Dumb Burglar Foiled By Charging Cell Phone

Surely out of the annals of whoever maintains the records for the dumbest crooks ever, comes this true story of a Maryland burglar who was arrested after leaving his mobile phone on the charger at the house of one of his victims!

The burglar, whose name is Cody Wilkins and whose home is in Silver Springs, Maryland, was in the process of robbing a home in nearby Washington, DC, when he was surprised by the unexpected return of the home owner’s son. Startled, he jumped out the window and fled, leaving behind his own cell phone charging in an electric socket.

When police discovered that the cell phone didn’t belong to any of the residents of the home, they began calling the numbers listed as contacts. They told each person that the owner of the phone was involved in an accident and that they needed his name.

The trail led clearly to Cody Wilkins who was then charged with ten burglaries. He justified his stupidity (which he was not charged for) to the fact that his home had lost power in a recent storm. He needed to recharge his phone, but in his haste to depart the scene, left it behind, thereby justifying winning the crown for “idiot crook of the year.”

The police believe that Wilkins is responsible for many burglaries involving jewelry that have occurred in the Silver Springs and Wheaton areas since the beginning January.

Wilkins was brought to a Montgomery County jail on $1 million bond. It wasn’t clear if he has an attorney to represent him (with or without a cell phone).

I am reminded of that old adage:

“Beauty fades, but stupid is forever.”

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