Elisha Cuthbert: The Following Takes Place from Six to Midnight

In November, 2001, American males rose as one and in unison thanked Canada. Not for their excessively potent beer, but instead because that was when 24 debuted and introduced us to Elisha Cuthbert. When she had finally gotten tired of repeatedly putting herself in harms way through getting kidnapped, hunted by cougars, and having to spend time with Kevin Dillon, she ditched the show in order to pursue her movie career.

Of course, her most prominent role was the lead in The Girl Next Door, in which she portrays a porn star who never actually gets naked, leading to tremendous disappointment in the same American male population that had grown to love her. Perhaps coincidentally (but probably not), after not getting naked in the film her career came to a startling halt.

Thankfully for us, earlier this year she returned to her roots. No, not farming ice and maple syrup or whatever it is they do in Canada, but reprising her role as Kim in 24 and getting back into the public consciousness. The only thing disappointing is that if you ever, ever touched Kim Bauer, you’d have to deal with her overprotective father who just happens to be skilled in making grown men cry. Right now, we’re thinking a little torture would so be worth it.

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  1. TechStud says:


  2. She's so pretty. Some people say I look like her but I don't quite see it. I'd love to have her abs in that last pic!

  3. her eyebrow color was always too jarring for me, until after a few years of fame she bleached them, sadly her fame gad already peaked and she'll forever be remembered as having a eyebrow to hair contrast problem