underground trend in popular art. One Dutch artist creates chandeliers shaped like weapons.

There are some who say, hell, why not be fashionable and make a statement while robbing a bank? It’s as good a time as any, n’est ce pas?

One can only wonder what is next. If these designer weapon owners feel ripped off, do they go on a rampage with color-coordinated and/or designer bullets? Ammunition after all, like underwear, should match, shouldn’t it?

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