The Dream Mystique: Can They Predict The Future?

There are few human experiences more mysterious than the dynamic and sometimes eerie world of dreams. In the ancient world, dreams were often considered as important messages form gods unseen. The Roman Senate, for example, often analyzed the dreams of its leaders and many times “dream interpreters” accompanied military leaders into battles and campaigns.

Precognitive dreams, also known as “future sight”, have been the subject of much study. This refers to the ability to perceive future information that cannot be deduced from information that is presently available or acquired in a normal fashion. A recent survey indicated that between 18% and 38% of people across a large population experienced at least one precognitive dream in their lifetimes and 70% have experienced deja vue. Those that believe in the possibility of precognitive dreaming range from 63% to 98 %.

These precognitive dreams are not like viewing images in that proverbial  “crystal ball.” They cannot tell us our future, but they can warn us of problems in our conscious, waking lives that we are either too distracted to notice. (For example, a dream about falling down the stairs can be a reminder to fix a rickety step somewhere in the house.)

In our dreams, the wise unconscious reveals not only what is happening in our immediate world and life, but also what might cause a bad consequence in the future. Precognitive dreams depict a situation as having already happened, thus avoiding unwanted future problems and misfortune.

Precognitive dreams guide us to that which we must understand with signs interpreted by our unconscious. Symbols appear which we must decipher, supplying information about our present reality that we might be aware of but haven’t taken the time to notice. (It could be someone close not being so friendly or something that arrived in the mail that went unattended, etc.)

If, for example, a strange cat enters your home because the door open, this event can mean that you are careless about locking up your home at night. The house probably represents you but the cat may be a symbol of what you need to be; namely more careful about locking up your house at night or more obliquely, more diligent about looking at some as of yet unresolved personal issue.

The symbolic aspect of dreams tells us that when we dream about a particular subject, the dream itself is not actually about that. Whatever symbol is depicted by the unconscious mind, it is likely to be a particular aspect of the symbol that is appearing in the dream, which only the dreamer can decode.

Pleasant dreams.

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