Cutting-Edge Sex Toys to Help You F$%# Better

Whether you’re curious, need them or just want one as a collector’s piece, there’s no doubt that we dig sex toys.

With so many choices, products and stores it’s hard to find that right adult toy just for you. Here’s cutting out the middle man by showing you some of the most cutting edge (both technically and politically) sex toy makers out there today.

Real Doll


You’ve probably heard of Real Doll. They’re probably the most well known makers of “realistic” love dolls. I guess they make their living off of either really horny dudes with money, or guys with money that lack social skills.

But what really makes them stick out is their new line called Boy Toy, which are comic inspired dolls. Geeks are letting a collective moan at something other than Princess Leia in that gold bikini.

Pipedream Products


Pipedream has you run of the mill sex toys, but they have some weird, disturbing and cool products. For example, they are the exclusive makers of Meme the Midget Love Doll, as well as, the Anime Annie Inflatable Love Doll.

Don’t worry ladies, Pipedream is also the exclusive distributor of the Beyond 2000 Ultimate Vibrator and the Portable Pleasures Petz.

Earth Erotics


Hippies have to get off too. That’s why they can have their fun and not feel guilty about damaging the environment if they check out Earth Erotics.

It seems like they’re a “mom and pop” store that makes non-toxic, organic, natural etc. products.



Jimmyjane is another manufacturer that puts their own spin on the sex toy industry. Their site offers the norm, like vibrators, dildos, but also candles and massage sets. They even have a guide for the proper way of giving you girl a good massage.

The best way to describe Jimmyjane is that they are sex toys for the 21st century.

The Autoblow


We all know that this was going to happen, the blowjobs of the future. The reason that this grabbed my attention was that it promises to be fully automatic and lifelike.

The Autoblow states that it is unlike similar products, like the Fleshlight, because their machine does all the work and isn’t a “glorified pocket pussy”.



Lelo is relatively new to the game and makes more classy products. Take for example their Luxe line, which are vibrators and dildos made from 18K gold. I’m not kidding. While I would never classify myself as cheap, I just can’t see my girl putting a 18K gold product inside if her.

Divine Interventions


Thanks to Divine Interventions, people can now use Jesus, Buddha, or the Virgin Mary to make them literally scream the Lord’s name. No need to worry if you have another religion or faith, they’ve got you covered, from the Baby Jesus Butt Plug to a Moses dildo.

I believe that these are actually pretty humorous and would make great novelty items, but I’m sure LOTS of people will take offense.

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  1. Party Girl says:

    I sure wish I could afford the gold vibrator by Lelo as I bet it feels like nothing else on the planet.

  2. Do you really think this is true?